What is urine therapy?

Urine therapy is defined according toSobirania i salutas a highly effectivetherapeutic practice, to cure everything from a cold to much more complex diseases such as cancer(1).

It is considered as part of natural medicine with a functionality, not as a pharmacological effect, but through its components to improve the state of health.

Important: Its use is recommended in parallel with medical treatment, to achieve better and more efficient results.

It even has its link to religion, due to the use of a biblical proverb for its greater diffusion where reference is made to the “water of your well”, wherethey considered it as a source of salvation and elixir of eternal life.

Components of urine

The chemical composition of urine is the key to its use for natural treatments. It is important to mention that its practice has spread throughout the world and then we will talk about those molecules that make it beneficial for the body.


In a research article on urine therapy, written by Joaquín Velázquez Álvarez for the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico , a provision of vitamins A, B, C and E is described as normal urine content. Riboflavin and pantothenic acid stand out in relevant values.


The components found in the urine and that are located among the inorganic can be mentioned mineral salts, potassium , calcium, sodium, fluoride, iodine, iron, zinc and acids such as phosphate and sulfuric.


One of the most remarkable things about the consumption of urine as an alternative medicine is the contribution of hormonesthat it has. In this sense, there is a reabsorption and an effect.

There are two advantageous visions of this process and it is from the immunological and energetic part, because thanks to this reabsorption it is considered as energy conservation, as the body saves the process of manufacturing new ones.

Regarding the immunological, it is precisely the amounts of toxic components that contribute to the effectiveness of the process, since they stimulate the defensive system to attack the disease. It is especially widely applied for the treatment of allergies.


In the UVA Organization (Argentine Vegan Union) they developed an article on urine therapy, where they stipulate that in its carbohydrate content are keto acid, kuen acid, lactic acid, privin acid, among others (3)

Note: The counting of the same, is usually carried out to evaluate the presence in excess that means some alteration in our organism and therefore this excretion occurs.


As the last of the relevant components of urine and classified within the organic ones, it is worth mentioning creatinine, albumin, and 50 mg ofproteinDaily directly from the consumption of this substance.

To highlight: It should be noted that in the aforementioned research on urine therapy, they mention the discovery of 200 components in urine, which barely approach the approximately 1000 that may exist (2)

Uses of urine therapy in health

Urine therapy is an alternative medicine, which has been applied since ancient times for the treatment of many conditions, including their prevention. It is considered water of life. Below we mention some of the uses for which this therapy is applied.

To combat chronic diseases

Studies have shown the presence of interferon in the urine (active substance in the production of cells that fight abnormalities in our body), which is found in adequate amounts so as not to produce side effects in our body (4)

This substance helps increase the activity of the immune system and fight chronic diseases such as rheumatism, diabetes, cancer and others.

To reduce body pain and inflammation

Among the components present in the urine is kallikrein, which is one of the blood proteins that act on inflammation and activate factor XII of the enzymes that regulate blood coagulation.

To regenerate the metabolism

Urine therapy improves the metabolic system, neutralizing toxins and positively influencing the body and its correct functionality.

To treat digestive problems

To treat skin problems

Its antiseptic and microbial properties Favor skin care when applied as a pore cleansing treatment.In addition to providing nutritional benefits previously mentioned and described as vitamins and proteins.

To stop hair loss

It slows down hair loss. They even apply it on it to lighten it, eliminate dandruff and split ends.

To increase sexual potency

With the consumption of urine, feelings of fatigue are reduced and there is an increase in sexual potency and sensitivity. There are even mentions about prolonging erection.

To reduce fever and tiredness

Due to the ability to stimulate the immune response, it serves to fight infections which would reduce body temperatures motivated by this reason.

Effects of urine therapy

As much as its benefits exist, also other factors that act in our body that are not so beneficial. Next we will talk about them.

Diarrhea and constipation

At the Simon Bolivar Andean University they developed an article, talking about the responsibility that everyone has for their health, where they mention the fact that urine therapy (especially the first times of its consumption) is the cause of digestive alterations, where both the diarrhea like constipation (6)

Deep sleep and insomnia

Deep sleep and insomnia are other of the previously mentioned side effects in the first encounters with urine therapy, since our body is not used to it and proceeds to react when ingesting it.

Skin allergies

The urea contained in the urine, causes an exfoliation of the layer of the skin, which can lead to the development of skin diseases.

Fever and infections


It is considered one of the side effects of urine therapy, being a consequence of an alteration in blood pressure.


It constitutes a generalized infection and can be produced above all by the bad process of urine after leaving our body, since it is quite vulnerable and easy to contaminate with external bacteria.

Considerations about urine therapy

Next we will address the necessary considerations, in order to better understand what this type of practice is about and what we must take into account if there is the potential to get involved in them.

It is considered a pseudotherapy

It is considered part of alternative medicine,which is why it is located within pseudotherapies. This means that it is considered, at least for the Ministries of Health and Science, risky practices and that they are based on ideas without a scientific foundation that can really verify their efficiency.

To highlight: It is precisely from the end of the 19th century, that its applications began to be studied and results that were not advantageous were reflected, for which reason it was dismissed and indicated as not recommended.

Its degree of danger can be high

Doctors warn against this type of practice, since the risks are quite high. It is not harmless or aseptic, so its potential side effects are absolutely unnecessary for the dubious benefits they claim to have.

Urine contains chemicals, bacteria and viruses

Urine is a liquid with a lot of information, it is even closely linked to blood, so infections present in it could trigger quite strong damage.

Being the product of a filter produced by the kidneys and considered a waste product, we know that there is the possibility of the presence of bacteria and viruses.

The urine consumed must be from a healthy person

IF a practice of this type is really going to be carried out, it is very important to carry out a chemical evaluation of the blood to reduce the risks existing in its consumption.

Important: Doing studies periodically to avoid consuming urine with the presence of infections, is key to not cause conditions.

Your practice should be complemented with a comprehensive treatment

A contemplation of food and lifestyle is essential to improve the quality of what we offer to our body.

Note: Eliminating toxic substances from our diet, giving up vices and practicing physical activity, will complement the search for improvements in health.

Consult the doctor before practicing it

Medical consultation and supervision is essential to reduce all the previously mentioned risks, although it is very certain that doctors do not see themselves in the position of recommending this type of action, such as consuming urine.

We continue to emphasize that these types of practices are considered pseudo-therapies and unnecessary.

Key takeaways

  • Urine therapy is a highly effective therapeutic practice, to cure anything from a cold to much more complex diseases such as cancer. Humanity has been doing this practice for many years. In fact, the oldest historical record can be dated back to 5000 BC in ancient Asia.
  • The chemical composition of urine is the key to its use for natural treatments. It is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. Minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, fluoride, iodine, iron, zinc and acids such as phosphate and sulfuric.
  • Urine therapy is used as an alternative treatment to combat chronic diseases, reduce body pain and inflammation, regenerate metabolism, treat digestive problems, skin problems; also to stop hair loss, among others.
  • The use of this alternative therapy also has its side effects such as diarrhea and constipation, deep sleep and insomnia, skin allergies, fever and infections, sepsis and tachycardia.
  • Before making use of this therapy you should consider and know that it is a pseudotherapy and has its degree of danger. Urine contains chemicals, bacteria and viruses, so it must be consumed by a healthy person, its practice must be complemented with a comprehensive treatment and, of course, consult a doctor before doing this type of therapy.

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