Many of life’s important decisions, as rational as they may seem, have an emotional component that we cannot avoid. However,certain skillscan be developed and strengthened to reduce the possibility of mistakes and one of them isintrapersonal intelligence.

In this article, we explain whatintrapersonal intelligence consists of, what its characteristics are and how you can strengthen it.

What is intrapersonal intelligence?

The term intelligence, according toHoward Gardner(1), consists of the ability to solve problems or produce products that are valuable in one or more cultures.”

To highlight: In the context of problem solving, the term intrapersonal intelligence refers to the “ability to know oneself; understand, explain, and discriminate one’s own feelings as a means of directing actions and achieving various goals in life.” (2)

This skill is part of the 8types of intelligenceofGardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”(3). Unlikeinterpersonal intelligence, the essential objective of this intelligenceis to understand oneself internally based on introspection. (4)

What are the components of intrapersonal intelligence?

This intelligence has its components with which it is characterized and that we mention below:

1. Self-knowledge

Self-knowledge is a component of intrapersonal intelligence and refers to the ability of the individualto observe himselfclearly and objectively throughreflection and introspection.

, including tastes, desires, fears, the dark side of our

Note: Self-knowledge allows us to clearly visualize what our strengths and weaknesses are, recognize what we can face and what we need to overcome levels.

2. Self-management

In this type of intelligence, self-management deals with a set of Skills directed towards personal organizationto meet our personal goals. It helps us to be organized, responsible with ourselves and in general allows us to be inControl of the activities we carry out.

You should know:This element of intrapersonal intelligence applies to any area of our personal life.

3. Self-control

This component of intrapersonal intelligence refers to the ability of the human being to master the manifestation of one’s own feelings and emotions , being aware of the regulation of impulses, to achieve emotional balance.

To highlight: This component is associated with emotional intelligence and is vital for people’s mental health.

How to strengthen intrapersonal intelligence?

There are several strategies that, properly practiced, can strengthen intrapersonal intelligence, which we mention below:

1. Become aware of the qualities and defects

Being self-aware, sincere and clear about what our true qualities are and recognizing our defects, is an important step towards the development of intrapersonal intelligence.

As we have mentioned before, we must Apply introspection and draw conclusions from it to consciously correct ourselves, which is an appropriate strategy.

Note: Self – perception is a suitable technique to know yourself.

2. Recognize emotions and feelings

Therefore, by identifying these emotional weaknesses we can move towards better intrapersonal intelligence.

Important: The more information you have about yourself , the greater the opportunities to develop your emotional intelligence.

3. Treat each other with kindness and respect

attitude towards changes. Looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself, highlighting for example your physical goodness, is suitable for friendly treatment towards oneself.

To stand out: Applying this strategy indicates self-love and favors you in building a

4. Be self-critical

Self-criticism from a constructive point of view can be a strategy aimed at correcting your weaknesses at your own will.

Therefore, do not wait for others to highlight your defects, act in advanceand overcome those pitfalls that do so much damage to your personality. Act sensibly and build your intrapersonal intelligence.

5. Set goals and objectives

Another of the strategies that you can and should apply is to set goals that measure your current abilities and you realize what you need to continue to improve yourself personally in all aspects.

You should know: These goals and objectives must be in accordance with your current abilities, Set yourself Realistic Achievementsand that they serve to build your personality in a positive way. Learn from mistakes, that will enrich your self-esteem .

6. Practice meditation

in your life. In this sense,

On the other hand, meditation helps you reflect and reduce the state of emotional stress, which undoubtedly makes this strategy favor the development of your intrapersonal and emotional intelligence.

Key Findings

  • Intrapersonal intelligence refers to the ability to know oneself.
  • The objective of this type of intelligence is to understand oneself internally based on introspection.
  • Self-control, self-management and self-knowledge are the main components of intrapersonal intelligence.
  • Raising awareness about qualities and defects, as well as recognizing emotions and feelings, are key aspects to strengthen intrapersonal intelligence.

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