The human being has differentiated himself from the rest of the species by hisgreat capacity to think, reason and make decisions, achieved thanks to the evolutionary process of the brain that has allowed him to developintelligence.

In the following article, we will let you know what intelligence consists of and what types ofintelligenceman is endowed with.

What is intelligence?

We can define intelligence as acapacity of the human speciesto be able to use as a unitary system, all themental and cognitive abilitiesto make decisions or perform actions on ourselves or the environment around us.

In this sense, forHoward Gardner(1), an American psychologist, the concept of intelligence “implies theability to solve a problemor to elaborate products that are important in a cultural context”. This character was the creator of the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”. (2)

To highlight: The development of intelligence allows us todifferentiate ourselves and stand outin different activities or in different professions, but it does not allow us to be competent in all areas.

What are the types of intelligence?

Just as cognitive and mental abilities develop differently in each human being,there arealso different types of intelligence. Here are the eight most prominent types of intelligence, according to Howard Gardner:

1. Linguistic intelligence

Linguistic intelligencetalks about the ability of human beings tocommunicate clearly and be able to be understood. Some authors identify in this intelligence 2 parts: oral and written language.

You should know: The development of this ability in communication corresponds to individuals who excel in oratory, are poets and writers,also in those people who have the ability to function in several languages or to understand ancient scriptures.

2. Logical-mathematical intelligence

Another type of intelligence is logical-mathematical intelligence , which deals with the ability or ability to use numbers effectively, as well as apply analysis and reasoning in an understandable way.

It is typical of those people with an analytical profile , who like the world of engineering, of calculations, who like to find a logic to everything that happens through abstract analysis.

Note: Individuals who have this type of intelligence make use of the logical hemisphere of the brain and stand out for being Analytical People .

3. Spatial intelligence

To stand out: This skill creates people with skills for architecture, decoration, photography or design,among others. They have an early perception of how a space can be visually reflected in two and three dimensions.

4. Musical intelligence

With regard to Musical Intelligence , this deals with the ability to sensitize to rhythm, beat, tone and timbre of sounds in harmony It also consists of the ability to value, change and express musical forms.

You should know:It is typical of musicians, singers and music composers. It is said that it is the way in which the humanbeing relates to the sounds of his environment.

5. Bodily kinesthetic intelligence

This intelligence begins with the Mastery of Body Movements and progresses towards the use of the body in a very specialized way , with a high performance in coordination.

Note: It is typical of gymnasts, dancers, athletes and even people with special abilities for crafts.

6. Intrapersonal intelligence

Important: Achieving this level of intelligence means that you have achieved self-love.

7. Interpersonal intelligence

To highlight: This skill is frequently developed by social leaders, psychologists , psychological therapists and counselors.

8. Naturalistic intelligence

Key Findings

  • Intelligence is the ability to use individual mental and cognitive abilities.
  • It is an ability that is typical of the human being and is used to make decisions or carry out actions that allow us to survive and develop individually and collectively.
  • It allows us to differentiate ourselves and stand out in different activities or in different professions, but not in all areas of knowledge.
  • There are different types of intelligence such as linguistic, musical, logical, mathematical, spatial, body kinesthetic, among others.

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