Increased sexual desire is something that many people and couples long to have, since libido or simply sexual appetite can disappear due to various factors , including an unbalanced diet.

For this reason, in the following article we share a large number of aphrodisiac foods , that is, natural foods with the ability to promote sexual activity as a couple or on a personal level, taking into account the nutritional properties that each one has.

What are aphrodisiac foods?

Aphrodisiac foods are those natural elements whose compounds and nutritional properties make them conducive to increasing sexual desire, therefore they are stimulants of libido in sexual life.

In this sense, it has been determined that food and sex are quite related to each other, being one of the greatest pleasures of the human being , however there is another factor and it is the stimulus that these foods cause in the nervous system.

Note: According to what a study adds, it is known that: “Foods such as eggs, chicken, apples, bananas, melon or germinated wheat seeds promote the production of substances that facilitate pleasant states (such as serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc.) ” . (1)

What are the best aphrodisiac foods?

There is an interesting series of aphrodisiac foods that are effective, many are of natural origin and also provide other important nutritional compounds for the body. These are the best natural aphrodisiacs:

1. Seafood

Marine animals or shellfish are really nutritious, especially to increase libido and sex hormones, since many provide essential minerals such as zinc , phosphates, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids , necessary for increased energy and even to improve the quality of the body. semen.

In this sense, the best aphrodisiac shellfish are oysters (which provide dopamine), crabs, salmon (which is excellent for testosterone ) and shrimp (with calcium and magnesium ) which are ideal for pelvic muscle contractions .

Notable : One review mentions the following: “Oysters are famous for providing a great energy boost and are one of the most aphrodisiac seafood, helping to improve sperm and lubrication in women.” (two)

2. Strawberries

Strawberry ( Fragaria vesca ) is a very erotic and elegant fruit , it is considered to have aphrodisiac properties mainly because of its appearance but also because of its extravagant flavor, which is accompanied in various sexual activities of sexual life between couples.

You should know: Strawberry is an important aphrodisiac food since it provides a high content of calcium and vitamin C , which is required for a considerable increase in blood circulation (important for erectile dysfunction) and also stimulates the endocrine glands.

3. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a low-sugar aphrodisiac food, which also relieves anxiety , due to its main component, which is cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) , which contains essential nutrients.

Note: Cocoa seeds have compounds necessary for the nervous system, among which are amino acids such as phenylalanine or alkaloids such as theobromine, essential for blood flow and serotonin stimulation.

4. Honey

Bee honey (Apis mellifera) is a sweet aphrodisiac food , which also constitutes a very favorable natural sweetener for drinks such as coffee or infusions such as green tea , therefore it is a substance that can be added to various dishes.

To highlight: Honey has a repertoire of B vitamins and vitamin C, which produce testosterone and increase blood circulation, which also relieves fatigue at the time of sexual intercourse.

5. Nuts

Nuts from walnut trees are aphrodisiac foods since they directly improve mood, increase mood and their necessary compounds for a better functioning of the body in general.

Important: Many nuts mostly provide essential minerals such as zinc , calcium and magnesium. Among the most prominent for sexual performance are hazelnuts, almonds , peanuts, and walnuts.

6. Cinnamon

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) is a quite delicious aromatic branch that is accompanied in infusions, sweets and other foods, being an aphrodisiac food with a great aroma and appearance , as well as having essential components.

Among them is melatonin, a hormone that helps to fall asleep (which is important for the subsequent increase in libido), as well as providing zinc, magnesium, calcium and even vitamin C and vitamin B in abundance.

7. Avocado

The avocado or “Persea americana” is a quite popular fruit with a particular flavor. It is considered an aphrodisiac, but it is also considered a very healthy food that helps the body to function properly.

It is ideal for sexual behavior, since it provides magnesium which favors the pelvic muscles, along with increasing the activity of the nervous system thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids and the fiber it contains.

Note: A data sheet adds the following: “Avocado has antioxidant properties that could inhibit the production of free radicals (involved in aging and the appearance of various chronic diseases)” . (3)

8. Figs

The fig ( “Ficus carica”) is a fruit with an intriguing appearance, purple in color with pink flesh, which provides a very light sweet flavor whose composition has an abundance of water and is ideal for dehydration.

You should know: The fig contains a high content of magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and calcium, which are important (along with carbohydrates) to increase bodily energy in the body, including the increase of the pleasure hormone known as serotonin.

9. Granada

The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is considered a great aphrodisiac food, constituting a fleshy fruit with an origin in both tropical and subtropical areas, apart from being very low in calories.

To highlight: The aphrodisiac fruit of pomegranate provides important nutrients, many with antioxidant values ​​that decrease cortisol (stress hormone) and increase testosterone levels, thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains in its structure.

10. Watermelon

Watermelon is considered a type of natural viagra , because the properties of its interior, including its rind, are very nutritious for the body and special for sexual desire in people, in addition to the fact that it is a very pleasant-tasting fruit ..

Note: This natural aphrodisiac has the ability to produce arginine (an essential protein amino acid), which is important for relaxing and dilating blood vessels , which greatly favors blood circulation to the sexual organs, improving problems such as dysfunction. erectile.

11. Banana

Plantains or bananas (Musa paradisiaca) cannot be left out , which are very famous tropical foods that provide essential nutrients , not only at a sexual level, but also for the best performance of the organism and the system.

This is because the banana provides a lot of potassium, which is important for muscle contraction, as well as improves serotonin levels and provides tryptophan, ideal for the nervous system and anxiety reduction.

12. Ginger

Ginger or ” Zingiber officinale” is the last aphrodisiac food on the list and is one of those that contains many nutritional contributions, as it has fiber, vitamin C and even important minerals , but the main thing is that it has antioxidant effects.

You should know: Ginger is considered an aphrodisiac since its compounds increase blood circulation in intimate areas . Similarly, it helps relieve menstrual pain (with antispasmodic actions), but more importantly, it increases the production of endorphins in the nervous system.

Key Findings

  • Aphrodisiac foods are those foods intended to stimulate sexual desire and even improve fertility.
  • Many mostly improve the nervous system , the production of sex hormones and increase blood flow.
  • Others are essential to drive muscle contractions , especially in the pelvic areas.
  • Among the aphrodisiac foods are shellfish, dark chocolate, nuts , cinnamon and honey.

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