Strawberries are a very recognizable type of edible fruit , due to their color and pleasant appearance, even being the rich queens of berries.

Strawberries have a variety of uses in gastronomy and are good for health, so in the following article we will show you 9 of the most outstanding health benefits of strawberries proven by studies.

What are the health benefits of strawberries?

Strawberries have positive effects for the body , the nervous system and even for many organs of the body, for this reason we share the benefits of strawberries with you so that you can take advantage of them in your usual diet:

1. They boost the immune system

The consumption or intake of strawberries is favorable for the immune system. These fruits or berries provide salicylic acid , a special compound that helps reduce fevers caused by bacteria or diseases and thus boost the defenses of the immune system .

Important: A study adds that: “Strawberry has vitamin C , an antioxidant substance that protects the body by strengthening the immune system with disinfectant effects . ” (1)

2. Prevent cardiovascular disorders

Strawberry fruit helps reduce the risk of cardiac disorders in the body.

In this sense, it stands out in its ability to improve urine excretion or diuresis to lower blood pressure, it also contains anthocyanins that dilate blood vessels and care for blood platelets, being favorable for people with diabetes.

Note: An article mentions that: “The Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM, Italy), has carried out an analysis that reveals how strawberries help reduce cholesterol due to their red pigments” . (two)

3. They fight the action of free radicals

Strawberries are good to combat the risk of the effects of free radicals . These fruits have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects due to the anthocyanins, which fight the superoxide of these radicals, which is the cause of numerous pathologies of the immune system.

4. They reduce inflammation

Strawberries are essential to help reduce inflammation . They are considered natural analgesics for their anti- inflammatory properties , since they are foods that can inhibit the inflammatory enzymes of pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis or bone pain.

5. They promote digestive health

Strawberries are positive for digestion or the gastrointestinal system of the body. This is due to the abundance of fiber and water, which prevent constipation, gas accumulation and improve the expulsion of feces, as well as hydrating a lot.

6. They strengthen the bones

Strawberries are good for keeping bones strong . These berries have iron, calcium and potassium , essential for the composition of bone tissue, which even alleviates the symptoms of osteoporosis , the weakness of the bone or the skeleton itself.

7. They contribute to weight loss

Strawberries are good to eat as they help with weight loss and decrease obesity in people.

To highlight: Strawberries are diuretic fruits loaded with fiber, which help promote satiety in people’s bodies, while eliminating fluid retention and being excellent fat burners.

8. They promote the health of the eyes, skin and hair

The salicylic compound in strawberries reduces acne, greatly hydrates dry skin, and even removes blackheads or clogged pores on the epidermis.

You should know: Strawberries also provide collagen to the scalp , preventing sudden hair loss and moistening its pores.

On the other hand, they also provide antioxidants that prevent cataracts, sensitivity to light and dry eyes.

9. They improve the mood

Strawberries are fruits capable of stimulating a good mood in people . Its flavor is pleasant and they also have levels of carbohydrates or calories necessary to provide energy to the body , in addition to increasing serotonin or happiness hormone in the nervous system.

Nutritional properties of strawberries

Having a solid foundation of the benefits of strawberries in the body, we can then know the nutritional properties of strawberries for every 100 grams of consumption:

1. Vitamins

Strawberries have a varied vitamin content, especially a good level of abundant vitamin C for being an antioxidant. As well as folic acid, vitamin K , vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, folates , niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin.

2. Minerals

Strawberries are high in minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, iodine magnesium , phosphorous, selenium, zinc, and certain levels of sodium.

3. Other compounds

Strawberries have a large amount of amino acids unlike other fruits and vegetables , like anthocyanins, flavonoids, calories, fiber, plenty of water, protein, total lipids, and certain carbohydrates such as natural fructose or natural glucose.

Note: A study adds that: “Strawberries contain various organic acids , although they stand out: citric, malic, oxalic acid and also contain small amounts of salicylic acid” . (3)

How can strawberries be consumed?

Strawberries can be eaten alone and fresh , so that the fruit maintains its nutrients, trying to wash them well, although always eating them from the crown because the taste is less bitter from there.

To highlight: You can also mix your regular consumption with other foods such as bananas in desserts. The best part is to make smoothies, juices or strawberry juices very cold, but not adding too much sugar as these contain enough fructose.

Key Findings

  • Strawberries are well- known berries and highly consumed worldwide for their appearance and flavor. 
  • The consumption of strawberries has benefits for heart health , since they improve the nervous system and reduce obesity. 
  • They have a great source of vitamins and minerals , folic acid, red color pigments, calories and plenty of potassium. 
  • They can be eaten alone and fresh , as well as mixed with food and other fruits in desserts.

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