We have heard talk of anxiety until we can not and there are even those who suffer from it, since it constitutes a psychological state related to an excess of daily tasks and situations , but there are also factors such as diet that play a key role in the control and presence of it.

In this sense, anxiety is an extensive, complex and personal subject, but there are methods to control it effectively and with patience, one of them is the one that we will detail in this article where we present some foods that can help combat anxiety. anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is considered a psychological state or a feeling of fear, restlessness and even insecurity, defined as “excess of the future” , as a stress reaction that influences bodily and mental tension.

In this sense, it can be extended to become a mental disorder (an anxiety disorder), which can be divided into phobias (an irrational fear of something), panic disorders or generalized anxiety states.

Note: A brief analysis introduces it as: “Anxiety is a part of human existence, all people feel a moderate degree of it, this being an adaptive response . ” (1)

What foods are good for anxiety?

Anxiety can cause an increase in appetite , therefore it would be necessary to attack fire against fire, how? Very simple, consuming those foods whose compounds can deal with anxiety or even prevent it.

With the above explained, here are 12 foods for anxiety:

1. Almonds

The almond ( Pyrus communis ) is a well-known dry fruit, as well as having a high nutritional content divided into essential micronutrients such as vitamins , fiber and proteins, being one of the foods that help reduce anxiety.

For the matter that concerns us, almonds contain a high degree of vitamin B2 and vitamin E, acting as antioxidants and neutralizing fatigue or stress, positively stimulating brain neurons, thus avoiding anxiety symptoms.

Important: As nutrition and a strong immune system are necessary to combat anxiety, a study highlights the following: “Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, is essential to convert the food that is consumed into energy that the body needs” . (two)

2. Nuts

Another type of nuts, walnuts have a great flavor and an important number of nutrients for the body, on the one hand we have B vitamins again, adding minerals such as zinc , for the nervous system.

To highlight: Walnuts also have a key element, an essential amino acid for anxiety disorders called tryptophan , which cannot be produced by the human body, therefore it is certainly obtained in food and it produces serotonin, capable of controlling moods . moods .

3. Avena

Oatmeal is a well – known food even in whole grains, since it does not skimp on nutritional values, especially its consumption in the form of a drink (preferred by athletes), providing carbohydrates and  fiber .

You should know: Oats are a powerful and direct stimulant for the nervous system, beyond vitamins and minerals, they can help boost serotonin , in other words, it helps raise its levels in the brain, with the in order to control thought and provide feelings of calm .

4. Banana

Plantain , banana or banana (also named Musa ) is an excellent food in the middle of nutrition, specifically with high levels of potassium , zinc, magnesium and even folic acid, even used as an inhibitor of depression .

To highlight: The banana contributes to improving mood and helps reduce states of depression and anxiety , since it has tryptophan (the serotonin releaser) and potassium, which is a great contribution of energy for the nervous system.

5. Orange

The orange cannot be ruled out in this list, since we are talking about a citrus fruit that can be consumed in its original form or squeezed into various juices, which is a much-needed ally to prevent anxiety and its nutrients help to do the same.

This is due to the vitamin C in its composition, which also has the ability to inhibit the production of the cortisol hormone, which is released during stress and as a consequence affects the mind, causing anxiety symptoms.

Important: As mentioned in one study: “During a period of chronic stress, along with elevated cortisol there is also an increase in circulating levels of the hormone ghrelin, which is a peripheral hunger signal . ” (3)

6. Chia seeds

Chia seeds (by their name Salvia hispánica L. ) are essential because they contain omega 3 fatty acids, a high degree of vitamin C and  magnesium , necessary to boost the immune system and also to provide energy to the human body .

In addition to the above, chia seeds contain a variety of amino acids, but the most notable among them is tryptophan, which, as we mentioned before, is the gateway to the happiness hormone better known as serotonin, even serving to improve the state of mind. cheer up.

7. Salmon

Salmon (Salmo salar ) is one of the most interesting and highly popular fish in shellfish, largely due to its extraordinary flavor and wonderful properties.

Note: One of the most outstanding properties of salmon is its high content of omega 3 acid (alpha-linolenic acid), which is  a type of essential fatty acid for brain stimulation , providing calm that subsequently relieves anxiety symptoms. and even disorders related to it.

8. Avocado

Avocado or avocado is an essential food in the human diet, since its great flavor and texture mix well with its vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and essential fatty acids, which have a great positive effect on the nervous system.

You should know: Avocado acts as a stimulant for the nervous system, providing vitamin B and also omega 3 acids, which, as we have mentioned, are great stimulants for brain activity , which makes the body respond better to situations of stress and anxiety. .

9. Pollo

Lean meats cannot be left out, especially chicken, since white meats provide a lot of protein, magnesium, tryptophan (for the serotonin neurotransmitter ) and also abundant L-Carnitine in chicken, which helps to combat stress and anxiety.

Note: This does not mean that you should eat a lot of fried chicken, for example (since these rich nutrients can be lost due to saturated fat), but rather prepare the chicken in a natural and healthy way , either grilled or as a complement to soups . and stews.

10. Eggs

We know very well that chicken eggs are an essential source of protein that contributes to proper growth , not to mention that they provide a lot of muscle and body energy, being really essential in food.

But they have another point in their favor, a B vitamin called choline, which apart from being water soluble has the ability to improve cognitive and brain function , maintaining balance in the adrenal glands.

11. Chocolate negro

Dark chocolate or bitter chocolate shares similarities with nuts such as almonds because both are very low in sugar , also contains tryptophan and releases the hormone of happiness.

To highlight: Dark chocolate can release a large number of endorphins (neurotransmitters with analgesic effects) by containing phenylethylamine (love hormone) and also has theobromine, which improves cognitive functions.

12. Plain yogurt

Finally, we have a very healthy dairy product and one of the richest in the diet, natural yogurt that does not skimp on nutritional properties , having to its credit components such as lactic acid and magnesium, essential for cell health and even the body’s immune system.

Note: Yogurt contains probiotic substances, thanks to the healthy bacteria that exist in the fermentation of this food. It should be noted that probiotic actions are important to alleviate anxiety , by purifying the intestinal flora and improving the digestive system.

Key Findings

  • Anxiety is an excessive feeling of worry and fear , which can turn into severe disorders.
  • It can be controlled through the production of serotonin or the hormone of happiness in the body.
  • It can also be controlled by lowering cortisol , which causes stress.
  • The best foods for anxiety are dark chocolate, natural yogurt, banana, almonds, and also salmon.

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