Various parts of South America have interesting cuisines, beyond the traditional dishes and drinks, there are certain crops and items that can be overlooked, but are important for nutritional health.

In this sense, we will study some nuts from Brazil , which are cashews , as well as their benefits and the properties that they possess within themselves.

What are cashews?

Cashews are a type of nut, specifically a nut with a sweet character, which is also called ” Anacardium occidentale” , it is very popular in countries like Brazil and Nicaragua, so its use extends even with plant foods.

Cashews are considered very healthy and currently their production is also based on turning them into substitutes for other foods, specifically for dairy products (where cashew milk stands out), as well as being valued for the contribution of essential elements they contain.

Note: One study defines the following: “The cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale L.) is processed immediately after harvesting, which is essential to maintain its quality and properties” . (1)

Nutritional properties of cashews

The cashew nut is very popular for its nutritional value , where we find many components that are very essential for the body, without any exception. These are the properties of the cashew nut:

1. Vitamins

Cashews are a source of several important vitamins , in which we find vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin B that when treating a group we get two important parts of it, being B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin), adding Also vitamin E.

Important: An analysis adds the following: “Nuts are the natural foods that provide the most energy (with the exception of oils and fats) and this is so because of their high fat content, which is around 50%” . (two)

2. Minerals

The cashew nut has a fairly considerable amount of minerals such as copper , and others that are measured as follows: phosphorus (168 mg), magnesium (8.3 mg), calcium (31 mg), iron (2.80 mg ), potassium (187 mg), sodium (3 mg) and finally the famous zinc with a value of 1.64 mg.

To highlight: A study highlights the following: “The cashew nut has a high content of fat, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A” . (3)

3. Other compounds

The cashew nut is enriched with a number of very important components, such as carbohydrates, amino acids, especially an essential one called tryptophan (important for the production of proteins), as well as linoleic and oleic acids (part of the fats unsaturated) and finally the phytosterols.

Important: You cannot eat cashews that contain the shell (unlike the cashew seed), because it has a toxic and harmful resin . Therefore, its production requires many revisions.

What benefits do cashews have?

A compound found inside the cashew nut offers many possibilities to overcome conditions and alleviate their symptoms, but the truth is that there are many compounds. Therefore, we present the benefits of cashew nuts:

1. They reduce the risk of cardiac and cerebrovascular disorders

Cashews have the possibility of relieving cardiac conditions such as chest pain, rapid heartbeat or narrowing of blood vessels , as well as strokes or weakening of the brain.

This is possible thanks to elements such as copper, which is directly related to the formation of red blood cells and maintaining the stability of blood vessels, complemented by iron.

2. They boost the immune system

The main defense of the organism is benefited by the consumption of cashew nuts, since it helps to maintain the natural defenses at a very vulnerable point towards toxic agents or other microorganisms.

To highlight: It is important to note that this is possible due to the presence of antioxidant vitamins (C and E), as well as the transformation of minerals into energy, such as magnesium, zinc, selenium and even copper, which They are closely related to the immune system.

3. They improve the condition of muscles and bones

The health of muscle tissue and bone tissue is essential for the human body, cashew nuts mean greater strength, growth and development of muscles or even for the skeletal structure of our body.

You should know: Thanks to the transformation of magnesium (directly related to the skeletal structure together with the muscles) and iron (essential for the growth of bone tissue), cashews transform these elements into energy that regenerates the cells of these tissues mentioned.

4. They reduce the formation of gallstones

These stones are balls formed by bile (in the gallbladder), as a consequence of the digestive flow, they are mainly caused by the accumulation of cholesterol , which cashew can greatly alleviate.

To highlight: Cashews are a component of great relief for bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, thanks to the elements that are housed in these nuts , such as unsaturated fatty acids, therefore if they are consumed in moderation they can reduce the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

5. They help control weight

The higher the protein consumption, the more energy the body receives, or the metabolism being more specific to face the burning of fats , a very great advantage of the cashew nut.

Note: Speeding up metabolism is important for the human body, as well as helping to stimulate other processes such as digestion, which causes a greater feeling of satiety, therefore helping to control weight in a human being.

6. They promote the health of hair, nails and skin

Cashews contain large amounts of nutrients, amino acids and vitamin A being important for hair; essential B vitamins and zinc for nails; fiber and vitamin C cannot be neglected for the health, hydration and purity of the skin.

Not to mention that these compounds are capable of eliminating or denying access to bacteria, viruses or other microscopic agents that damage cell structures, as well as further cell regeneration in tissues.

7. They improve the mood

It is incredible how the infusions of certain crops are very encouraging to alleviate moods in a person, since they give us serene relaxation, especially for the muscles and promoting greater blood circulation.

Note: In this sense, cashews are a great alternative to keep the nervous system stable, which translates into a calm state of mind , where our whole body is no longer tense, it is achieved even with hot infusions.

8. They promote adequate sleep and rest

Cashews, apart from improving a person’s mood, can help with rest and sleep, remembering that these mental states are closely related to full relaxation of the body.

To highlight: Many people with insomnia or problems falling asleep, resort to infusions of natural crops to improve these problems, the cashew nut is no exception and its properties, such as tryptophan, guarantee adequate sleep and rest.

9. They stimulate the libido

The libido is a great stimulant for sexual desire, which can be affected by stress or other psychological situations, the good news is that the cashew has the possibility of stimulating this hormonal factor.

You should know: Cashew can be a great ally for couples with low libido , especially if it comes in the form of an oil, acting as a revitalizer that helps balance the couple’s sexual desire.

How are cashew nuts consumed?

Cashews are available in the form of cashew milk (dairy substitute), which can be made by mashing raw cashews (which are already very creamy) in warm water .

Another option is to consume it in its natural form as a nut , which can be considered as an aperitif, it is not recommended to dip it too much since this does not eliminate the micronutrients that lie within said nut, it is necessary to buy them natural and not altered. since these bring abundant salt.

Key Findings

  • Cashews or ” Anacardium occidentale” are a nut-shaped dry fruit , with nutritional properties.
  • Inside a cashew nut there are properties for the development, growth and strength of the body in general .
  • They have the ability to reduce organ disorders , improve psychological states such as stress and stimulate sexual desire.
  • They can be consumed in the cashew milk form or in their original dried fruit form.

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