Have you thought about how vast and immense the universe is and abandon because of the feeling of fear that invades you? Maybe the same thing has happened just thinking about you floating over water so deep it’s terrifying? That has an explanation, and in fact it is considered a phobia. The phobia of the immense and infinite.

In the following article we will talk about what exactlyapeirophobia is, what can be the triggering causes, symptoms and methods to overcome it.

What is apeirophobia?

Apeirophobia is, as we described previously, anirrational fear of the infiniteor of immense things. It is described as a persistent to unwarranted but latent emotion.

To highlight: The word apeirophobia comes fromapeiron, which is a term usually applied in philosophical sciences to refer to the indefinite and indeterminate. It comes from the Greekτὸ ἄπειρονand its exact meaning is “without limits”. (1)

Causes of apeirophobia

Apeirophobiahas certain reasons,which may be the reason for its existence in an individual. They will be mentioned and described below for your understanding and identification.

Traumatic experiences

Like almost all phobias, there are traumatic experiences, especially in the stage of childhood that is characterized byfeeling everything with greater intensity, which can mark the individual and develop traumas or phobias such as apeirophobia.

Note: An example could be a documentary, a film, where they refer to the immensity of the sea and all the possible creatures that can be found there. Even a nightmare could lead to irrational fear.

Genetic factors

For certain studies there is a more accurate explanation for this phobia, from the genetic perspective, due to how difficult they consider the intervention of a traumatic experience of this nature to exist.

Still, we would like to emphasize the knowledge that phobias are always uncontrollable and irrational.

Important: The genetic element comes from the structure of the individualand can be a certain reason for the configuration of fears, as we already understand it is behavior and personality. Anxiety and cognitive impairment at certain levels can influence the appearance of phobias.

Environmental and social factors.

The influence of external experiences , the influence of natural phenomena, news, among others, are elements that can be key to triggering the fear of depths or indeterminate spaces.

Note: The environmental and social nature involves a learning process where it is easier to combat.

Symptoms of apeirophobia

Apeirophobia, like all phobias, presents a symptomatologyin its pictures. These will be mentioned and described below for ease of understanding.


An intrusive and invasive thought about infinity can be a trigger for a Picture of anxiety , which can even manifest both day and night, causing discomfort.

Note:There is even the presence of the same effect when viewing a photograph, be it of the vastness of the sea or of the universe. It is a fairly common test on the Internet.

Dizzy feeling

The immensity and the inevitable feeling of not being able to control the situation is what causes vertigo in the individual. A feeling of emptiness and despair, which trigger another type of symptomatology such as lack of concentration.

Difficult to focus

Apeirophobia is unleashed in situations of vulnerability. Many times, as a result of the irrationality of fear, recurring images begin to appear that limit the individual’s ability to concentrate and trigger anxiety from the sensory stimuli provoked. (two)

Need for control and order

It is used as a defense mechanism to avoid situations full of uncertainties, especially those that are directly involved with concepts of infinity, eternity, immensity.


The intrusion of overwhelming thoughtsis very recurrent, even when you are asleep. For example,dreaming of falling into the void usually produces a sensation of vertigo, but in individuals with apeirophobia, despair and anxiety.

How to overcome apeirophobia?

Apeirophobia has certain specific treatments, which allow its control and reduction of symptoms and pictures in the individual. They will be mentioned and described below for their understanding and application if necessary.

Psychological therapy

Due to its intrinsic relationship with anxiety symptoms, the application of psychological therapies, both of a genetic behavioral nature and cognitive restructuringTechniques, is the appropriately recommended treatment for this type of phobias, due, above all, to its nature of acquisition.

It is important to note that they do not completely disappear unless they are faced, since as we have discovered throughout the article, it is a remove irrational phobia and difficult to explain and understand.

Important:Like any disorder, it must be attended by professionals. Mental health is as important as physical.

prescription drugs

The drugs that can be prescribed are to control the symptoms and reduce involuntary and unnecessary attacks,which are usually mental coverage. They, as previously mentioned, must be prescribed and dosed by a professional in the field.

Key Findings

  • Apeirophobia is the fear of the unknown , infinite and indefinite.
  • It is quite characterized by being intrinsically related to anxiety, this disorder being a possible cause of its triggering in the individual.
  • This phobia usually develops from unfounded fears through environmental or social factors, genetic factors, and traumatic experiences.
  • Treatments against apeirophobia, focus on the serious problem that develops to Reduce anxiety attacks , against invasive and irrational thoughts.

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