The personalityis quite random, but only when we recognize and accept it, we are able to develop it to a fascinating degree, it is perhaps one of the most important psychological branches.

That is why we will study a very common theme in many people, it is calledegodystonic, a problem that must be addressed to help the daily life of those people in particular.

What is egodystonic?

It is a complex issue of human psychology. It is apersonality disorder, wherefeelings or thoughts collide with a person’s ideals or ego. It’s basically coming into conflict with your ownself, causing a lack of synchronization.

People who suffer from thistend to be reserved, develop an introverted personalityand rather dubious of themselves. It does not allow them to move forward or even generatesfrustrationand anxiety in order to seek change urgently.

Note: Egodystonic is also a psychological term to refer todisorders such as obsessive-compulsive. For diagnosis, it is mentioned that “they are experienced at some point in the disorder as inappropriate and intrusive (egodystonic) and cause significant anxiety or discomfort.” (1)

What are the causes that generate the egodystonic?

Egodystonichas key causes. Being important even for the diagnosis of a personality disorder. These are the main causes.

1. Education, upbringing and socio-cultural environment

An egodystonic person can be formed by the education or upbringing that is provided. But not in the right way, because if they are educated in ademanding and intolerable way, where social values are not inculcated, the child will grow up with imposed alien opinions, without developing his own vision. The same applies to the socio-cultural environment, mostly if it is negative.

Important: A study mentions that “egodystonic personality disorders occur mainly from inappropriate parenting practices . ” (two)

2. Perceptual distortions of self-image

An egodystonic person has a serious distortion of how he perceives his self-image, to a large extent he begins to feel discomfort and is not comfortable with his own way of being, acting and looking. What doesnot allow advancement or personal improvement.

Important: A study mentions that “There are situations that can lead adolescents to develop behaviors that can often be risky, in order to achieve ideals regarding self-image . ” (3)

3. Fear of judgment

These kinds of people are afraid of judgment, generally, of the criticism that people inevitably make,whether directly to their personal, work, or family situations. What causes fear, anguish and stress due to the pressure exerted by the opinions of others. This distances them from their main ideals.

4. High self-demand

By moving away from their ideals, they lose the perception that they initially had about many things, it is a consequence of excessive self-demand. This occurs when you want to seek a sudden, direct and fast change, without measuring time, or continuing with the initial ideals or goals from the beginning.

How to treat the egodystonic?

There are various ways to treat a patient or a person who becomes egodystonic. Here are the following ways to treat it.

1. Change in the system of beliefs and values

It is necessary to make a change in the default system of beliefs or values. Remembering that you can choose what to believe, what you like and what you want to become.

Note: You can also recognize the appropriate values for life, such as honesty and respect. As well as putting aside those anti-values that harm you or society.

2. Behavior modification

It is necessary to recognize which behaviors are not appropriate for the personality,when they realize that they collide with social, family or work life. And that therefore, as is the case,they do not allow to continue with the goals or ideals .

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a behavior modificationtag. If you are a bitter person, try to become more collected and calm. It is a daily and psychological exercise.

Note: A study mentions that “A characteristic of behavior modification is that the procedures and techniques consist of mechanisms to alter an individual’s environment and thus help him to function more adequately.” (4)

3. Self-acceptance

You must accept and appreciate yourself for who you are. Do not be afraid or uncomfortable about what many will think of you. You must put aside what the world expects of you, think more about whatyou can offer differently to society. As an outgoing and interesting personality, it all starts with self- self-acceptance.

4. Psychological therapy

You can always count on psychological helpand professionals in a certain situation. With which the egodystonic personcan open up to any doubt,know and recognize the problem and devise an appropriate plan to deal with it. All this withAn adequate guide and professional psychological treatments.

Key Findings

  • Egodystonic is a psychological term.
  • It refers to people whose thoughts or actions Clash with the ideals and beliefs they have.
  • It can develop during upbringing, education and the social environment in which you find yourself.
  • This term is also applied to personality disorders.
  • It can be treated from psychological practices such as self-acceptance and behavior modification.

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