Infusion fans found a new tea that became everyone’s sensation. As has happened on many occasions, it is not a new product. It is one that even has millennial traditions and it is none other than red tea.

As a good drink, it is very beneficial for the body, since there are many properties that have been attributed to it. Most related to the  digestive system .

There are many people who suffer from disorders in this area and need to pay attention to it, therefore below you will learn what this tea is about, its properties, benefits and contraindications for health.

What is red Pu Erh tea?

Red tea is of Chinese origin, specifically from the town of Pu Erh, from there it derives its name. It is obtained thanks to the cultivation of the Camellia sinensis plant , from which this drink obtains its peculiar red color accompanied by a sweet flavor.

Note: In China its consumption is massive. Even from the time of the emperors. But in the western world they already have it as a reference when it comes to good health. It also goes through a fairly complex preparation process that includes fermentation with microorganisms .

It is there in this fermentation when red tea takes much of its healing and preventive properties. There are two variants of this red tea. One is  pu-erh , which has a much longer fermentation process, between 2 to 60 years , so it is much more effective in the process of burning fat.

What are the properties of red tea?

The properties of red tea stand out thanks to the health benefits that this tea provides, where its high content of vitamins B, C and D stands out, together with a good amount of minerals, such as: potassium, iodine, zinc and magnesium .

Note: This variety of red tea also has theophylline, fiber, caffeine and polyphenols.

All of this together provides diuretic and antioxidant properties, strengthens the immune system , helps fight liver diseases, acts as a purifier, stimulates weight loss, sugar levels, and decreases uric acid.

What are the benefits of red tea?

There are multiple benefits of the also known as Pu Erh tea, this is because the large number of properties that this drink has make it a natural remedy that society is used to consuming, also in some cultures they use it as part of the treatment to improve certain diseases.

Next, we will detail the benefits that you can obtain by consuming 1 cup of red tea.

1. Helps to lose weight

There are many other teas and  infusions that help to lose weight , however the main reason why red tea became so popular is thanks to the action of antioxidants and fat burning as it is a thermogenic drink, which according to research carried out by Oncology Research and Treatment  magazine (1), helps individuals who want to lose a few extra pounds.

Note: You must be clear that this tea is not magical. You will lose weight when you lead a healthy lifestyle. In which you have a balanced diet, good eating habits , avoiding fats, fried foods and fast food, as well as exercising frequently.

If you are looking to lose weight, you should buy the Pu Erh version, since it  is the one that has gone through a longer fermentation cycle and its effect is much greater than the conventional one.

Tip: A forecast that you should take is that due to its diuretic properties  you should ingest much more water than normal. You must avoid any picture of dehydration.

2. Detoxifies the body

The Chilean Nutrition Magazine (2) reports that the daily consumption of red tea makes it a   natural antioxidant .

Therefore, it will help to eliminate free radicals and toxins thanks to the action of the polyphenols that are in its composition . By purifying various organs they will work better and the body will thank you.

You should know: The continuous consumption of red tea is beneficial for the elderly, since it helps them with the immune system and helps prevent the appearance of cancer, this is mainly due to the fact that within the properties of red tea, a great variety stands out. of  polyphenols .

3. Avoid abdominal swelling

There are many  foods that help you fight abdominal swelling  and red tea thanks to its diuretic action is another of them, it also helps fight fluid retention that can be very annoying for a good group of the population.

Tip: Because this tea contains properties that help reduce fluid retention , it can be used as a remedy during menstrual cycles to attack symptoms associated with abdominal heaviness and swelling.

This tea originally from China has properties and benefits that also help to lose weight, by discarding all the liquids that the body does not need, since from frequent urination you can get rid of extra weight and a large number of toxins.

4. Speed ​​up metabolism

Being a thermogenic tea, red tea helps speed up metabolism once it is ingested. Its  fat burning action  will be instantaneous. Even when you do not do any type of exercise, the body will continue to “work” to discard what it does not need.

Tip: If you need to lose weight, we recommend you accompany the intake of 1 cup of red tea with different physical activities, these actions will have benefits on your metabolism and will stimulate it to reduce the amount of fats that are unhealthy for the human anatomy.

5. Improves the digestive process

One of the most popular ways to drink red tea is a cup after each meal or at least lunch, as it is the strongest dish of the day.

You should know: Food Chemistry magazine (3) reports that when consumed at this time, this tea helps as a treatment to achieve a better digestive cycle.

In addition, thanks to its action that regulates the digestion cycle, it also  prevents stomach pain  caused by gas or fluid retention.

Tip: If you suffer from intestinal problems, it is ideal that you drink a cup after each meal.

Although, at night the use of these infusions is not as recommended as red tea, since it contains caffeine and  can cause insomnia . If you can take it before 6:00 p.m., it would be ideal so that you do not suffer from any sleep disorder.

To highlight: Red tea has benefits that stimulate the production of gastric acids that contribute to good digestion . In this way you will take better advantage of all the nutrients that the food you are consuming has and discard everything you do not need, leading to a unique well-being.

6. Helps control cholesterol

If you are a person who suffers from high cholesterol, red tea can be your great ally. From its action that burns adiposity, also from antioxidants and digestives, it allows for much purer blood, which favors your cardiovascular system, and it is also a good option to prevent heart conditions.

Note: If you accompany it with a healthy diet, you can even reduce the levels of cholesterol that you have in your blood and your heart will work much better , so you will not have blood pressure problems, therefore you will have a much healthier life and durable.

What is better green or red tea?

Red tea was created as a variant of green tea, which is why its fat-burning and antioxidant effects are so similar. The difference is precisely in the fermentation cycle, which took place in caves and for this reason it took on a reddish color and even has an earthy flavor.

If you want to lose weight you should not sweeten it, now if you prefer to take it as a digestive or for taste, a teaspoon of sweetener or honey can be used and give it a slightly sweeter taste.

Presentations of red tea for consumption

If you want to start drinking red tea normally, you can find it in different presentations:

  • commercial bags
  • dry leaves directly
  • in capsules

Tip: The preparation of the tea, both in commercial bags and its dried leaves, is like any other tea . You place it together with boiling water, to the extent you want to drink, once it boils, turn it off and let it rest for a few minutes.

If you buy the dried leaves directly, you must strain it so that none of it leaves in your infusion . Remember to sweeten only if you are not looking to lose weight. But many individuals take it natural. In fact, in China they do it that way. With the passage of time you get used to its taste.

Note: If you want to mix this infusion with others you can do it without any problem.

Being a variant of green tea, many people tend to mix it to have a much more powerful effect . With mint, orange or apple shells are part of the combinations that people who are regulars at red tea like to make.

If you do not have much time to prepare the teas, there is the presentation in capsules that can be bought in different stores of natural products.

What contraindications does red tea have?

Like everything in life, what is consumed in excess ends up being harmful to health . Red tea does not escape this reality. That is why you have to take some precautions to avoid being one of the people who, far from helping, can cause a health problem.

Important: If you are a fan of this infusion, we recommend that you do not exceed four cups per day since this increases the number of contraindications that these teas may have for your health.

Due to the presence of polyphenols, red tea has the possibility of eliminating adiposity and helps to purify the liver, but when taken in excess it can cause irritation in the organ, preventing it from functioning normally .

Likewise, red tea also has caffeine and an excess of it in the body causes some individuals an alteration of the nervous system and accelerated palpitations in the heart.

Therefore, it is a point that must be taken into account, especially with patients who suffer from this type of disease.

Note: Pregnant  women and those who are lactating should not ingest red tea due to the presence of caffeine and if so, reduce it to only one cup per day.

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