Vision is one of themost important functionsfor our daily lives, however certain accidental random events can disturb this function, such aseye pain.

For this reason, in this article we give you important information aboutwhy eye pain occursand how you can treat it.

Why does eye pain occur?

In continuous contact with the outside world, many events occurthat can cause pain in the eyes, which we will mention below:

1. Foreign element, allergy or injury

The eye is an organ that isexposed to many environmental hazardsand accidental contact with a foreign body that flies into the environment and inserts into the eye, cancause discomfort and damage to its external structure, causing pain and inflammation.

Allergies, on the other hand, cause inflammation and redness of the eyes with consequent eye pain. Likewise, a trauma in this organ, that is, a blow to the eyeball, also among the symptoms producespain.

Note: Eye pain is asymptom related to a pathologythat occurs in the eye itself, with the orbit or with neighboring structures. (1)

2. Migraine and tiredness

Migraine is a condition, which is considered a neurological disorderthat manifests itself with a moderate to intense, stabbing headache thatcan move to several areas of the head. This pain may also occasionally manifest in the eyeball. (2)

To highlight: In the case of migraine, the place where the pain occurs does not necessarily indicate that it is causing it as the caseof “behind the eyes” pain.

Likewise, eyestrain due to continuous work, prolonged exposure to intense light and the lack of glasses to avoid straining vision, can cause the sensation of eye pain.

3. Eye diseases and infections

, inflammatory optic neuritis

such as

4. Contact lenses

Another very common cause that causes pain in the eye is the inappropriate use of contact lenses that can cause infections and irritations on the surface of the eyes, causing pain.

You should know: Likewise, the prolonged use of the contact lens can cut off the correct oxygenation of the cornea , producing hypoxia that can cause the death of the cells on the surface of the eye and the consequent pain in the area.

5. Corneal abrasion

Another of the problems that can lead to pain in the eyes are accidents that occur in the cornea and that are the cause of eye pain, such as scratches or scrapes.

Note: This superficial layer of the eye can suffer some scratches from contact with dust from the environment, dirt, sand, shavings and metal particles, among other elements.

What can be done to remove eye pain?

To alleviate this annoying symptom of eye pain, you can follow the following tips that we give you below:

1. Rest your eyes

One of the habits that we lose due to the daily hustle and bustle at work, home and other routine activities, is vision rest.

For this reason, some recommendations would be, for example, stop looking at the computer or phone screen for a few moments or use a means of protection, blink, rotate your eyes to lubricate them, gently massage your fingers between Other options. (5)

2. Wear glasses

Another option as a measure to prevent eye pain is the use of corrective lenses when seeing near or far is difficult for your vision.

To highlight: It is recommended in these circumstances, if you are experiencing discomfort in your eyes, to go to the ophthalmologist to perform a vision evaluation and verify the need to use corrective lenses.

3. Apply warm compresses

The use of warm compresses is another of the natural options to reduce eye pain.

To do this, just moisten a sterile compress in warm water and place it over the eyes with the eyelids closed for a few minutes. This measure can be done as many times as you need to rest your eyes, to reduce annoying pain.

4. Drugs recommended by a specialist

In the case of eye infections, your doctor may indicate the use of drops or ointments with antibiotics as the active ingredient, to eliminate the infection and consequently the pain caused.

You should know: In the case of scratches, traumas and the presence of foreign objects in the eyeball, your doctor May prescribes some medications to gradually reduce pain.

5. Go to the doctor if necessary

In those complicated cases in which the options used do not generate the expected results to alleviate the pain, the immediate intervention of a vision specialist will be necessary , who surely after an evaluation, will choose the therapy adapted to your case to achieve your recovery. .

Key Findings

  • Eye pain is a symptom related to a pathology that occurs in the eye itself.
  • Eye pain can be present in ophthalmic infections and migraine.
  • Eye pain can also occur in areas such as the eye orbit or other adjacent areas.
  • Eye pain should be treated by a vision specialist such as an ophthalmologist.

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