What are spots on the tongue?

Spots on the tongue can be defined as abnormal and temporary pigmentation of the surface of the tongue due to endogenous or organism-specific factors, or perhaps by contact with some substances. (1)

Generally, spots on the tonguewarn of an underlying pathologyor can also arise as a result ofbad lifestyle habits in general.

Some of these spotsmay not pose a danger to health, but they can also represent a warning sign that something in our bodyis not working properly.

You should know: The signs of a healthy tongue indicate a uniform pinkish coloration with a light layer of whitish saburra, well hydrated and without cracks. (2)

Why do spots appear on the tongue?

Here are themost common reasons why you may be affected by the presence of spots on the tongue:

1. Poor oral hygiene

Tongue diseases occur perhaps due to the recurrence of poor health habits, mainly in oral health.

Important: It is advisable to go periodically to an oral evaluation with your dentist, to identify or not the appearance of conditions in the oral cavity.

In this sense, incorrect habits in the use of the toothbrush, the incorrect way of brushing not including the tongue, using toothpastes of dubious quality, being inconsistent in hygiene and not using antiseptic mouthwash, can cause the appearance of white spots on the teeth. Thetongue

2. Consumption of certain foods and substances

Eating foods with a high degree of acidity, spicy, or excessive consumption of alcohol can cause irritation of the superficial layer of the tongue, causing a particular coloration.

Note: To the same extent, the excessive consumption of alcoholic substances Can alter the superficial morphology of the tongue , changing its pigmentation.

3. Geographical language

dangerous to health and affects the surface of the

Symptoms include the appearance of smooth red spotson the back or side of the tongue. These spots, before their disappearance,can change their location, size and shape. (3)

To highlight: This condition occurs due to the loss of filiform papillae on the surface of the tongue , leaving it affected with a smooth texture simulating a stain.

4. Burns

Burns on the tongue can affect the color tone of the tongue. They can occur due to the ingestion of hot drinks or the accidental consumption of some corrosive agent or also due to the Reflux of the Gastric Content of the stomach, which as we know is composed of hydrochloric acid, a corrosive agent of the mucous membranes.

You should know: These burns can cause the appearance of red spots , in addition to producing sores on the tongue , swelling, pain and even sensitivity.

5. Bacteria and fungi

Bacterial and fungal infections in the oral cavity are very frequent and manifest with the appearance of very specific symptoms such as oral candidiasis, creamy lesions appear on the tongue with the appearance of cottage cheese that make the tongue look white , in the inner cheeks and sometimes on the roof of the mouth, gums and tonsils. (4)

Note: It is advisable to visit a doctor or dentist if you are suffering from any of the above situations, in order to prevent or avoid the appearance of other diseases of the tongue .

How to remove stains on the tongue?

As we have previously mentioned, most of the spots on the tongue represent a benign condition and are not very dangerous. Here are some simple tips on how to remove them:

1. Maintain proper oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is important, since it keeps the oral cavity free of food debris , limits the excessive proliferation of fungi and bacteria, and keeps the mucous membranes and tissues of the mouth healthy, especially the tongue . (5)

Important: If the spots on the tongue do not disappear after a while , after having acquired correct oral health habits, you could be in the presence of a more serious disease.

2. See a specialist if necessary

In cases where oral hygiene is not enough to control and eliminate stains on the tongue, it is advisable to go to a specialist to carry out an evaluation of the health of your oral cavity, especially on the tongue, in addition to making the corresponding diagnosis. and recommend the appropriate strategy to remove stains.

Key Conclusions

  • Tongue stains can occur from abnormal and temporary pigmentation of the surface of the tongue.
  • This condition is closely related to oral hygiene habits .
  • The spots on the tongue are not considered as a disease but as a disorder.
  • This condition is not dangerous and is not contagious.
  • To treat this disorder on the surface of the tongue, proper oral hygiene is necessary and seek medical assistance if required 

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