What is white tongue?

The white tongue or thelingual saburral, is a condition that occurs on the surface of the tongue, where a layer of whitish-gray color occursdue to theaccumulation of food debris, bacteria and dead cellsthat do not detach from the skin of the tongue and are trapped between the enlarged and sometimes inflamed taste budsof the tongue. (1)

This condition is not adisease and is usually harmless, but do not neglect because it looks bad and can bea sign of underlying health problems. This condition causes bad breath, an abnormal proliferation of bacteria, can generate sensitivity in the area, you can perceive an unpleasant taste in the mouth, in addition to generatingsoresif not treated in a timely manner.

To highlight: The pinkish or red color and a thin layer of saburra on its surfaceindicates having a healthy tongue.

What are the causes of white tongue?

The causes that originate white tongue can be very varied. Below we describethe possible causeswhy this condition may appear in this organ so important for our body:

1. Poor oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a factor that directly affectsthe appearance of white tongue. Not using a toothbrush to clean your tongue when you are cleaning your teeth, not using mouthwashes or other antiseptic products that seek to eliminate bacteria and fungi in the mouthcontribute to poor oral hygiene.

Note: It is advisable to go to the dentist for a Complete evaluation of your oral health.

2. Food, alcohol and cigarette

Food debris can accumulate in the oral cavity and serve as foodfor the bacterial flora that lives in the mouth. Likewise, the consumption of alcoholic beverages in excess and tobaccoaccumulate polluting substances on the tongue, which can lead to the appearance of white tongue as well as other types of Stains .

You should know: A scientific article describes the harmfulness of tobacco for oral health, so it is recommended to avoid or eliminate its consumption. (two)

3. Nutritional deficiencies

To highlight: The deficiency of vitamins such as riboflavin and cyanocobalamin, can cause alterations and diseases in the oral cavity. (3)

4. Fungal infections, intestinal and liver diseases

Infectious diseases in the oral cavity caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of bacteria and fungi such as the Candida albicans fungus , can give rise to white tongue.

Note: The main symptom of thrush is white lesions or pimples , which are usually located on the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks. (4)

How to remove white tongue?

Currently there are various options to correct this condition. Fortunately,this condition is reversible by following the advice that we give you below:

1. Improve oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth and tongue correctly, using oral antiseptic solutions and having a constant frequency in oral health habits, can guarantee the elimination of white tongue if you are suffering from it or as a Preventive Mechanism to avoid its appearance.

Important: In general, it is appropriate to follow an orientation guide to acquire healthy habits in oral hygiene and above all learn to clean the tongue well . (5)

2. Avoid consumption of triggering foods and substances

Another habit that we must acquire is the reduction and, if possible, the elimination of the consumption of foods that can cause inflammation and enlargement of the taste buds.

You should know: A triggering factor for this condition is the excessive and unconscious consumption of alcoholic beveragesthat can also cause alterations in the morphology of the tongue. Likewise, tobacco usecan cause dry mouth, increasing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi on the tongue. (6)

3. Consume water continuously

Hydration is extremely important, as it allows the oral cavity to Be constantly moistened , avoiding a dry mouth and also helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria and food debris on the tongue.

4. Use prescription medications if needed

In cases where a bacterial infection is suspected, as a result of the fungusCandida albicans, youshould immediately go to a specialist doctorto make an assessment of the case and prescribe, if necessary, the medications indicated to eliminate it such as antibiotics.

Key Findings

  • The main cause of its appearance is poor oral hygiene.
  • This condition is not a disease and is usually harmless.
  • It does not require specific treatment and can disappear by following some simple recommendations, such as improving oral hygiene and avoiding the consumption of triggering substances.

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