What is vagitrol?

Vagitrol® is a commercial drug made by BayerLaboratories. (1). In its compositionit has metronidazolenystatin and fluocinolone acetonide, which confer their properties and mechanisms of action to the drug, which are usuallybactericidal and fungicidal.

On the other hand, its presentation is in ovules for vaginal use, with boxes that have five or ten eggs for the indicated treatments. The recommended dose isone egg just before bedtime, usually until the box runs out, i.e. five to ten days. Its use isrecommended only for women over 14 years of age.

Note: Due to its use and active ingredients, it is an over-the-counter medicine, that is, it does not require a medical prescription for its acquisition. However, it is important that treatment is indicated by a medical professional.

What is vagitrol for?

Thanks to the mechanism of action of vagitrol®, it is a product widely used for thetreatment of different vaginal infections. We mention below its main uses.

1. Vaginitis

Vaginitisis an infection in the vagina that produces inflammation, which can be caused by a variation in thebalance of bacteria that are usually present in this area of thebody or also, an external agent. Itching, discharge and painful urination occur.

To highlight: The use of vagitrol® ovules reduces symptoms and allows efficient recovery . (two)

2. Vulvovaginitis

Vulvovaginitis is the name given to inflammation of the vagina. It is of the same nature as vaginitis, but itleads to the condition of the external lips of the vulva, even producing pain and odor.

You should know: The application of vagitrol® as a treatment generates a reduction in symptoms that will allow the patient to recover her quality of life. (3)

3. Cervicovaginitis

On the other hand, cervicovaginitis is the infection and inflammation of the cervix area, also including the vagina and vulvatag. It causes burning, itching, abundant flow and odor, being of a bacterial or parasitic nature.

Note: The use of a treatment with vagitrol®, thanks to its active principles and mechanism of action, allows the reduction of symptoms and the recovery of the bacterial balancein this area of the body.(4)

Vagitrol Side Effects

All medicines have stipulated possible side effects,which can develop during their use in medical treatments. We mention those of vagitrol® below:

  • Itching, irritation and dryness .
  • Dermatitis and consequent infections.
  • Vaginal discharge and burning when urinating.

Important: If there are side effects and they do not disappear when stopping treatment, it is important to seek medical attention for information.

Contraindications of vagitrol

Contraindications are factors that we must take into account before starting medical treatment to reduce the risk of developing adverse reactions. We mention those of vagitrol® below:

  • Do not indicate if you have had an allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug.
  • Do not indicate if pregnancy is suspected or if you are lactating.
  • Do not indicate if the patient has viral diseases such as herpes.
  • Do not indicate whether the patient has received any antiviral injection.
  • Do not indicate in patients with diabetes, anemia and metabolism disorders.

You should know: It is important to indicate the medical history, so that the medical professional assigns a pertinent and adequate treatment .

Key Findings

  • The vagitrol® is a product in the presentation of ovules, which does not require a prescription for its acquisition.
  • It is oriented for the treatment of vaginitis, cervicitis and vulvitis , whether of a parasitic, fungal, infectious or mixed nature.
  • The mechanism of action of vagitrol® is due to the presence of nystatin, fluocinolone acetonide and metronidazole as active ingredients.
  • It is important to follow the instructions and precautions of the doctor, to reduce discomfort, thus avoiding the appearance of adverse effects.

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