What is the tropheit?

Troferit® is a commercial medicine developed byLaboratorios Chinoin(1). In its compositionit has dropropizine andambroxolas active ingredients, which allow a mechanism of action to reducecoughthrough a sedative response.

On the other hand, it is a medicine with oral administration, soits presentations are in tablets and syrups. The recommended dose in adults is 10 ml every eight hours, preferably accompanied by some food.

Note: Due to its active ingredients and mechanisms of action, tropheit® is a medicine thatrequires a prescription for its acquisition.

What is the tropheit for?

The trophenit®, thanks to its active ingredients, is mainly indicated for thetreatment of different disordersthat present coughorrespiratory insufficiencies. We mention below the main uses:

1. Dry, irritating cough

Dry and irritative cough is areflex response of our body, which thanks to the presence of dropropizine in the trophenit®, is effectively reduced.

To highlight: Dropropizineacts in a sedative or anesthetic way, reducing cough caused by any etiology. Even that recognized as nervous cough. (2)

2. Pharyngitis and laryngitis

Pharyngitis and laryngitis are a type of conditions that cause irritation and inflammation in the respiratory tract , so one of its main symptoms is coughing.

You should know: The use of troferit® as a medical treatment reduces symptoms and allows efficient recovery of patients . (3)

3. Acute or chronic tracheitis

Tracheitis is the name of an inflammation in the trachea, as a consequence of an infection. It is usually of a bacterial nature produced by Staphylococcus aureus. 

Note: The indication of troferit® reduces the symptoms and allows the effective complementation of antibiotic treatments. (4)

Side effects of troferit

All medicines have stipulated possible side effects, which can developduring medical treatment. We mention those of troferit® below:

Important: If any of the aforementioned effects occur and do not disappear when treatment is stopped, it is important to seek medical attention for information.

Troferit contraindications

Contraindications are factors that we must take into account, to reduce the risk of adverse effects during the consumptionof any medication. We mention those of troferit® below:

  • Do not indicate whether the patient has presented an allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the drug’s components.
  • Do not indicate to patients with diabetesMellitus.
  • Do not indicate if there is kidney failure or liver failure.
  • Do not indicate if there is any active gastric ulcer.
  • Do not indicate if pregnancy is suspected or if you are lactating.

You should know: It is important to mention the medical history, so that an adequate and pertinent treatment can be indicated. 

Key Findings

  • Troferit® is a medication that acts on the Central Nervous System to reduce certain reflexes on respiratory failure.
  • Is
  • The recommended dose of troferit® varies depending on the age of the individual, but it is important that it be every 8 hours in children or adults.
  • In the components of the formula, troferit® has two active ingredients , dropropizine and ambroxol.

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