Not all types of kissing are related to partner ‘s mouth contact , or subtle contact between noses like the Eskimo kiss . There is another type of kiss that is used in the sexual act called the Singapore kiss.

In this article, we will tell you what the Singapore kiss consists of, what its main characteristics are, and we will describe how it is done.

What is the Singapore kiss?

The Singapore kiss is one of the oldest sexual techniques in the world, where after the penetration of the man, the woman contracts and relaxes the muscles of the vagina called the pubococcygeal muscles or also identified as the pelvic floor of the vagina.

Said action is carried out to simulate a suction on the man’s penis, very similar to the effect of oral sex, and can become the best intimate experience for him.

The intention of this type of sexual kiss is to achieve in the man the pleasure of the most intense orgasm through the pelvic movements of the woman. To achieve this movement in the woman’s vagina, an exercise called kegel  must be used , which is indicated for after pregnancy in order to recover the rigidity and tightness of the vagina.

You should know: The Singapore kiss is also known as pompoir, being a technique that dates back thousands of years and has been said to originate in countries such as Thailand, India, and Japan. It is characteristic of this style of kissing that she takes control of the sexual act.

Why is it called Singapore kiss?

The literature on this point is not very precise, however, in a general way “pompoir” is attributed the name to the origin of the technique, however the literature argues that its origins go back to India, but it has been described that Thai and Japanese women (such as geishas) were the ones who developed this sexual technique in the greatest number.

To highlight: It has also been speculated that the name Singapore kiss is due to a prostitute belonging to that country, where it was said that the technique was so developed that she was able to remove and introduce her lover’s penis only by contracting and releasing the pelvic muscle.

How do you do the Singapore kiss?

The Singapore kiss, as mentioned above, is a technique, which is why it requires a methodology that will guarantee its success during the sexual act. Here are some simple steps to perform this technique:

1. Position yourself on top of your partner

We have already said before that the woman is the protagonist in this sexual technique and therefore she must be located above the partner, in order to have control of this movement during the sexual act.

Note: In this case, the woman must position herself on top of the man (andromous position ), with her legs open to facilitate penetration.

2. Contract and relax the pubococcygeal muscles

Once penetration is achieved, it is time to move the vagina through relaxation and contraction of the pubococcygeal muscles repeatedly, so that the man feels a sensation similar to oral sex.

On the other hand, the man can also perform the contraction of this muscle, achieving a kind of slow vibration where the woman feels that the penis widens as the contraction is made.

Important: This technique requires prior training with daily exercises of at least one hour, which you must take into account before wanting to practice this technique with your partner.

3. Make different variations and movements

Another aspect that can add eroticism to the Singaporean kiss is to make seductive circular movements with the hips as the relaxation and compression technique is applied, but remember that the main actor in this style of kissing is the abdominal wall muscles. .

To highlight: You can also complement the movements with sexual positions , where the abdominal contractions provide more variety to the movement to cause greater pleasure.

What are the benefits of the Singapore kiss?

The practice of this sexual technique brings with it additional benefits in the sexual intimacy of the couple and we will mention them below:

1. Greater intensity in orgasms

The main purpose of the Singapore kiss is to achieve orgasm in men. To achieve this, at the beginning of the penetration the vagina is contracted to press the glans .

When the middle is reached, he relaxes, presses again and penetration continues until the two bodies come together, at which point  a pressure and relaxation movement is made again and then he starts again repeatedly until achieve orgasm.

You should know: In women and thanks to pelvic exercise, the Singapore kiss helps to strengthen the health of the pubococcygeal muscles, maintaining the firmness of the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum .

2. Controls erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Pelvic floor muscle training in men is indicated in therapies to address low libido sexual problems , helps prevent erectile dysfunction and is very useful in managing premature ejaculation, as it is a slow and rapid arousal. prolonged. 

Key Findings

  • The Singapore kiss does not consist of a mouth kiss, rather it is a sexual technique .
  • In this technique, the woman is the dominant of the sexual act.
  • The Singapore kiss consists of the contraction of the pubococcygeal muscles of the woman.
  • The objective of this technique is to achieve greater pleasure in the man’s orgasm.
  • In order to develop this technique, prior training is required .
  • Kegel exercises are indicated to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in women and men.

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