The brain as aliving sample of our evolution, has corresponded to systematize and apply the knowledge we have acquired for millions of years, this being a function of an important component of this organ called rational brain.

In the following article, we will explain whatthe rational brain consists of, how it is constituted and what its functions are.

What is the rational brain?

The rational brain orneocortex, is considered the center ofrationalityof ournervous systemand constitutes the most recent layer of the evolution of this important organ, responsible for controllingcognitiveabilities such asmemorization, concentration, self-reflection, problem solving, decision making and the manifestation of own behaviors.

This brain is part of the division proposed inPaul MacLean’s theory, known as the “3 Brains Theory”(1). The rational brain isnot a uniform structure, since it is divided intotwo perfectly differentiated hemispheresand united by a neural network that allows its constant interaction.

On the other hand, the rational brain is considered the area responsible formanaging our reasoning ability, allowing logical thinking, consciousness, all higher mental functions and executive functions, as well as serving as balance to the emotional brain.

To highlight: Making a bridge betweenNeuroscience (study of the cells of the nervous system) andPsychoanalysis(2), we could say that in the rational brain or neocortex is where the “I” and the “superego” of Sigmund Freud are managed. (3)

What is the function of the rational brain?

As we have already mentioned, the rational brainis responsible for cognitive abilities, intervening in the following functions:

1. Manage reasoning and abstract intelligence

Reasoning is understood as the faculty that allows people to solve problems, draw conclusions, make decisions and obtain knowledge consciously from the environment, establishing causal and logical connections between them. This ability is only possessed by man thanks to the evolutionary process of the brain.

In relation to abstract intelligence, it is described as the ability to decipher and understand any action of life through the management of ideas and symbols, such as words, numbers, formulas, legal decisions, laws, among others.

Note: Like reasoning, abstract intelligence corresponds to an exclusive ability of human beings, which develops from childhood and is very common in people with a rational personality or a cold personality .

2. Store memories, knowledge and experiences

Another of the functions of the rational brain is to store all the informationthat the individual assimilates throughout his life and experiences. , works in the neocortex., functions in the neocortex.

You should know: Memory is one of the main cognitive processes and refers to the brain’s ability to retain and retrieve information voluntarily. (5)

3. Develops cognitive skills

Cognitive abilities are all those processes that occur in the brainand that develop from childhood. These skills allow us to function successfully in everyday life and prepare us toreceive, select, process, store and retrieve the information we need to interact with the world.

In the same way, cognitive abilities imply the complex use of memory, attention, perception, creativity and abstract or analogical thinking that allow the elaboration of more elaborate strategies to face the demands of the environment.

To highlight: The use of the cognitive abilities of the rational brain is more developed in those individuals with An analytical personality .

4. Control emotions

Note: When the rational brain is slow or unable to control the magnitude of the emotions orchestrated by the Amygdala(6) May emerges

5. Determine the appropriate behavior

You should know: In this context, the rational brain must dominate over the other two parts of the brain that are the Emotional brain and the reptilian brain .

Key Findings

  • The rational brain is in charge of Controlling Cognitive Abilities .
  • The rational brain or neocortex is part of the division proposed in the “Theory of the 3 Brains”
  • The rational brain is considered the area responsible for managing our reasoning ability.
  • It constitutes the most recent layer of brain evolution and is divided into two perfectly differentiated hemispheres.
  • The rational brain serves as a Control and Regulator of the emotional brain.

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