Sexuality is interesting and wide. It is a field where intimacy and sexual tastes are explored , both for men and women.

Within our body, there are special erogenous zones for sexual intercourse, some well known as the G spot . Men and women have this point and it suggests that it is something vital for arousal in the couple.

That is why in this article we will know what the G point is in man, its location and the indicated ways to stimulate it. Recommended for those couples who want to explore their sexual desires.

What is the male G spot?

The G point or Gräfenberg point is that erogenous zone located in the genital areas of men and women, with which greater excitement is triggered and therefore, a high orgasmic level.

A topic of debate but that has a certain conclusion. The location of this point varies in both sexes, in men it is located from the part of the rectum (which is made up of many nerve endings), the perineum and it has access to the prostate , a sensitive point in the male body during sexual relations.

Note: Perineal stimulation is the most used and preferred by men, since most of them reject anal stimulation. Several times for taboo or sexist issues.

Characteristics of the G-spot of man

The man’s G-spot is not difficult to recognize, its characteristics are unique, due to human morphology and, of course, what its reproductive system is made up of. The most important characteristics are the following:

It is known as point H and point P

The G-spot for men is commonly called the H-spot or P-spot . This has no scientific meaning, they are like this to differentiate them from the G spot of women, and because the P is to refer to the perineum area , where men are usually stimulated.

It is located inside the rectum

The G point or P point is located inside the rectum , its nerve ramifications and access to the sensitive prostate make it a very sensitive erogenous zone, which the stimulus often makes orgasm greater and more pleasant.

Note: A study mentions that “in men, there is great importance in the stimulation of internal and external sexual organs, because it generates different orgasmic sensations.” (1)

Makes up the prostate gland

Point P is made up of the prostate gland , or simply prostate, it is an internal organ. Sensitive and connected to the urethra and the seminal vesicles , this is responsible for generating seminal fluid and nourishing the sperm. The prostate can only be reached through a massage through the anus.

It is the most sensitive erogenous zone

Point P, being found by the anus and constituted by the prostate or the neck of the perineum, is the most sensitive erogenous zone in the male sex . As previously stated, the rectal area is made up of many nerve branches, which makes it susceptible to certain sexual stimuli.

It has the shape and size of a walnut.

This is more than anything referring to the prostate gland, which has a great relationship with point P. Its shape is exactly like that of a walnut , and its size is minuscule , but none of this takes away, since it is an organ sensitive and perhaps the only one with which you have access to stimulation.

Curious fact: One of the most used techniques, not only sexually but also medically, to evaluate the health of the prostate, is massage or rectal examination. (two)

Can be stimulated externally or internally

Stimulating the P point can be done internally , which is the gentle introduction of the finger into the rectum towards the area of ​​the prostate gland. As it can also be done externally, through the perineum , which is from the testicles to the anus, it must also be done carefully and delicately.

Generates high levels of arousal and intense orgasms

The stimulation of the P point is capable of generating high levels of arousal in men, in addition to the fact that orgasms tend to be more intense and pleasant. It is an extremely sensitive point, which explores a new orgasmic level in men.

Note: A study mentions that “orgasm is something pleasant and the joy of it is equal to great sexual satisfaction . ” (3)

Produces an ejaculation with a greater quantity of semen

The stimulation of the P point or of the prostate gland, first produces an immediate erection, in addition to this it produces ejaculations with a greater quantity of seminal fluid.

This is because the prostate is directly manipulated , making the work fast, direct and very pleasant.

How to stimulate man’s G-spot?

In spite of everything, adequate precautions and measures must be taken to stimulate the G-spot in men, not only due to infections but also to care for an area as sensitive as the rectum. These are the following ways to stimulate the G-spot in men:

Use a suitable lubricant

The rectum is not like the penis or vagina, which can naturally lubricate. The anus needs to be dilated, many times with liquids such as lubricants , these are essential if you want to explore the P point in men, it is also safe.

Keep the area sanitized

The man must keep the area of ​​the anus very hygienic, this refers to washing it, internally and externally. As well as keeping shaved, so that he does not bother his partner or companion during the intimate moment.

Relax and clear your mind

Keeping your head focused makes the moment much more enjoyable. The man must feel relaxed, because if he does not remain safe and calm, it is very likely that the rectal area will close, making the prostate massage process impossible.

Start with an external massage on the perineum

If you want to provide security from the beginning, you should first do light massages in the perineum area , so that it generates arousal at a slight level, but safely, this will allow entry to the rectal area.

Rub your finger around the anus

You only need a well-lubricated finger to massage or lightly rub around the walls of the anus, these are made up of many nerve branches and will help further in the process of exploring the G-spot.

Insert your finger slowly about 7 cm

You must be delicate when inserting your finger into the man’s anus, as the prostate gland is located about 5 cm from the anus, you should go no more than 7 cm, in order to generate pleasure and later, massage the prostate to continue the process safely.

Curve finger toward navel and press

When you have your finger inside the rectal area, you should press slightly inwards, towards the navel , this is because the prostate gland is located specifically there.

Note: By doing this carefully, the P-spot massage can be started.

Touch the internal walls and test different pressures

The P point can vary in sensitivity in each man , so you should feel free to explore the inner walls of the rectum or different pressures towards the prostate gland, always lubricated and with great care. All this in order to always increase pleasure within privacy.

Try dildos and sex toys

If you wish, you can try dilators, which, like lubricants, are sexual devices to open space in the anus (it is even used during anal sex) or sex toys.

The above is used both to increase pleasure , as well as to simulate what would be the situation in which a man will find himself, it is also safe for those who have never explored point P.

Tip: In addition to lubricants, latex gloves can also be used, so as not to seriously damage the walls of the rectal area.

Key Findings

  • The male G-spot is the most erogenous and sensitive zone of men.
  • It is also known as P-spot, H-spot, and prostate massage.
  • The only way to get there is through the rectum area.
  • It can cause a higher level of pleasure and ejaculation with a large amount of sperm.
  • Couples who want to explore it should do so with lubricants and, for greater safety, latex gloves.
  • The G-spot area in men must be clean at all times.

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