Just as all aspects of our development and all our phenomena as individuals have sciences that are responsible for studying and understanding them, sex does not escape it.

The axis of behavior, identity and interaction with others is focused on this branch of studies in order to satisfy our concerns and needs.

For this reason, in the following article, we will talk more about this specialty that is in charge of studying this inherent aspect of the human being: sexology. Here you can learn more about objectives, characteristics and types

What is sexology?

Sexology according to the Autonomous University of the state of Hidalgo , has as its purpose the study, understanding, attention and solution to sexual problems to which the human being has been oriented in order to develop harmony and balance in this area and his intervention as an individual in the social aspect.

Sexuality is something that belongs to the human being by nature, it is a source of pleasure and acceptance that even becomes an identity and that often produces conflicts.

It is precisely this science, which is in charge of seeking to establish stability at a social and mental level for sex and its available elements.

Objectives of sexology

The objectives of sexology cover everything previously mentioned, without neglecting the path to follow for its correct understanding and acceptance. The search for a full and satisfying sexual life without discomfort or limitations, improving through it and although it may seem hard to believe for some: our quality of life.

Below are the main objectives of this science.

Study sexual behaviors and expressions

Sexual behaviors and expressions are, in general terms, the way in which we relate to the external environment. In the sexual field, although it also feeds on all those reactions, they focus a lot on the education we have received regarding these issues.

In this sense, the understanding of the natural nature of sex and the respect that these behaviors are healthy and fun, will allow human sexual behavior to be open and curious, moreover, quite the opposite if we have created taboo through them and based on to deep-rooted cultures that surround us. Therefore sexology allows us to free ourselves mentally and physically.

Study the physiological and mental processes of sexuality

All sexual behavior has, without question, an attitudinal reason behind it. All negative, erroneous behaviors are anchored to passive attitudes and their beliefs over time.

It is precisely these processes that limit our capacities, and clinical sexology is in charge of determining and facing them in the search for our fulfillment.

Delve into gender identity

Gender sexual identity is responsible for the acceptance of the individual’s consideration for himself as a man or woman, even when his biological sexual identity indicates otherwise.

Sexology allows this attribution to be concrete and accepted, especially by the individual himself, recognizing his ability to identify and decide on diversity, each person being responsible for their perception.

Delve into sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is understood as the inclination of the individual to feel attracted to a sex, be it the opposite or the same as theirs.

Through sexology, it is possible to provide an orientation in search of acceptance in case of presenting attraction to the same sex, because it is not yet fully accepted in society and usually presents identity and self- esteem problems .

Study the interaction in the couple

In sexology, skills are developed to apply therapies that improve the bond with the couple, especially around sexuality.

Communication skills and interactions improve, especially intimate ones, and all this is carried out from the humanistic and psychological studies carried out by sexologists throughout their preparation.

Address sexual dysfunctions

Among the aspects covered by sexology, it focuses on helping to overcome sexual dysfunctions or crises under these circumstances, including among them:

  • lack of desire
  • Disorder in the arousal process
  • orgasm disorders
  • lack of satisfaction

It is in charge of addressing both psychological and physical parameters, in search of resolutions, explorations and treatments to improve them. In the Espai Terapeutic article on sexual dysfunctions , they talk precisely about the applications and reasons for them.

promote sexual health

Education and acculturation about sexuality evokes the decrease in misinformation that leads to the existence of inappropriate practices with increased risks.

Sexuality is important, it is an identity and a skill. It goes far beyond pleasure and also diseases. It is part of us and allows for the most assertive and appropriate personal and interpersonal relationship, thus creating better forecasts for interactions.

Characteristics of sexology

Sexology has different characteristics that allow it to develop and position itself as a specialty. Below they will be mentioned and described to delve more into them.

It is a recent discipline

The dictionaries or encyclopedias of ancient times do not recognize this term within their scope. This discipline is even more encompassed on the Internet and thus allowing its greater reach.

In addition to this, it is important to mention that its roots date back to R. Von Krafft-Ebing and H. Havelock Ellis , who determined that there are psychic disorders that are rooted in the individual’s sexual development.

It constitutes a specialization in the area of ​​health

In PsicoDex , a psychiatry and psychology blog from the Dexeus University Hospital , they encompass a total unit on sexology, understanding where their specialty is directed but also the importance that it requires to address the problems of this area, as we previously mentioned in order to take care of the quality of life of the individual.

It is performed by a specialist sexologist

The sexologist is the professional who is in charge of caring for and studying human sexuality. It allows the development of all the previously described objectives of sexology and they are dedicated to the study of the specialty through, normally, the completion of a master’s degree in sexology. Initially it is usually based on psychology, pedagogy and even medicine.

Promotes sex education

As we mentioned before, sexual education is essential for the correct development of individuals in their environment. Sexuality is essential, so it must be treated and away from taboos, always protecting the well-being and pleasure of those involved. In addition to this, it is part of comprehensive health care.

In this sense, the issue must be addressed, combat misinformation, clarify doubts, ensuring that the information is always accurate. For this, the sexologist is consulted, understanding then the causes and solutions as part of his function.

Add value to other related disciplines

The influence that sexology has with different disciplines favors conflict resolution and benefits availability and disposition. She is scientific and humanistic (social sciences), so she has a lot of focus on solving problems with enough efficiency.

Among the disciplines related to sexology are:

  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Pedagogy
  • Education
  • History
  • Urology
  • Gynecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Genetics
  • Neurology

types of sexology

Although sexology is a specialty on its own, it has different internal ramifications where its focus is established towards a specific problem. The classification is based on this and will be determined and described below.

Specialized sexology in sexual disorders

Arousal disorders, dysfunctions, aversion to sex and disorders, are part of the elements covered by this type of sexology. It is in charge of studying, investigating and solving disorders that affect the sexual life of the individual, applying treatments or therapies necessary for its evolution, including emotional dependence .

Sexology specialized in organic lesions

Within this type of injury, one can find physical injuries that affect the correct performance of sexuality. There are even painful sexual disorders , which is why they usually have initial medical development and a specialization in sexology for the treatment of pathologies of this nature.

There may be problems in carrying out sexual processes, pain, physical problems that lead to the atrophy of sexual life and for the well-being of the individual, treatments or interventions are applied for the solution and improvement.

Sexology specialized in couples therapy

They are specialized in resolving differences, discomforts and serious problems between couples, the kind that affect intimacy and reduce their sexual life. Plans and methodology are made to follow, to find the root of the problems and go in search of solutions.

Sex education

They are the most deeply rooted in pedagogy and education, helping to neutralize issues such as sexual disorders or the individual’s sexual identity. Sex education will reduce the risks of an active and conscious sexuality, so it is essential to make it reach the population through these sexologists and their area.

Importance of sexology

In the words of the sexology team at Sexologists in Madrid , sexologists work to promote and prevent a healthy sexual life, seeking to prevent identity dysfunction and a sexual life that is not full and rewarding.

Not all people have access to sexual education, so sexology opens the field to be in charge of being a pioneer and messenger of all the information that is essential for a correct development and a quality of life as a person.

Without also ignoring the large amount of adulterated and erroneous information that has poisoned the conceptualization of many things for people over time, as a great example: pornography. Which end up causing false expectations, prejudices and security problems.

That is why through sexology, we then find the opportunity to solve physical and psychological doubts for our correct performance in the appropriate and pleasant sexual context.

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