Red Raspberry Ketone is one such product that is marketed to be taken as a slimming supplement. It seems that it increases fat burning and regulates metabolism, thus helping you lose weight easily.

But are there scientific studies that confirm its effects on weight loss? Find out what scientific research and evidence says about the effectiveness of raspberry ketone, as a supplement to lose weight in a healthy and natural way, in the following article.

What is raspberry ketone?

Raspberry ketone is  responsible for the delicious aroma of raspberries . It is a  natural substance  that is also present in  blueberries , blackberries and kiwis.

Fun fact: Raspberry ketone has long been used in the world of cosmetics and as a flavoring in the food industry , although this hasn’t really made it popular.

Recently, raspberry ketone is known for its commercialization and a new use as  a weight loss supplement . And the truth is that very few people are aware that  both the ingredient in this slimming supplement, as well as the one used in cosmetics and food, only resembles the true raspberry ketone in name .

Raspberry ketone, which is used to make slimming supplements  called “raspberry ketones” and  as a flavoring added to various foods  , is an artificial substance manufactured synthetically  (1) . Let’s be clear: it does not come naturally from raspberries.

Extracting the true ketone from raspberries is an extremely expensive process : from 1 kg of raspberries we only obtain between 1 mg and 4 mg of ketone. That is, about 40 kg of raspberries are needed to obtain the amount of ketone to use for a single dose .

To highlight: And although this new product is called a “ketone”, it also has nothing to do with the ketosis that a  low-carb diet produces .

What is raspberry ketone used for?

This compound helps with its effects on metabolism and fat burning through the production of adiponectin, which is a protein hormone that modulates certain metabolic processes (including glucose regulation, which favors people with diabetes and the fatty acid catabolism).

To highlight: It is important to know that raspberry ketones serve to regulate energy reserves, increasing the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids, thus allowing fat to be broken down and burned  so that it can be digested by the intestine . and lose weight and avoid being overweight.

It also influences and helps in reducing people’s appetite or hunger, as well as being an antioxidant. It is found as part of the outstanding benefits that it reduces hair loss when applied to the skin area, which is usually widely used by women thanks to its natural effects.

How does raspberry ketone contribute to weight loss?

Raspberry ketone is similar in structure to capsaicin and synephrine, two molecules that speed up metabolism . Therefore, it  is believed that raspberry ketones can have the same effect  on health and therefore contribute to weight loss.

In a  test tube study with rat fat cells,  raspberry ketones caused  (2) :

  • An  increase in lipolysis , or fat breakdown, which prevents overweight.
  • An  increase in the release of adiponectin  by fat cells.

A medical study in rats and mice has revealed that raspberry ketones can prevent  weight gain  and fatty liver . In these studies, two groups of mice were fed an unbalanced fattening diet and one group was given raspberry ketones. (3)

At the end of the medical study, both groups had gained weight but with the difference that only the mice that had not taken raspberry ketones weighed 10% more  than those that had used ketones.

For other studies, two groups of rats were fed a fattening diet and one group was given red raspberry ketones (4) . The case showed that only rats that had used raspberry ketone had higher levels of adiponectin  and a lower risk of developing fatty liver or heart problems.

Note: The dose of ketone used to achieve this effect was excessive. You would need to take 100 times the recommended amount of ketone to reach that dose.

How is raspberry ketone consumed?

Due to the lack of human studies,  there is no science-backed recommended dosage . Depending on the brand of raspberry ketone you purchase, dosages range from 100mg to 400mg spread 1-2 times a day .

Also, the truth is that this compound has not been declared any serious side effects on our body either and raspberry ketone is classified as GRAS ( Generally Recognized as Safe )  by the FDA ( American Food and Drug Administration ).

Raspberry Ketone Contraindications

This product, although it has a natural quality and several benefits, should be avoided by certain types of people to reduce the risks of producing negative reactions to it in our body and health. The person who should avoid consuming this type of supplements without prior medical authorization is one who presents:

  • Anxiety symptoms, because they can cause nervousness
  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Tachycardia
  • Heart problems, because it can increase the risk of complications

What side effects does raspberry ketone have?

Based on the apparent reasons for the appearance of certain side effects on health , and even despite the properties that help regulate some metabolic processes and the reduction of appetite or hunger in people, we must highlight the way in which the ketone raspberry influences and acts on our body. Especially the natural effects that it causes, as a response in our nervous system to being included in our diet.

Taking red raspberry ketone can increase blood pressure in the body , in addition to increasing the heart rate and producing euphoria as an immediate reaction in our body to the previously mentioned symptoms and the presence of some hormone.

To highlight: The stimulation and alteration of our nervous system from the consumption of raspberry ketone is due to its principle of action for the thermogenesis produced, which helps regulate body temperature, and its ability to increase metabolism to burn fat and lose weight.

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