What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapyis a therapeutic modality where ozone or derivatives are used, asozonated substancesto achieve a specific effect. The mixture consists of the union ofoxygen and pure ozonefor its application.

The effects that comprise the application of ozone range frombactericides, antioxidants, detection of mutagenic cells, in addition to the application of therapeutic techniques in pathologies such as:

  • Sclerosis
  • Parkinson
  • Cirrhosis
  • Cystitis
  • Hepatitis
  • Colitis
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Herniated discs
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Infections

What is ozone therapy used for?

The field covered by ozone therapyis quite broad, and has its distinctive principle of use. That is precisely what we will mention and describe below, for the understanding of its use in the medical field.

Reduce inflammation and chronic pain

Ozone is applied as a pain deactivator and anti-inflammatorytag. The pains vary in intensity and location, but allcan be diminished or minimized through the application of this gas.

Note: Ozone therapy has an analgesic effect due to the decrease in prostaglandins and regulation of cytokines, in addition to functioning as a beneficial complement to other treatments applied such as corticosteroids.

Eliminate viruses and bacteria

As we previously mentioned, ozone therapy has bactericidal qualities, as well as viricidal and fungicidal qualities, which means that it eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungitag. For this same reason it is usually widely applied for the disinfection of infected wounds.

detoxify the liver

Ozone therapy is considered an adequate and effective treatment when applied to fatty livers, since it helps the regeneration of liver cells and keeps the pH of the bacterial flora in balance.

It is a treatment that is applied and considered definitive, as long as care and follow -up of the recommendations provided by health professionals are maintained. (1)

Note: The treatment of these cases is through a Rectal Probe , where the mixture is introduced for five minutes, which allows it to quickly reach its destination.

Promote good blood circulation

It has the ability to stimulate circulation, so ozone therapy is used for the treatment of certain circulatory disorders and then helps to revitalize organic functions.

Stop the development of cancer cells

Ozone therapy is used as a complementary treatment , since it prevents the Proliferation of cells , due to the fact that they develop in environments with a low level of oxygen, that is, in states of hypoxia.

To highlight: It is important to mention that it also favors the effectiveness of chemotherapies , in addition to being a fairly invasive process, ozone therapy helps to improve immunological parameters and toxic effects. (two)

Accelerate the healing process

Ozone therapy is a fairly effective treatment to accelerate the healing process in the body, applied through minimal punctures or even direct application.

Note: This type of treatment is also applied to animals to beneficially intervene in their recovery.

Complement the treatment of chronic diseases

Ozone therapy is applied as a treatment for chronic diseases to reduce painful and inflammatory symptoms and to counteract the multiplication of cells that may be the cause of the disease.

Diseases usually have cell damage due to excess free radicals, which is controlled through ozone therapy, thus preventing this oxidative stress from advancing further.

Contraindications of ozone therapy

Like any treatment that is considered invasive and influential in our body, it has certain limitations and contraindications that must be taken into account. They will be mentioned and described below.


In case of suffering Uncontrolled Hyperthyroidism , there is a contraindication in the application of ozone therapy, although it is relative due to the existence of studies that prove the improvement of quality of life in the application of these treatments to patients with these pathologies. (3)


Cardiac alterations

Convulsive States

It happens that ozone therapy is even used as a treatment, clearly mentioning the fact that it presents collateral damage just like all anticonvulsants.

Important: In the studies it is said that it improves the neurological and general state, influencing the quality of life when combined with conventional treatments. (4)


Ozone therapy treatment is not recommended during pregnancy, although there are no studies that prove the contraindication, it is foreseeable in cases of risky pregnancies and even produce heart failure in the child.

How is ozone therapy applied?

Ozone therapy is applied in different ways,depending on the orientation that is going to be given. They will be mentioned and described below.

intravenous route

The application of this treatment intravenously is through a slow introduction of the mixture, with an infusion pump. In this way more immediate and effective results are achieved.


The infiltration process is used , small amounts of the prepared mixture are injected directly into the area to be treated. It must be applied by an expert and is recommended above all for inflammation and joint pain.

topical route

It is applied to the skin,, in case of infections, wounds, burns, as a disinfectant or to promote healing.

Key Findings

  • Ozone therapy has many applications due to its wide range of benefits.
  • Above all, its bactericidal, healing and limiting capacity for the proliferation of cancer cells.
  • It is an advantageous and beneficial treatment against various pathologies with inflammatory and painful conditions such as arthritis.
  • It has certain limitations due to its range , such as the improvement in circulation that leads to an increase in blood pressure, even in a small amount.

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