What is nesajar?

Nesajar® belongs to a line of medicines manufactured by thelaboratory Gelpharma(1), based on the active ingredients called dimethicone (100 mg) andpinaverio bromide (300 mg), whichhave antispasmodic properties, capable of regulating gas and intestinal transit.

This drug comes in a box witha certain number of compressed capsules, whose recommended dose is one capsule orally every 12 hours.

Note: One study mentions the following information: “Pinaveriois a calcium antagonist, which inhibits calcium flow to intestinal smooth muscle cells.” (2)

What is nesajar for?

As explained above, nesajar® is marketed tobe able to treat the gastrointestinal system positively, so below we will know its specific functions, as recommended by the same manufacturer:

1. Ulcers

To highlight: Nesajar® seeks to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder , such as abdominal pain, abrupt constipation and also rectal burning.

2. Irritable bowel syndrome

Bowel syndrome is a disorder characterized by a change in intestinal motility   that leads to inflammation of the digestive tract, which requires appropriate treatment.

In this sense, the medicine nesajar® is recommended for dimethicone (one of its compounds), which seeks to reduce abdominal pain and constipation , but even more so the gases or flatulence that can often occur in this case.

Nesajar side effects

This drug is recommended for its three mechanisms of action, however, the manufacturing laboratory warns about some side reactions that it has , which although they are very low, you must be well informed about them:

  • Nausea, dry mouth.
  • Pruritus (intense skin irritation) and rash (skin rash with skin lesions).
  • Constipation.
  • Headache (headaches like migraine or headache).

Important:These effects frequently occur from the consumption of the pinaverium. In case of presenting any of the mentioned reactions, suspend the use of nesajar® andConsult your doctor .

Nesajar contraindications

The drug nesajar® is contraindicated for a small number of patients , so the manufacturing laboratory places great emphasis on this section, since it is not recommended in:

  • Patients hypersensitive to the active ingredients.
  • People with intestinal obstruction.
  • People with the presence of ulcers (sores in the stomach and intestine).
  • Patients with esophagitis (inflammation in the organ of the esophagus).

You should know: It is advisable to notify your doctor about the health conditions you present before starting the consumption of nesajar®, in order to prevent possible unwanted effects and reactions.

Key Conclusions

  • Nesajar® is a medication with an antispasmodic mechanism of action that regulates intestinal transit.
  • It is recommended for cases of irritated intestine or colitis in general.
  • You may have certain side reactions such as nausea, dry mouth, and constipation.
  • Nesajar® is contraindicated for patients hypersensitive to the active ingredients and with certain intestinal conditions.
  • The use of nesajar® must be indicated and supervised by a specialist doctor.

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