Thehuman mind and bodyare incredibly fused, they tend to serve as apowerful team, a thought leads to an action, often in a form of inertia.

The human mind is attracted by so many energies, as if it were a huge magnet. And it is true, the great energies influence our thought, soul and body.

Therefore, today you will knowmesmerism, a confusing term since the eighteenth century but that we will explain very briefly. That also serves to understand the most basic values of the functioning of the human mind.

What is mesmerism?

It is acomplicated term, but easy to understand over time, coined by psychiatrist Franz Anton Mesmer(1) during about 1778, when he was studyingmagnetic fields. After him, it was studied by other physicians such asIgnace Guillotinand cited in books as “mesmeric revelation”.

The case ofmesmerism or animal magnetism, refers to thoseinvisible energies (magnetic forces in the words of Franzs Mesmer), which act andinfluence the body of thehuman being or a living being.

This was atechnique that sought to cure the sickand allow access to the subconscious of people, like hypnosis at first.

Note: One study mentions the following quote from Franz Mesmer “Of all the bodies of nature it is the human being who acts most effectively on another human being”. (2)

Characteristics of mesmerism

Mesmerism isinteresting and striking, and its characteristics show us that itis an effective technique and above all natural. At first, despite how strange it was, it gave something to talk about. The main features are as follows:

It is known as animal magnetism.

It was nota technique taken seriouslyand as in its time it was primitive, this was not strange.

It was born as animalmagnetism, since Franz Mesmer said that theforces that acted on the bodies, was really towards the celestials of those stars that moved in outer space, which Mesmer cited as “animal”, which brought at the time manyridicule and criticism.

Over time it became known as hypnosis.

Mesmerism put the people with whom it was carried out in a trance , in order to enter their subconscious when they were magnetized.

Over time it changed and ended up being known as hypnosis at the beginning of the 19th century, that mental state where a hypnotized person allows himself to control his cognitive or behavioral processes.

Curious fact: Historically since the 18th century, the technique was rejected by the French royal commission , later Emperor Frederick William III prohibited the practice of mesmerism and then its name was changed to hypnosis, to avoid controversy. (3)

It constituted a suggestive therapy to cure the sick

Mesmerism was urgently considered a therapy for the trafficking of sick people, mostly with mental disorders.

In this sense, Franz Mesmer describes that nervous, health and mental problems are due to the blocking of magnetic networks or forces in our body.

The magnetic power of the hands was used

In this technique , neither utensils nor writings were used, only the movement of the hands, with some cunning.

These induced Magnetic Currents towards the person (like the magician’s magic trick), so that they would fall into trances and be mentally subdued, by controlling the magnetism of the other’s hands.

Note: It is known, thanks to certain studies, that Franz Mesmer defended the technique, noting that “A powerful force emanates from our concrete vital existence – even subject to laws that still escape us – and that could act in an amazing way not only on the body”. (4)

It is a technique without scientific basis

Mesmerism is quite primitive , strange and little accepted in the scientific community.

Because it is not backed by any scientific basis , it is obviously hard to believe at the time that one could control someone’s mind, through the transfer of magnetic energy from our hands.

Important: Despite this, Franz Mesmer was a medical graduate from the University of Vienna. In the middle of the story, he is mentioned as follows: “Mesmer was not a charlatan or a lunatic, he was a doctor and he did not tire of begging that the amazing powers of human magnetism be investigated, rigorously and impartially.” (5)

Goals of mesmerism

Mesmerism was created to deal with certain things,which at that time, the human being did not fully understand. Likethought, the subconsciousor deep psychology. Among those objectives are the following:

Cure diseases

Most illnesses are psychosomatic , rather than unexplained physical symptoms or other illnesses such as breathlessness or muscle cramps .

Fun fact: The first person who tried to be treated for mesmerism was a 4-year-old girl, victim of advanced blindness, considered incurable.

Free the spirit of the patient from the disease

With mesmerism , it was sought to be deeper in the treatment of diseases , it worked as a purge of negative energies and the blocking of magnetic networks, within the human body.

Thus freeing the spirit of the patient , giving him the freedom to combat these diseases.

Restore the body’s magnetic fluid

As previously stated, Franz Mesmer believed that the human body was a magnetic energy network , which, when blocked, would bring negative physical and mental consequences.

Therefore, mesmerism pretended to be a special tool, to restore or annul the blockage that existed in the magnetic fluid. The energy was treated manually.

method of mesmerism

Mesmerism is only made up of two essential , natural and quite practical tools, after a long investigation it was determined that these were the only ones used within mesmerism.

laying on of hands

The use of the hands was essential , and the imposition of these gave off magnetic energy towards the mind or the body of the patient.

Note: The illustrations of that time reflect it as invisible threads , composed of magnetic energy that is transferable from one body to another human body.

Magnets and other devices

Magnets were often used, defining them as powerful conductors of magnetic energy, which could greatly influence the energy of the human body.

Or magnetic bracelets, artifacts in the hands created by Franz Mesmer in order to control and restore the magnetic circle of the body.

Key Findings

  • Mesmerism is a technique that today is in doubt for the scientific community.
  • It was examined by the French royal commission , under the orders of Louis XVI.
  • It is currently known as hypnosis and sought to control the magnetic energies that exist in the human body.
  • It had the goal of Controlling the Subconscious and and treating diseases , such as blindness and dyspnea.
  • Franz Mesmer was criticized but until his death, he urgently requested the study of magnetic energy.
  • Isaac Newton was one of the few who agreed with Mesmer about his technique, based on the force of gravity.
  • Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier kept a watchful eye on an evaluation commission at the time.

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