One of the aspects by which we have differentiated ourselves from the rest of the animal species is thatwe havethe reasoningcapacity to face almost any situation of our daily lives, and this capacity can be developed through atypeof intelligence calledmathematical logical intelligence.

In the following article, we explainwhat mathematical logical intelligence consists of, its characteristics and describe how it works.

What is mathematical logical intelligence?

Mathematical logical intelligence refers to theability of the human being to use numbers effectivelyand apply analysis and reasoning properly. This ability is part of theeight intelligences proposedby psychologistHoward Gardner(1) in his “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”. (2)

In this sense, Gardner in the development of his theory states that it is not conceivable to intelligenceas a unitary instance, but rather raises the existence ofmultiple intelligences, each different from the others. (3)

For him, people who have developed mathematical logical intelligence have great abilityfor complex reasoning, cause-effect relationship, abstraction and problem solving.

However, mathematical logical intelligenceis not the same in all peopleand this can be explained throughSpearman’s Bifactorial Theory.

You should know: Mathematical logical intelligence is a characteristic of those individuals withanalytical personality.

How does mathematical logical intelligence work?

Logical-mathematical intelligence is acomplex ability of the human beingthanks to thecognitive developmentof thebrain, stimulating mental dexterity to perform mathematical calculations, develop logical thinking, as well as inductive and deductive reasoning.

In this sense, the brain through cognitive processes and neural connections, generates a great energy thatencourages inventiveness to solve problems, identify patterns and mathematical and logical relationships, solve hypotheses, in order toproduce a response with logical and rational orientation.

To highlight: Certain research articles have described that mathematical logical thinking is developed based on the experiences and interaction that boys and girls carry out with their environment . (4)

What are the characteristics of people with mathematical logical intelligence?

Individuals who have developed this special characteristic have aspects that differentiate them from other groups in society, which we mention below:

1. Logical problem solving ability

One of the characteristics of people with numerical and logical ability to solve any problem is that they begin by understanding it and for this they divide it into smaller parts and Solve them step by stepuntil obtaining the global solution. That is why they always seek to answer“Why What Happens Happens”

Note: Some academic studies conclude that there is a relationship between logical-mathematical intelligence and problem-solving ability. (5)

2. Agility in mental calculations and mathematical operations

Another preponderant characteristic, and perhaps the most notorious, is that they have an easy time understanding numbers, calculations related to numbers, and the different mathematical operations that can be performed with them, all of which are performed mentally.

You should know: This is how there are people with this highly developed capacity, who can perform very complex operations in seconds just with reasoning, since they have a different perspective on numbers than ordinary people.

3. Facility for abstract thought

One of the things by which these people differ from the general group is that they have the facility to process the information they need in their minds without interrelating with the physical world.

This ability is typical of rational beings and refers to the disposition of people who are outstanding in mathematical logical thinking, to create original ideas or propose mental scenarios that allow us to anticipate other situations.

To highlight: This characteristic has a very close relationship with spatial intelligence .

4. Predilection for order and organization

Mathematical operations and logic necessarily lead analytical people to keep order in all things and one of the reasons is that they can Maintain control and have full knowledge of what they have and what they need.

In this context, this order is transferred to their daily life ; They are neat people, they keep their personal things in order and even help others to maintain order and organization in their daily tasks and they worry about perfection.

5. Ability to improve your performance

People with mathematical logical skills are eager for knowledge and always seek to better understand things to be better.

Note: This is how they are always interested in training in areas of their interest, learning about new technologies, new discoveries because this is the logical way they know to improve their performance, both in life and professionally.

Key Findings

  • Logical-mathematical intelligence refers to the human being’s ability to Use numbers effectively .
  • This ability is characteristic of analytical people.
  • People with developed logical-mathematical intelligence have a great ability for complex reasoning .
  • People with this ability are organized, have a facility for abstract thinking and mental agility for mathematical calculations.

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