What is ensure?

The ensure or ensure® advance®, is a line of commercial products manufactured by theAbbott Laboratory(1). The composition of ensure®is full of minerals and vitamins (with approximately 28 of these nutrients), as well as carbohydrates, proteinsandleucine metabolites (HMB).

It is considered a food supplement, which comes in powder form and dissolves in water. It is recommendedto include in the diet of an adult 2 daily servings of this product, in addition some studies agree that ensure® can be administered in children over 10 years.

Note: One study adds the following information: “β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a metabolite of the branched-chain amino acid leucine (LEU), whichhelps decrease nitrogen lossand direct inhibition of protein degradation.” (2)

What is the ensure for?

ensure® is used to provide all the necessary nutrients in adults and children of a certain age, who suffer from conditions or disorders that cause nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin D deficiency. Specifically, the benefits of ensure® are as follows :

1. Recovery and maintenance of muscle mass

The ensure® helps to increase the volume of muscle mass , in addition to promoting muscle recovery in cases of exercise (to complement a diet) or certain injuries to muscle tissue.

To highlight: The volume of muscle mass increases by the intake of specific nutrients such as protein , carbohydrates (or carbohydrates), the consumption of vitamin D and the vitamin B group , which nourish muscle fibers.

2. Strengthening the bones

The strength of the bones is important to prevent future injuries, bone weakening or conditions in the entire skeletal structure, but also also to Avoid the risk of osteoporosis (constant degradation of bone tissue).

, in addition to which are constituted in the large part of bone cells.

3. Recovery after injuries or surgeries

Muscles can take up to 48 hours or more to recover from injuries or complex surgery and many factors influence such as immune defenses, nutrients synthesized in muscle tissue or intestinal health.

Note: ensure® has the ability to boost the production of White blood cells (antibodies necessary for the immune system), in addition to its FOS content (a fructose fiber called fructooligosaccharides), helps improve digestion and intestinal flora to synthesize the nutrients consumed.

ensure side effects

  • Nutrient intolerance.
  • Increased galactosemia (inability to digest galactose sugar molecules).
  • Bowel obstruction.
  • Fistula or opening in the intestinal and stomach walls.

Important: Although this product does not contain gluten or lactose , it does contain molecules and nutrients derived from these proteins and sugar, therefore intolerant people should consult a specialist first.

ensure contraindications

For safety reasons in certain patients or people with special physiological conditions, it is always recommended to opt for the use of a prescription indicated by a food specialistto validate the administration of ensure®. For this reason, care must be taken in:

  • Patients with galactosemia.
  • People with allergies to lactose, soy or vanilla.
  • Children under 10 years.

Key Findings

  • The ensure or ensure® advance® is aline of commercial nutrition supplements, indicated to boost the intake of nutrients in deficient organisms.
  • The ensure® strengthens the muscular and skeletal structure, avoiding disorders such as osteoporosis.
  • The ensure® can present as side effects, certain disorders or gastrointestinal problems.

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