The kiss has been throughout history, a type of manifestation of affection or approach to another person. It is undoubtedly the clearest sign of love in its different manifestations. 

In this sense, different cultures have made this act a very particular way of doing it , with the Eskimo kiss being one of the most curious and well-known types of kisses. 

In this article, we explain exactly what the Eskimo kiss is, its peculiar characteristics, and we describe how it is done.

What is an eskimo kiss?

Unlike the traditional kiss, in the Eskimo kiss there is no contact with the lips and it occurs with the subtle brushing of people ‘s noses (1) . For the Eskimo or Inuit tribe (2) , it represents a greeting that is called kunik (to smell) in the Eskimo language. 

You should know: The kunik   or Eskimo kiss is one of the different types of kisses in the world, each with its own meaning. 

One of the reasons why the Eskimos adopt this act of affection or love is attributed to the fact that there is a higher concentration of moisture in the mouth and lips due to saliva, so with the prevailing temperatures in areas so cold, the partner’s lips could become trapped or frozen. (3)

Another theory is attributed to the imitation that the Eskimos do of animal behavior , where they rub their noses as a sign of affection, although science has identified that it is to recognize the smell of those closest to them.

What does the eskimo kiss mean?

The Eskimo kiss has great meaning for the Inuit population, since it represents a gesture to express love, affection and concern for their relatives, by putting their faces very close and sharing their breath with their loved one. 

For other authors, the proximity of the couple allows them to breathe their breath and this would be the Western equivalent of caressing the hands, brushing the hair or the closeness of the bodies, gestures that may give way to the sexual act. It can also indicate that your partner wants a moment of passion with you.

On the other hand, for the members of the same family group, this gesture is equivalent to affection, attachment, and the family fondness that exists within the home.

To highlight: This kiss style has spread to other parts, being used in the Western world as a sign of affection and love between couples , including between people and animals.

How to give an eskimo kiss?

Once the origin of this particular type of kiss is known, we will now describe how to perform an Eskimo kiss step by step:

1. Bring your face closer to the person

It seems obvious, but the beginning is to get closer to the face of the couple. This act cannot occur by surprise since it is necessary that both are willing to do it.

In this sense, the speed of the approach will indicate to both the final intention , so if the man’s approach is quick and immediate it can indicate a gesture of affection, while a more delicate approach can indicate love and passion.

Note: Sometimes this act can be misinterpreted or misleading, since it can also be a sign that the person only wants a bond of friendship, that they do not want to harm in any way.

2. Stroke the tip of the nose

The next step after intuitively deciding how to approach is to gently and subtly caress the tip of the partner’s nose. At this time, they can keep their eyes open or closed, as you feel more comfortable, but remember that each gesture has its meaning.

3. Move your head from side to side

To complete this Eskimo kiss, you must or must (depending on the disposition of both), move your head from one side to the other as if you were saying no and in opposite directions. 

In this sense, the touch should be soft and subtle. If they feel more attuned, they can lean in a little more and caress the partner’s cheek with the tip of their nose.

You should know: The Eskimo kiss in Inuit culture does not mean romanticism and is only practiced within the family (usually between parents and children), as well as among relatives and very close friends of this ethnic group, which represents a platonic greeting . 

Key Findings

  • The Eskimo kiss corresponds to a tradition of the Inuit tribe .
  • The main characteristic of this type of kiss is that there is no contact with the mouth, only the nose is used.
  • For the Eskimo population, this kiss represents a greeting, which means affection and affection between them, while for the Western population it can have more intimate meanings.
  • This style of kiss carried over into the western world with its own meanings.

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