What is a boil?

A boil is a painful, pus-filled bump that arises under the skin when bacteria such asStaphylococcus aureusspecifically infect the hair follicle of hair. (1)

In itself, the boil is visualized as a lesion that protrudes into the skinwhich must be treated by specialized medical personnel, so as not to spread the infectionto other parts of the body such as neck, armpits or face.

Note: Those patients where their immune system is weakened are prone to suffer from boils and cutaneous anthrax simultaneously. (2)

Why does a boil come out?

Here are some of the main causes for which boils can occur:

1. Insect wound or bite

Insects are the main carriers of bacteria, whichare inoculated into human skinthrough their bites, managing to infect the hair follicles in the area and consequently, if the body has a weakened immune system, boils may appear.

2. Poor hygiene

The health of the skin is very important, because as we mentioned, thisconstitutes the first barrier of protectionagainst invasive pathogenic microorganisms.

To highlight: If the skin is constantly unhygienic, dangerous bacteria can accumulate and enter the body through the pores and infect the hair follicles.

3. Diabetes

4. Skin conditions

Other causes that cause the appearance of boils Areskin conditions such as papules, cysts, lipomas, blisters, sors, among many othersthat may be susceptible to bacterial infections.

You should know: All these conditions weaken the skin’s defenses, becoming a sensitive area for the appearance of boils.

What symptoms does a boil present?

Boils, like many skin conditions, present very characteristic symptoms that allow us to identify them, and which we mention below:

1. Red bump

One of the main characteristics of the boil is that it protrudes from the skin as a lump , due to the presence of edema with redness due to accumulated blood in the area.

Note: If the boil is located on the face and near the anus, do not try to drain it on your own and see a doctor.

2. Tenderness and pain

Due to inflammation of the skin of the hair follicle and accumulated blood, the area becomes very sensitive to touch and if there is moderate pressure on the boil due to its location, for example on the buttock, pain occurs.

To highlight: If these symptoms persist more than seven days after a home treatment, See Doctor.

3. General malaise and fever

The boil Can present with General Malaise , due to the infectious process that originates in the body, as well as fever or body temperature above 37°.

You should know: This is because the organism is trying to create conditions, so that the bacteria have less opportunity to survive.

How to remove a boil?

Next, we give you Some simple tips so that you can eliminate the boil without any risk:

1. Hot compresses

One of the home remedies to treat boils are hot compresses , being one of the cheapest options and easily available.

In this sense, the hot compress is intended to dilate the infected pores and open the way for the accumulated pus to come out and reduce the infection.

Important: Picking or scratching at the boil should be avoided, as this could push the infection deeper.

2. Drainage and cleaning

The drainage and cleaning process consists of removing the pus contained in the infected follicle, however, this activity must be carried out with caution, so it is recommended that a medical specialist perform this procedure.

Note: Drainage and cleaning of boils must be done in total aseptic conditions , to avoid new infections and complications.

3. Prescription drugs

Pharmacological therapy is another option to use to treat the boil. Antibiotics to kill bacteria, anti-inflammatories, and pain relievers are regularly prescribed .

To highlight: Medications must be prescribed by a doctor , since the use of any of them may be contraindicated for certain people.

Key Findings

  • A boil is a painful , pus-filled lump that arises under the skin.
  • The boil arises when a bacterium such as Staphylococcus aureus infects the hair follicle.
  • The boil must be treated by specialized medical personnel, so as not to spread the infection.
  • The boil can arise from insect bites , poor skin hygiene, or diseases such as diabetes.

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