What is choleric temperament?

The choleric temperament belongs to a classification of 4 types of temperament elaborated by Galen of Pergamum (1), an ancient Greek philosopher who defined it based on the proposal of the basic elements, which explain the existence of all known substances. (2) made by Empedocles (3) and the “Theory of the 4 humors” (4) , a medical model of the human body developed by Hippocrates . (5)

In this sense, the person with choleric temperament is characterized by a fast and unbalanced nervous system , which allows them to have a high level of sensitivity, both physical and mental activity, pay close attention and tend to be concentrated in their activities.

Note: According to Hippocrates, this temperament is characterized by the predominance of yellow bile, which makes them explosive people.

What are the characteristics of the choleric temperament?

Next, we explain the most outstanding characteristics that identify the person with a choleric temperament:

1. It is defined by a rapid nervous system and vigorous pulsations of the blood

Like the sanguine temperament , people who are characterized by a quick nervous system prove to be agile, very active, bold, excitable, quick-tempered, and practical.

To stand out: In these terms, they are explosive people and are always on the move , they like things to be done as quickly as possible and they are very persevering in what they undertake.

2. People are energetic, proactive and independent

Due to their nervous system that acts quickly and unbalanced, people with a choleric temperament are full of energy, especially for undertaking or completing projects undertaken .

You should know: They have a proactive attitude, that is, they do not need the impulse or encouragement of other people to start an activity, which is why they are considered independent.

3. There is great leadership capacity and assertive decision-making

One of the great gifts of this type of temperament is that they have a great ability to lead work groups , they are not afraid of adversity, which makes them very competent at work.

They have an agile and concentrated mind, they like to have a lot of information and data, which favors active decision-making and they are not afraid of making mistakes because they feed back on mistakes and turn them into strength.

Note: In this case, people with this temperament collide with individuals with a melancholic temperament or a phlegmatic temperament .

4. Emotions flare up and discharge with great intensity

Although they are people who do not depend on emotions in their daily lives , they are very impulsive and express their emotions when they are carrying out their activities.

In this sense , they are very extroverted, but not as much as the sanguine temperament, and in moments of exaltation, they do not hesitate to show what they carry inside , be it joy or anger .

5. Opinions and criteria are usually firm and imposing

At this point, they are considered authoritarian and hard-handed , they remain firm in their arguments and defend them to their ultimate consequences, they are intuitive and set objectives and goals before undertaking a task.

To be highlighted: He does not waver under the pressure of comments, so he takes a determined stance on the topics under debate since they are not very flexible to changes.

6. At extreme levels it can cause conflict and tension

Due to the impulsive temperament, the choleric person in states of great stress and great pressure, can cause disappointment and anger at the same time.

This temperament does not easily sympathize with others, shows no compassion, and is generally disgusted by other people’s sensitivities regardless of their needs.

You should know: In many organizations that use occupational psychology as a work area, temperament and character tests can offer information about what type of temperament people have in order to place them in the right spaces.

Key Findings

  • The choleric temperament is dominated by a strong and unstable nervous system.
  • Energetic, proactive and independent people are located in this temperament .
  • People with this temperament have great leadership skills and assertive decision making.
  • The choleric person does not depend on emotions in their daily life since they are more rational to make decisions.

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