Sexuality is a complex and extremely broad topic. Many people seek, through it, great satisfaction and pleasure , in the company of someone else.

But it is not always easy, nor is it often manageable in a responsible way. In sexual relations there are various dysfunctions , which cause desire and pleasure, many times, to be lost immediately.

In this article you will know the types of sexual dysfunctions in the female sex, it is important to know them to know their causes and the appropriate treatment for it.

What are female sexual dysfunctions?

Sexual dysfunctions can be suffered by both men and women , in men premature ejaculation is known , to say one of the most relevant. They are those factors that prevent women from enjoying or consummating the sexual act, in a pleasant way.

For physiological or psychological reasons, female sexual dysfunctions are characterized by sexual intercourse and extremely painful vaginal spasms, alterations, and contractions in sexual desire. Having as a consequence, anguish and sexual frustration.

Note: A study mentions that “Biological, psychological, interpersonal and sociocultural factors influence female sexual function” . (1)

Causes of female sexual dysfunctions

The causes of female sexual dysfunctions are diverse, many are physical and psychological, as previously mentioned, so here we summarize the most relevant causes:

physical health conditions

They are those physical health problems , which involve the genital organs and many times other organs of the human body, which present (for health reasons) failures and therefore, interrupt sexual moments.

Note: Many of these physical conditions are vaginismus, dyspareunia, bladder problems, heart failure, or obesity. As established by a compilation of a study. (two)

Consumption of medicines

The excess in the consumption of certain medications numbs the senses or the physical functions of the human body. What brings as a consequence, lack of attention, interest and sexual desire. They act as tranquilizers for the body.

Hormonal changes

They are one of the most common causes of female sexual dysfunctions, they vary according to the stage of female growth. They are reflected by changes in behavior , abundant menstrual flows, and abdominal pain that is much stronger than usual.

Important: Hormonal changes occur when estrogen and progesterone, important sex hormones in the female sex, move away and their levels change abruptly.

Stress, anxiety and depression

A woman with a life full of stress , with extreme anxiety attacks and suffering from depression, results in a null sexual life or very little interest in it, that includes masturbation to satisfy herself. This is a psychological factor.

Cultural and religious factors

Many times female sexual dysfunctions are caused by cultural or religious factors, it could be said that in certain religions it is not allowed to consume illegitimate sexual acts, which implies little experience and nervousness.

On the other hand, at the level of culture, it refers to the lack of sexual culture, it is like the promiscuity of control or sexual appetite, as well as the ignorance of positions, among others.

Symptoms of female sexual dysfunctions

The symptoms of female sexual dysfunctions are easy to recognize, this is extremely important to know the treatment and identify if you suffer from these sexual dysfunctions:

Lack of sexual interest

It is a common symptom, it is present when the woman does not have any sexual desire, with her partner, with someone or even with herself (referring to masturbation) she is inhibited and closed from all sexual desire.

Important: A study mentions that “Inhibited Sexual Desire is the persistent and profound inhibition of sexual desire, with abnormally low libido.” (3)

inability to become aroused

The woman suffers from an inability or difficulty to arouse, this refers to the dilation or lubrication of the vagina or the opening of the labia majora and minora of the vagina. So it is difficult for the woman to feel excited and be prepared for the act or penetration.

To highlight: This is known, thanks to a study, as The arousal disorder, citing it as “The equivalent of male erectile dysfunction. This disorder is accompanied by various sexual dysfunctions such as hypoactive sexual desire, sex aversion disorder, among others. (4)

Pain in the intimate area

During penetration or during intercourse, there is burning or pain in the vaginal area, where the woman may worry if she notices blood or the pain does not go away. This is crucial since she prevents her from enjoying or consummating the sexual act, often in a stable couple.

Note: Dyspareunia is a synonym for painful intercourse and vaginismus is contraction of the labia of the vagina.

Inability to feel orgasms

This is generally a disorder, which prevents the woman from feeling or reaching orgasm, which causes dissatisfaction or frustration. Not only towards the woman herself but also her partner, which can have many psychological consequences.

Note: A study mentions that “Unlike the constant worry of the man in the absence of orgasm, the woman can be indifferent, even experience intense and pleasurable sexual relations even if she does not reach the climax, others worry and worry”. (5)

Types of female sexual dysfunctions

There are different types of female sexual dysfunction, many are psychological, others are physical, but they are all very important to know. These are the main sexual dysfunctions:

desire dysfunction

It was previously mentioned that this is known as Inhibited Sexual Desire , which can be suffered by men or women alike. It is the deprivation or annulment of sexual activity . There is a lot of disinterest and little desire to start a sexual act.

Note: A study also defines it as “Hypoactive sexual desire, one of the most problematic Sexual Disorders at the time of its definition since there are no data to establish how frequent”. (6)

arousal dysfunction

Also known as arousal disorder , it is when a woman fails to reach a natural level of arousal, either before a stimulus or someone visually (seeing a naked man), her senses are deprived and her genital organs (vagina ) does not lubricate or dilate the lips.

orgasmic dysfunction

It refers to the delay or absence of orgasm, which occurs during the climax of the sexual act between a man or a woman. This is mainly caused by psychological factors, since you can have arousal and penetration, but not end with an orgasm.

pain dysfunction

It is another very common disorder, it is when the vaginal walls or lips are injured during penetration, which during intercourse generates pain and decreases pleasure, both for women and men, since it results in depression and frustration.

Treatment for female sexual dysfunctions

Fortunately, for women and couples, there are various treatments for female sexual dysfunction. Here we present the most important ones.

psychological therapy

Psychological therapies are necessary from the beginning, with a psychologist , the woman can analyze her problem, the causes of it and what is the guide to follow, in order to solve her problem in various aspects.

Prescription drugs

You should go to a specialist doctor or a complete check-up , so that he can prescribe what medications are necessary to help the body . Medicines are very necessary for pain in the abdomen, menstruation and other factors that influence the female reproductive system.

Improve communication with the couple

Communication as a couple is essential, both can talk about their problems, intimate discomforts and what are the solutions that both can make.

Note: This is crucial, especially when female sexual dysfunction negatively influences formal partners.

Maintain healthy habits

A balanced diet is recommended, full of vitamins and proteins, which strengthen the body and the immune system, as well as exercise, since these even strengthen the pelvic muscles . This positively influences sexual relations.

use lubricants

During the sexual act, to combat various disorders, it is advisable to use lubricants, which help to dilate the labia, making penetration possible and reducing tension.

Note: This can also work for anal sex, if the couple wants to explore it as an alternative.

use sex toys

Sex toys are used to begin the act of penetration, such as dildos or dildos.

These, used with lubricants, help to explore the vaginal walls and the level of pain that may exist, therefore sex toys are a great alternative to prevent incidents, you only have to agree with a partner.

Key Findings

  • Female sexual dysfunctions can affect any woman of any age.
  • These get in the way of the desire or act of consummating sexual intercourse.
  • They are normally considered as sexual, physical and psychological disorders.
  • They can affect couples who are sexually active.
  • There are various treatments, with incredible results to prevent female sexual dysfunction.

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