One of the most common eating problems is the frequent consumption of fast foods such as hamburgers or French fries and sugary foods such as snacks and soft drinks, severely damaging our health.

These foods are the ones that make people fat the most and can cause hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. That is why it is recommended to reduce its consumption as much as possible.

For this reason, the following article mentions 12 foods that make people fat and that are usually widely consumed on most occasions, in order to avoid them when you want to diet or eat a healthy diet.

most fattening foods

As we already know, there is a variety of foods that make people fat , which it would be good to avoid in order to preserve the health of our body and have better personal productivity on a daily basis, some of them being the following:

1. Fried foods 

One of the main foods that cause fatness are those fried and greasy that turn out to have a very high calorie content . These are known for having gone through a cooking process with plenty of oil or for having a good amount of it.

To highlight: It is recommended to reduce the consumption of chips, mayonnaise, donuts, breaded foods, and even hamburgers, since these 5 meals contain a high percentage of fat, despite being foods with a very rich flavor, they are highly harmful if eaten. they eat excessively. 

In this sense, a study carried out at the National University of Córdoba in Argentina confirms that fried foods have been associated with a series of human health problems , the main consequence being obesity and some types of cancer. (1)

2. Box cereals

Box cereals are highly consumed for breakfast, because they are easy and quick to prepare for people, but they turn out to be one of the foods that can make you gain weight since they have a significant content of calories and fat.

Tip: It is recommended to avoid the consumption of box cereals and opt for healthy breakfasts loaded with beneficial nutrients for health.

3. Soft drinks and pasteurized juices

Soft drinks and pasteurized juices are usually consumed by most people all the time, affecting their health since it has been shown that they have a high value of calories and sugar , thus causing diseases such as diabetes, obesity and problems cardiac.

Important: A study on sugary and carbonated drinks carried out at the Bio-Bio University in Chile shows that frequent consumption of these can quickly cause diabetes and obesity in people , as well as other health problems. (two)

4. Snacks, sweets and industrial pastries

One of the foods that make people fat the most are those processed and sugary such as snacks, sweets and industrial pastries (cookies, chips, candies, biscuits) , since they have a high content of sugar and calories that cause excess weight and diabetes.

5. Sausages 

Sausages are also part of the foods that make people fat, since they are processed from different types of processed meats, dressings or condiments, coming to have a large amount of saturated fat, excess sodium and calories.

6. Rice

Rice is another of the foods that makes people fat, although to a lesser extent, since a cup of it is equivalent to 200 calories that come from starch, which is later transformed into sugar and ends up becoming fat in our body.

7. Paste

Pasta is a food that is widely consumed worldwide, since it is easy to prepare and adapts to any situation, but being prepared with refined wheat flour can cause weight gain if consumed in excess.

Tip: It is recommended to moderate the consumption of refined pasta and replace it with whole-grain pasta or pasta made with vegetables such as zucchini, carrots , beets, sweet potatoes and cucumbers.

8. White chocolate

White chocolate is a food that is not made purely with cocoa , which means that it has more carbohydrates compared to dark chocolate, which is purer, providing more fat and calories in our body, and can cause overweight.

9. Butter

Another of the foods that makes you gain weight and is widely consumed by people is butter, since most of these come with a fairly high percentage of fat , where excessive consumption can mainly cause overweight and other diseases.

Important: An investigation carried out on dairy products in Spain mentions that butter is a food that is mainly made up of between 80-90% fat, which may be saturated fat that is not beneficial for health. (3)

10. Processed sauces and dressings

Processed sauces and dressings are foods that contain a lot of fat and calories, due to the mixture of different greasy ingredients to give them their flavor, causing fatness in people if they consume it frequently.

Tip: You can make your own sauces and dressings based on lighter and healthier products such as yogurt , mustard, coconut milk , balsamic vinegar, olive oil, organic honey and fresh herbs.

11. Agave honey

Agave honey is a food that is used to sweeten drinks or dishes, as a replacement for sugar or stevia, but it contains a high content of fructose, carbohydrates, and calories that can severely affect health.

You should know: The consumption of agave honey should be moderate, since it can alter liver health, increasing the risk of suffering from fatty liver disease .

12. Coconut oil

Finally, coconut oil is a food that can contribute to weight gain, because it has a high amount of calories per tablespoon , with 120 calories per spoonful, which contributes to quickly gain weight in people with its consumption.

To highlight: The recommendation is to consume coconut oil in moderation, in order to take advantage of its benefits and avoid unwanted weight gain

Key Findings

  • Today there are multiple foods that make people fat, thus causing health problems by leading them to excessive consumption. 
  • Foods that contain a high level of fat , such as French fries, are the ones that are mainly fattening due to their high caloric content.
  • There are also those processed foods such as snacks, sweets, industrial pastries or sugary drinks, mainly affecting weight and possible causes of diseases. 
  • Finally, there are rice, pasta, butter, white chocolates, processed meats, sauces or dressings, agave honey and coconut oil , which have large amounts of calories that can cause unwanted weight gain.

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