Since the human being is born, he genetically carries with hima set of physiological and psychological deficiencies, which must be addressed to guarantee his survival and with the passage of time these deficiencies are increasing, calledhuman needs.

In the following article, we will describe thetypes of human needsby their importance and what are their most outstanding characteristics.

What are human needs?

Human needsconstitute thatset of involuntary impulsesthat occur in the organism, due to theperceived lack of indispensable elementsfor its subsistence, physical and psychological well-being in general.

Note: These human needs have as their main characteristics, which are unlimited and recurrent, but they are satisfied in different ways due to the degree of individuality of human beings.

What are the types of human needs?

The types of needs are categorically grouped,according to their purposesand in this sense we mention them below:

1. According to its nature

Here they are grouped into two types of human needs: primary and secondary, referring to those that are necessary for thesubsistence of the human being:


Primary needs comprise thatset ofbasic needsthat arevital for survivaland that for this reason must be satisfied compulsorily.

To highlight: These are represented by those such asfeeding, sleeping, drinking water, sheltering from the climatic elements, reproducing, among others.


Secondary needs arise after having relatively satisfied the primary needs and are those that vary from one era to another and from one human group to another , such as wealth, participation in politics, recreation, among others.

In this sense, the purpose of secondary needs is that once they are satisfied, the individual feels more fulfilled and increases their quality of life.

You should know: These types of needs, if they are not satisfied, do not represent an immediate danger to the well-being of the individual.

2. According to its origin

Another categorization comes from the origin or from whom the need comes . In this regard, two types of needs arise:


Individual needs respond to the individuality of the human beingand that their satisfaction depends exclusively on personal traits. They are divided into two:natural individual needs such as what to eat, how to sleep, among others, and social ones such as how to dress or how to hold a meeting.


At this point, the needs Go towards the common collective regardless of individual needs, such as using the same means of public transport, attending the same cultural or religious events, among others.

Note: These needs are a direct consequence of the social and common life of citizens.

3. According to its economic function

When the economic factor intervenes in the satisfaction of human needs , these can be divided into two types:


It refers to that set of needs, which can be satisfied through the performance of economic activities where the investment of money must necessarily intervene . (1)

To highlight: For example, if we want to satisfy the need for clothing, we must buy it and this clothing was made through an Economic Production Process .

not cheap

To satisfy these needs, it is not necessary the intervention of economic factors or the investment of money, such as breathing, contemplating a landscape or seeking affection.

4. According to Abraham Maslow

proposed the


One of the types of human needs according to Abraham Maslow , is located on a first level where the physiological needs are found, which are the most basic and the highest priority of all , they are vital for the subsistence of the individual and are mainly of a biological order.

You should know: Among them are the need to quench thirst and hunger, to alleviate pain, the need to sleep, the reproduction of the species, among others.


These needs arise, if the physiological needs are relatively satisfied or do not constitute a serious problem for the person, and they become the force that dominates the personality .

Note: These can include the search for security and protection, the consolidation of the acquired achievements, they can express the concern for obtaining an orderly life, without causing them fear or fear.


In the third level of the Maslow Pyramid , there are those needs that are oriented towards society and represent the will to recognize and be recognized in the community.

To highlight: They are primarily focused on belonging to social groups and their acceptance, as well as giving and receiving affection.


This level is related to the needs for esteem , Self -concept , self- perception , , that is, they are associated with our psychological constitutiontag. The individual with this need fully satisfied can find himself withhigh self-esteem.

Important: This level of the pyramid refers to self- love and respect from others.

Self realisation

This fifth level is related to personal achievements, but they are difficult to define since each person , according to their individuality , has different goals for personal fulfillment.

Therefore, for a person to enter the stage of self-realization, he must have satisfied many needs of the previous levels , because all the energies, both mental and physical, must be devoted to this level.

Note: They could be, for example, the fact of reaching the highest educational level, climbing the highest rung of our Professional Career or simply starting a big family.

Key Findings

  • Human needs constitute a set of involuntary impulses .
  • These human needs are presented in the organism, due to the lack of necessary elements for the subsistence of the individual.
  • They have the characteristic that they are recurring and unlimited.
  • Human needs are different in their way of satisfying them, due to the individuality of each person .

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