Considered one of the best-known drinks and with the highest rate of consumption worldwide. Coffee, beyond being an infusion with a peculiar aroma, color and flavor, has nutritional properties where its high content of vitamins B2, B3 and B5 stands out, as well as having magnesium and potassium in good amounts.

Also, coffee contains calcium and is a calorie-free drink . For these reasons, below we will present the main benefits that you can obtain thanks to the intake of caffeine.

1. Lowers the risk of heart and liver conditions

The caffeine present in coffee has cardioprotective and antioxidant effects that help reduce the risk of suffering from heart conditions, in addition, the consumption of this drink helps to minimize the chances of suffering from liver diseases , since it reduces the enzymes that produce cirrhosis and liver disease. Liver cancer.

Important: Coffee consumption must be regulated, since excess caffeine can unleash adverse effects in people with high blood pressure, therefore a maximum consumption of 4 cups of coffee per day is recommended.

2. Reduces the risk of diabetes

A study published by the Chilean Journal of Nutrition (1) , reveals that chlorogenic acid and another variety of polyphenols benefit the reduction of oxidative damage, which tends to increase in people with diabetes, also helps to decrease the absorption of intestinal glucose.

Tip: If you suffer from diabetes, we recommend sweetening your coffee with natural sweeteners , this will reduce the risk of suffering from hyperglycemia and you will be able to enjoy your cups of coffee in a healthy way.

3. Stimulates metabolism

Consuming several cups of coffee a day will increase the activity of your nervous system , this in turn directly affects the metabolic process of food, stimulating the body to start burning calories or stored fat and thus also lose weight.

To highlight: A study carried out by the Chilean Society of Nutrition, Bromatology and Toxicology (2) , indicates that caffeine consumption must be regulated in pregnant women, since in high doses this substance can affect the development and growth of the fetus since it it cannot be metabolized by the placenta.

4. Prevents neurodegenerative disorders

The main neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia can be prevented thanks to the consumption of coffee, this is because caffeine promotes the production of nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyl transferase 2 (NMNAT2), an enzyme that reduces the effects of neuronal diseases.

5. Improves cognitive functions

Since past centuries, coffee has been consumed by people who need to stay awake. In turn, coffee intake, especially with sugar, is beneficial for optimizing aspects such as attention deficit disorder , accelerating learning processes, and improving memory.

6. Increases physical performance

Coffee consumption produces vasodilator effects at the muscular level. According to a study published by the magazine Addictions (3) , caffeine is an excellent component for accelerating physical performance naturally, while at the same time reducing feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

You should know: The vitamin B5 present in coffee also helps you develop muscle mass and burn excess fat, therefore caffeine intake is recommended as a natural stimulant rather than chemical supplements to increase performance.

7. Fight depression

Depression directly affects the health of the body in general, however , coffee intake reduces depressive states , since this substance acts directly on the molecules and brain cells that increase stress, anxiety and depression, thus becoming a natural antidepressant.

8. Prevents some types of cancer

Drinking coffee helps you have a lower risk of cancer , specifically against the types developed in the liver and endometrium, this is because this substance has antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties , which benefit health in terms of cancer prevention and other associated pathologies.

Key Findings

  • Coffee is considered an ancient drink with stimulating properties , which contains B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • Caffeine consumption is indicated for people who need to lose weight and increase physical performance, in addition to its quality that enhances the development of muscle mass.
  • This drink promotes concentration, control depressive states, reduces the risk of diabetes, liver and heart disease.
  • Coffee intake should not be exceeded, it is recommended that a maximum of 4 cups a day be consumed.

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