Popper is a strong-smelling substance used for its dilatory effects on the muscles that surround the blood vessels, thus facilitating blood circulation. It provides the sensation of having relaxed muscles (especially those of the neck and face) and increases sexual pleasure.

It is also used for recreational purposes due to its ability to exploit crazy laughter according to the description given to it in blogs dedicated to culturization and knowledge of the use of the popper.

In this sense, it is important to mention that the wide range of effects usually depend on the use of the consumer, the place, the frequency with which it is used, etc.

In this article we present the effects of this drug and the risks of its consumption.

What is the popper?

Popper is an extremely volatile chemical compound with different names, but with its nature coming from organic nitrites. It is a yellowish liquid in ampoules with a capacity between 10 and 30 ml.

The substances most used for this type of purpose are:

  • alkyl nitrite
  • isopropyl nitrite
  • amyl nitrite
  • butyl nitrite

Precisely, the name of the popper comes from the onomatopoeia of the sound that the blisters make when breaking them to inhale them. It is packaged in amber colored bottles due to the characteristics of the component, since it must be stored and handled correctly without altering it.

The popper began to be used between the 70s and the 80s in discos in a recreational way, for pleasant stimulation. But, it was synthesized in the 19th century by the French chemist Antoine Jérôme Balard and prescribed by Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton in 1859 as a treatment for angina pectoris.

It was subsequently eliminated or dismissed due to adverse effects and difficult dosing thanks to the rapid tolerance shown by patients.

Effects of popper on the body

In a study entitled ” Poppers, an emerging drug ” it is explained how the reports inform about a duration of effect between 15 seconds and 2 minutes maximum, which is why they usually consume it repeatedly in periods of a few hours.

The recent increase in its use in large countries is due to the fame it gained as a gay drug and its immediate, dosed, and persuasive effect implies disinhibition and practicality for certain experiences.

Below we mention the main effects of the popper in our body:

feeling of euphoria

Due to the muscle relaxation produced by this substance, the vessels dilate and blood pressure decreases, which in turn increases the heart rate and triggers the feeling of euphoria. This lasts a few minutes.

Propylene nitrites are normally used, especially at parties where, in fact, they also tend to provide a feeling of intoxication and immediate disinhibition.

increased heart rate

Popper is a central nervous system depressant drug, so the sudden drop in pressure causes an increase in heart rate. After the effect they find a feeling of sadness and exhaustion.

Increased sexual desire

The inhibition of nerves, potentiation of orgasms and increased arousal levels are part of the factors that make poppers a drug directly related to sexual pleasures and experimentation. In fact, it is a drug considered an aphrodisiac.

According to a Chem Safe article, the popper is more used for motivation, previous experiences, and influential social and cultural elements. The psychological predisposition is what usually triggers extreme stimulation.

Well-being and placidity

After the euphoric effect wears off, the popper produces a state of pleasure and relaxation. This sensation or effect may not be the same for everyone.

relaxed sphincters

In the data sheet of Amyl Nitrite (Amyl Nitrite) from Medsafe the substance by dilating smooth muscles, dilates the anus and vagina. It is for this reason that they are usually used for the sexual act to facilitate penetration.

In fact, in the gay community its use is reported more frequently for the reasons stated above.

Favoring the erection

In the research on the Bargas popper , it is explained how the vasodilator properties are one of the main reasons for enhancing the erection, which with its prolonged doses have a high risk of producing side effects.

Redness of the face and neck

The blood vessels relax faster in the face and neck area, which causes sweating and redness of the face.

Adverse effects of popper on the body

The popper is one of the substances considered less harmful for the various sectors of society, in reference to the rest of the drugs that are used as recreational drugs.

The main symptoms produced as a result of consuming it are due to methemoglobin, produced by the oxidizing activity of the popper.

The substance is also irritating when in contact with the skin and its excessive use can result in facial dermatitis, cardiovascular and neurological problems.

Also, with the following, we delve more into the adverse effects of using the popper for the body:

severe headaches

It is necessary to mention that due to the short effect that this substance produces, it is usually consumed repeatedly, and that is where psychological dependence is triggered, in search of obtaining the same sensations.

The damage caused to the nasal passages and the increase in eye pressure cause constant headaches.


The dilation of the vessels that we have previously mentioned, together with the decrease in blood pressure, leads to an acceleration of the heart rate.


Inhalation of the popper produces dizziness, disorientation and tingling. Together with headaches, the most common side effects come from the methemoglobin produced.

Irritation of the mucous membranes

As the popper is a substance consumed through inhalation, the nature of its components cause damage to the mucous membranes and burns in the nasal area.

Likewise, once in the system the vapors are absorbed through the mucosa of the lungs.

Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

These effects usually occur when there is an overdose or when consumption is abrupt.


Because it is a volatile compound, it is capable of causing hallucinations and both sensory and auditory distortions.


In the research on the popper, Bargas suggests that there is an increase in aggressiveness, as one of the possible symptoms produced by the consumption of popper.

loss of consciousness

The abuse of this substance and its decrease in attention and focus capacities can cause loss of consciousness and even a slowdown in the response of motor action.

In the Substance Analysis Schedule , he highlights the fact that its effects can be easily reversed with days without its use, and he has no withdrawal symptoms.


There is a great possibility of a collapse due to the abuse of this substance, which dilates the vessels and alters the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Vision problems

In the research article titled Club durg poppers may be linked to eye damage , they refer to how ophthalmology studies the production of temporary changes in vision.

It also increases eye pressure, which is contradictory and of high risk for people suffering from glaucoma since the visual degenerative process is accelerated.

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