Natural medicine is an excellent option for those who do not want to consume medicines or drugs. To do this, since centuries past there has been a wide variety of medicinal plants that have wonderful properties.

One of those plants is plantain , which is a medicinal herb with a wide variety of benefits for the body . It has minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which help to improve diseases and prevent chronic pathologies.

This herb is an excellent option when suffering from discomfort, for this reason in this article we will explain several of its benefits, properties, and ways of using it, in order to include it in your daily diet and enjoy all its healing virtues.

What is plantain?

It is commonly known in the world of science as “greater plantain” , which is one of the most used plants in the world. It has the scientific name of “Plantago major” . It is native to Europe, but widely used in Latin America. Its leaves and seeds have great virtues to make different home remedies.

Likewise, said plant is usually between 10 and 65 cm tall , its stem being firm and upright while its leaves alternate in the form of a rosette. It is usually a versatile herb that can adapt to high and low temperatures.

Note: A study carried out in Ecuador, exposed that herbal medicine is an excellent substitute for drugs. Vitamins and minerals are extracted from the herbs that are an active principle to improve health, plantain being one of the protagonists. (1)

What does plantain cure?

Home remedies that use medicinal herbs are always an excellent alternative to cure different body conditions. Below we will inform you of the main benefits of plantain:

1. Fights respiratory diseases

This plant is ideal for cleaning the respiratory tract, after coughing up phlegm. In addition, it has vitamin C, which protects the lungs and bronchial tubes from contracting respiratory problems.

To highlight: This herb is recommended to improve cough, asthma and bronchitis. It is also ideal for correcting the functioning of the lungs and cleansing them of colds, mucus, fluids and flu; which makes it an excellent expectorant.

2. Protects liver and kidney health

This herb has diuretic properties, which help improve digestive and urinary health, being used as a cleanser to eliminate toxins through urine. It also helps purify the blood and prevent pathologies in the liver and gallbladder.

To highlight: The plantain is recommended for those patients who use drugs for kidneys and liver , since, despite being little known, it is one of the ideal natural remedies to eliminate kidney stones and gallbladder discomfort.

3. Promotes good blood circulation

It serves as an excellent antioxidant to improve blood circulation , since it takes care of the vessels, arteries and veins, to improve blood oxygenation. Its leaves have phylloquinone that prevents coagulation. In addition, it helps the production of hemoglobin.

4. Controls hypertension and blood sugar

The plantain is characterized by being a very conducive herb to help reduce unevenness in blood pressure, since it has flavonoids that improve hypertension and prehypertension problems.

In the same way, it helps to control excess blood sugar. It also allows the regulation and control of insulin. People prone to diabetes should consume this plant daily to avoid this disease.

5. Improves digestive disorders

Plantain has great properties for the digestive system. It is recommended for patients suffering from diarrhea, gastritis, ulcers and irritated mucous membranes . It is also an excellent relaxant for irritable colon and hemorrhoids. It has niacin that helps to care for and strengthen the walls of the stomach.

6. Eliminate fluid retention

Plantain is an excellent diuretic, to rid the body of toxins and harmful substances. It helps to drain the fluids lodged in the tissues of the body. Contains potassium that helps balance the body’s water levels.

7. Soothes skin conditions

One of the great virtues of this herb is that it is an excellent healing and emollient. Some people use it to deflate bumps and scrapes. It has vitamin K that helps control dermatitis, acne and blackheads.

It can be used topically on wounds, bleeding and scars. It is also an astringent and antiseptic that prevents skin infections.

To highlight: A study carried out in Mexico evaluated the healing effect of plantain in rats, which showed results of having a therapeutic efficacy, which allows it to be used in the future to treat all types of wounds and scars. (two)

8. Promotes oral health

Dentists recommend this herb, thanks to its powerful antiviral action. It is used to control discomfort in the gums, tongue and throat . It is also ideal for healing skin sores and is also an antibacterial to prevent future infections from tooth extractions.

This plant is used to prevent periodontitis and tooth loss . It can be used as a mouthwash, two or three times a day, since it contains salts that prevent the accumulation of minerals in the teeth and gums.

Important: A study carried out in Spain revealed that periodontal pathologies usually have exogenous bacterial infections that form dental plaque. They can cause atypical ulcers, accompanied by other infections in other areas of the body, where plantain can prevent such consequences. (3)

9. Relieves menstrual cramps

One of the great ills of women is menstrual pain. Plantain has vitamin K, which helps prevent heavy bleeding. In addition, it is ideal for improving uterine discomfort. In its stem it has phosphate, iron and magnesium, which provide strength to the female reproductive system.

plantain properties

The greater plantain is a plant with great medicinal properties. It has the ability to relieve from diarrhea to skin pathologies. Next, we will tell you about the wonderful virtues of this plant species:

1. Vitamins and minerals

The plantain has vitamins A, B, C and K. In addition, it contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium. It is a medicinal plant that can replace different drugs to attack some pathologies.

To highlight: In its leaves and stem it has a high content of flavonoids, alkaloids, phenolic acid, fatty acids, polysaccharides and terpenoids.

2. Diuretic and laxative

The diuretic and laxative properties of plantago major are extraordinary. It is consumed in the form of an infusion to eliminate the remains of toxins and harmful substances that can be found in the blood or digestive system.

Note: It is ideal for reducing constipation problems , since it is a powerful laxative that helps control the expulsion of feces.

3. Antibacterial and antiviral

The most remarkable property of plantago major is its antibacterial power. It is used to control pathologies and infections, being used as an infusion or as a topic. It is also very functional to avoid mosquito bites.

Note: This herb is used in patients with respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia . It also increases the values ​​of hemoglobin in the blood to prevent infection with viruses and lung bacteria.

How is plantain used?

It is a plant that can be used in different ways. It is usually used for infusions with its stem, seed or leaves. It also works as a topical, seasoning for food and refreshing drinks. Below we will explain the most frequent uses of this herb:

1. Plantain infusion

This is one of the most frequent uses, since it usually has a bitter-sweet flavor, with a greenish color. It is delicious and very easy to prepare. The best thing is that it can be used as a refreshing, antibacterial and diuretic drink.


  • dried plantain leaves
  • Hot water

Preparation and consumption

  • Bring a cauldron with water to the fire for 5 minutes or until it breaks the boil.
  • Then turn off and pour the leaves over the water and let sit for 3 minutes.
  • With a sieve, keep only the water and discard the leaves.
  • Pour into a cup, it is recommended to consume it 2 or 3 times a day.

2. Plantain poultice

Plantain poultices are well known in Latin American towns. It is a simple, rudimentary and quite homemade preparation. Helps alleviate skin discomfort, reduce inflammation and prevent infections or mosquito bites.


  • Macerated plantain leaves

Preparation and application

  • Before applying the poultice of this plant, it is necessary to sanitize the skin to be treated.
  • In a cloth or plastic place the leaves.
  • Then wrap the affected part with the cloth.
  • Let sit for a while or until you feel better.

Key Findings

  • Plantain is an herb used as a medicinal alternative for digestive, skin, respiratory, kidney and circulatory problems.
  • It has a great content of vitamins and minerals to improve health.
  • The plantain serves as an excellent diuretic and laxative , and can be eaten several times a day.
  • Its use is very wide, being able to be implemented in infusions, poultices, dressings and topics.
  • Some indigenous communities use plantain as their main medicinal source.

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