What are spider veins?

Spider veinsare usually smaller versions of varicose veinslocated under the skin, do not cause lumps or elevations over it, but are visible to the human eyeand resemble the shape of a spider or web. (1)

These arise as a result of theincreased pressure of a network of capillariesor blood vessels and turn red or bluish under the surface of the skin, referring the patient symptoms such asitching, sensation of local heat and stinging.

Note: Although theydo not represent an immediate risk to the patient’s health, it is perceived as an aesthetic problem and both diagnosis and treatment must be madein a medical consultation. (2)

What are the causes of spider veins?

Here is a listof the risk factors that most oftengive rise to spider veins:

1. Overweight and prolonged inactivity

A very characteristic cause of this vascular disease is that it occurs very frequently inoverweight patientsand this happens due to the difficulty that the valves of the veins have to push blood to theheart, due to thefat that causes pressure on these blood vesselslocated in the lower extremities.

On the other hand, the type of work that the patient does may constitute a risk factor, since these spider veins tend to appear more frequently in people who are in a position of standing or very prolonged sitting.

2. Pregnancy and age

Uncontrolled pregnancy represents an additional risk factor in vascular diseases, due to the pressure caused by being overweight in the blood vessels and another cause could be related Tohormonal changes during pregnancy.

To highlight: As we age, many functions of the body become less efficient, due to cellular aging and, for example, the veins and arteries harden, reducing the ability to pump blood, consequently bringing about vascular problems.

3. Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives contribute in some women to the appearance of spider veins and this is because the estrogen in these Pills causes increased vasodilation of the veins, causing the accumulation of blood in them.

4. Genetic factors

Despite the fact that obesity has been considered one of the most important risk factors in venous insufficiency and in the appearance of spider veins, it has been described that the genetic factor can represent up to 97% as the main cause of its appearance. (3)

What to do to eliminate spider veins?

To treat and eliminate this aesthetic and health problem, we give you these simple tips below:

1. Maintain an adequate weight

We have already mentioned that one of the reasons why spider veins appear is the pressure caused in the veins of the lower extremities by excess body weight.

That is why it is appropriate to maintain body weight in relation to height and physical complexion, to ensure a correct distribution of pressure on the vascular system.

2. Exercise

One of the activities that most favors the functioning of the circulatory system is the practice of physical activity on a regular basis to maintain a correct flow of blood to the extremities and from them to the heart.

You should know: An Aerobics Exercise Plan plan at least 3 times a week can greatly contribute to the vascular health of your body.

3. Avoid tight clothing

The use of very tight clothing as in the case of women, specifically in the lower extremities, can threaten vascular health if it is very routine and for a very long period of time.

It is a recommendation that, if you are going to wear a very tight garment, make sure that it is not for a very long time, in which case the use of looser clothing is recommended.

4. Avoid prolonged inactivity

Likewise, being a sedentary person does not benefit the vascular healthorganism either, especially in those tasks where you spend a long time sitting.

Note: In this case it is recommended to take active breaks at least every two hours, take a walk and do some stretching exercises to stimulate blood circulation. 

5. Wear compression stockings

Wearing compression stockings can help stimulate blood circulation from the legs to the heart by exerting light, even pressure on the legs. (4)

These stockings usually reach the thighs or the waist, to avoid the accumulation of blood and prevent the formation of blood clots in the veins.

6. Injection and laser therapy

Another therapeutic option consists of Sclerotherapy treatment , which deals with the application of injections of a substance to to close damaged veins and redirect blood flow towards an area with healthy veins.

To highlight: Laser therapy to treat spider veins consists of applying heat with a special laserfrom inside the vein to heal or seal it, so that the blood flow circulates through other healthy veins. Both therapies help the disappearance of varicose veins and spider veins.

Key Findings

  • Spider veins are smaller versions of varicose veins located under the skin.
  • Spider veins arise as a result of increased pressure in a network of capillaries or blood vessels.
  • Spider veins are caused by obesity, pregnancy, contraceptive use, and genetic factors.
  • Spider veins can be prevented and treated with simple changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

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