Nuts are known throughout the world for their delicious flavor and great benefits, since they are versatile foods that can be consumed in various ways, providing vitamins and minerals. One of the ones that stands out the most is the walnut .

In this sense, nuts are highly advantageous foods for those who want a healthy and energetic life. They control the nervous system, have anticoagulant properties and are excellent aesthetic allies for the skin.

For all the above reasons, in this article we will explain in detail the properties and benefits of walnuts , in order to include them in your daily diet and be able to enjoy all their nutrients. 

What are nuts?

The walnut is a dry fruit with a hard and rustic brown shell, which has a rounded and ovoid shape. It has a delicious aroma and flavor. It is also rich in vitamins and omega 3 . On the other hand, it has a high content of fatty acids such as alpha linolenic acid, which are ideal for preparing oils and butter.

To highlight: It is said that the origin of the walnut comes from the ancient Persian , and later its cultivation expanded to Asian countries such as China and Japan.

Walnut properties

The walnut is a food known throughout the world, which is the protagonist of various recipes and preparations. Likewise, one of the best-known characteristics of this fruit is its great nutritional properties, which are:

1. Vitamins 

Walnuts are high in B vitamins , mainly folic acid. These help the proper functioning of the brain and improve the production of red blood cells. They also have thiamine and pyridoxine that strengthen the muscular system.

2. Minerals

These nuts provide a large amount of minerals. The most outstanding are potassium , zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. These help improve vision , increase fertility and prevent bone wear.

3. Other compounds

The nut has a great presence of antioxidants . It has a high percentage of fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. It also contains fiber that helps digest food in the gastric system. In addition, it has polyunsaturated fats that improve cholesterol health.

What benefits do nuts have?

Nuts are among the most consumed foods in the world. They have a characteristic flavor and smell, which is pleasant to the palate. In addition, they help improve the functioning of various parts of the body, thus promoting health. Below we will present some of its most outstanding benefits:

1. They strengthen the body’s defenses

Walnuts have B vitamins, which keep the body’s defenses at the right levels. In addition, they are ideal for increasing the production of red blood cells. 

Note: On the other hand, some specialists recommend eating nuts several times a week to avoid colds, because they strengthen the immune system.

2. Prevent cardiovascular diseases

These nuts have L-arginine, which is an amino acid that helps reduce heart disease such as heart attacks. They contain omega 3 that increases the inflammation of the arteries and blood vessels. They are also an excellent blood thinner.

Important: In Ecuador, a study was carried out on nuts, where it was possible to determine that consuming them helps control cholesterol levels. They also control metabolism and have polyphenols, catechin, resveratrol, flavonoids, and ellagic acid , which prevent cardiovascular complications. (1)

3. They regulate cholesterol and blood sugar

These foods help control diabetes , since they regulate insulin levels, since they have a low glycemic level and are ideal for lowering blood sugar. In addition, they have fiber that improves the absorption of glucose and cholesterol in the intestines.

To highlight: A study in Venezuela revealed that nuts are ideal for improving diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders. They can also control blood sugar levels and regulate insulin, this is because they contain polyphenols, fiber and ascorbic acid. (two)

4. They enhance cognitive functions

Walnuts have omega 3 that improves the connection between neurons in the brain. This increases brain and cognitive performance. Similarly, it increases the fluidity of blood in cell membranes and increases the ability to retain information. 

You should know: Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which prevent oxidative damage and inflammation of the brain.

5. They stimulate intestinal transit

The walnut is one of the nuts with the highest amount of fiber. This helps regulate intestinal transit , prevent constipation and control body weight. It has a great microbial benefit for the stomach and colon, which prevents inflammation in the intestines. It also increases the production of prebiotics and butyric acid.

6. They improve muscle, bone and skin health

Eating nuts increases the level of bone mass, strengthens the bones and prevents them from being weak and brittle. It is ideal for people who do sports activities , since they have copper and potassium that regenerate muscles.  

Note: They also have vitamin E that restores moisture to the dermis , improves collagen absorption, and prevents wrinkles.

7. They promote male fertility

One of the best-known benefits of these nuts is that they promote male fertility. They have omega 3 and fatty oils that increase the number of sperm . Likewise, they improve the vitality and mobility of men during the sexual act.

8. They help control body weight

Walnuts have a high tryptophan content, which improves the absorption of nutrients in the stomach. On the other hand, walnuts, although they are high in fat, are ideal for reducing body weight, leveling bad cholesterol and increasing the concentration of good cholesterol in the blood. They reduce appetite and provide a feeling of satiety.

Important: In Spain, a study was carried out on the consumption of nuts in patients with various diseases. In the patient with obesity, an improvement of 45 to 55% can be seen after consuming nuts, since this nut controls hypercholesterolemia and reduces body fat. (3)

9. They contribute to relaxation and adequate sleep

Walnuts have large amounts of vitamin E. So, they are full of antioxidants that protect against the action of free radicals, which prevents aging, stress and anxiety. In addition, they have vitamin K that improves sleep conditions.

How can you consume nuts?

Nuts are a versatile food. They are consumed in salads, desserts, flans, sauces, soups and stews. They can be kept fresh and are preserved for a long time. 

Highlights: Walnuts can be added to breads and stuffed with chickens, turkeys, and meats. They are also ideal for making cakes and cookies.

Key Findings

  • Walnuts are dried fruits that help prevent heart complications.
  • They are high in omega 3 and 6, as well as vitamin B , which helps raise the body’s defenses.
  • Walnuts are fruits that rejuvenate the skin and prevent aging, thanks to their high percentage of vitamin E.
  • They can be eaten in a variety of sweet and savory preparations such as cookies, salads, meat fillings, soups, sauces and biscuits.

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