What is the venalot depot?

Venalot depot® is the registered trademark of a combined semi-synthetic medication, which uses troxerutin and coumarin as active ingredients, two chemical compounds belonging to the line of vasoprotective and anticoagulant medications, respectively, with an effect on some diseases of the circulatory system .

To highlight: This pharmaceutical product is produced by the company named TAKEDA MÉXICO, SA DE CV (1)

What is the venalot depot used for?

  • Thanks to the dual action mechanism of its active ingredients (troxerutin and coumarin), venalot depot® acts as an anti-inflammatory , lymphokinetic, protective endothelium, increases the phagocytic capacity of the macrophage and increases the plasticity of the erythrocyte, in order to correct the problems of deep venous insufficiency .
  • It is used to treat:
    • Varicose syndrome presenting with phlebitis , thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, lymphatic congestion, lymphangitis, and lymphedema. (two)
    • Hemorrhoids, postoperative and posttraumatic edema. (3)
    • Healing disorders.

Dosage and routes of administration of venalot depot

The presentation of venalot depot® is in tablets, which contain troxerutin 180 mg and coumarin 30 mg. The administration of this medicine is orally and the dosage as a reference can be the following:

  • Venous disorders, postoperative edema, healing disorders and lymphedema: One tablet twice a day and for severe cases the dose can vary to one tablet every 8 hours.

Side effects of venalot depot

Therapeutic treatment with venalot depot® may cause, in a certain patient population , some of the following adverse effects:

  • Possible allergic reactions due to patient contact with any component of the formula.
  • Hives, dark colored urine or yellow colored skin and/or eyeball.
  • Hepatitis with or without jaundice.
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and headache .
  • Increased liver enzymes in laboratory tests may occur.

Important: If during treatment with this drug the patient observes some of these symptoms or others not described, please stop using it and consult your doctor .

Contraindications and warnings of venalot depot

The use of venalot depot® is contraindicated in any of the following circumstances:

  • Patient hypersensitivity to any of the components of the formula.
  • Patients with liver disease.
  • During the pregnancy period.
  • During breastfeeding .

You should know: The patient must provide all the information about their health history to their doctor, before starting treatment with this medication.

Avoid if you have:

  • History of hypersensitivity to any of the drug’s components or to benzopyrones.
  • History of liver disease.


  • Pharmaceutical products such as venalot depot®, must be administered with prescription or medical prescription.
  • Do not alter the daily dose recommended by your doctor.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions during treatment with this drug.
  • This medicine contains dye Yellow No. 6.
  • Keep this product out of the reach of children.

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