There are many ways in which men and women explore their sexual tastes, a satisfying and natural topic in human psychology since the research of Alfred Kinsey. Either through masturbation or the same act of sex.

Women, in particular, have very different orgasms and climaxes than men , reaching them can be easy or somewhat difficult, but the truth is that it is a very effective way to satisfy the ladies.

For this reason, in this article we present the types of female orgasms, as well as their characteristics and how to reach said orgasms.

What is the female orgasm?

The female orgasm is defined as being the culminating point of sexual satisfaction , through stimulation of the vagina and clitoris , an erogenous zone that causes greater pleasure and excitement, as Sigmund Freud mentioned, sexuality begins at birth based on the gender that is born. .

It has been considered a complex process , because reaching a female orgasm is different from the male orgasm, it takes more time and requires a higher level of sexual pleasure , not because it is psychological but because of the morphological functions of the genital organs.

This sexual phenomenon has been explored in the book Science of Relationships and by sexologists such as Silvina Valente and Betty Dodson, who dedicate their lives to the study of female orgasm and sexual satisfaction.

Note: A study defines that “orgasm plays an important role in the following systems: hormonal (hormones would be the messengers of the stimulus), nervous (activation of the sympathetic allows contraction of the uterus and vagina)”. 

Types of female orgasms

There are different types of female orgasms, as well as different ways to reach them, it just takes a bit of patience, especially in a partner, in order to properly pleasure women:

By clitoral stimulation

It is one of the most common, since the clitoris is the most erogenous zone of the female sex, as well as the main protagonist of the orgasm, its stimulation can be both manual and oral, depending on how the couple wants it, it starts slowly with movements soft and wet, in order to stimulate and generate pleasure.

By vaginal stimulation

Another very frequent type of orgasm is through vaginal stimulation, this includes many areas of the vagina such as the labia majora or minora and the vulva, which play a very important sexual role as they are very sensitive, which when stimulated generate a lot of pleasure and can create instant vaginal orgasm.

Note: One study briefly mentions that “Vaginal stimulation would lead to the emission of a liquid at the moment of orgasm or climax . “

for anal stimulation

This is another erogenous zone in the human body , anal stimulation or also called black kiss , can be one of the best ways to stimulate women to achieve an orgasm, since the anal area is full of nerve endings. Again, it can be manual or oral, you can even reach an anal orgasm.

By breast and nipple stimulation

The breasts are an erogenous zone that can be stimulated in many ways, depending on the position they are in, soft and flirtatious touching, even oral sex to stimulate the nipples through suction.

These are just some of the factors that can be used to achieve climax in a woman, however it requires patience.

By stimulating the G spot

The G-spot is important to achieve a female orgasm , it takes time and patience to find it, as well as stimulate it, but by doing so, the female orgasm can become fascinating . By locating the G-spot between the vaginal walls and the cervix, it can be stimulated manually or orally.

Important: Thanks to a study, it is known that “The orgasm that a woman can experience through the stimulation of the so-called G-spot, an area above the pubic bone, is quite intense and satisfying.” 

By stimulation of point A

It is another sexual point in the female sex, it is capable of producing an orgasm very quickly as well as the famous female ejaculation , but to a great surprise, it is also capable of generating multiple orgasms.

To highlight: This point is located between the vaginal lips. Also among it, is the U point located on the clitoris and urethral glands, to generate great sexual pleasure.

By mixed stimulation

A mixed orgasm can be achieved by stimulation of some areas , mentioned above, in a mixed and even way. This can be fun for couples and can be very exciting, plus it would help the couple reach not one but several very satisfying orgasms. It is a very necessary practice.

Recommendations to better enjoy orgasms

There are certain recommendations that must be taken into account to enjoy orgasms much better. This knowledge is required to enjoy a great sexual experience:

Know your erogenous zones

This is essential if you want to achieve a female orgasm, since there are erogenous zones such as the vagina, the clitoris, the anus and even the breasts . However, it is necessary to know other personal areas, whose stimulation may be greater.

Tip: As a woman, you must patiently explore your body and the erogenous zones that you want to be stimulated.

Clear your mind and focus on the moment

You must remain calm , not think about other people’s situations or social problems, just focus on the sexual moment and when you are totally calm, whether it is masturbation or a sexual act, focus on the moment, to enjoy it and reach the orgasm you want, reaching the petite mort (little death) or orgasm.

try different positions

You can try different positions , both with a partner such as doggy style, 69 or missionary, as well as during female masturbation , which includes sitting on your back or stomach, it all depends on your own comfort.

Communicate your tastes to your partner

Let your partner know what your desires are, your sexual tastes and your areas that you want to stimulate, in addition to strengthening intimate trust, it can help the love and sexual desire that you have for each other as a couple to flourish.

Go at your own pace

The female orgasm is personal, reaching it is a process that only you can wish for, but you must be encouraged and willing to go at your own pace, without rushing or pressing the intimate moment.

Use lubricants and sex toys

Women can opt for toys such as dildos, of different models, in order to stimulate the erogenous zone such as the vagina, the anus and the G-spot, in a personal way and with different rhythms. So you can reach your own female orgasm in a personal way and in your own time.

Practice Kegel exercises

These exercises are necessary to strengthen the pelvic walls and muscles , both for men and women, if the girls want to get a very pleasant orgasm, they should put into practice these exercises that will make them enjoy a great process of the respective paths of the sexual experience. .

Note: There are different ways to use Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles and facilitate orgasms , the urinary process and obtain greater satisfaction. These exercises can be easily known and applied.

Key Findings

  • The female orgasm is the last point of a process or sexual stimulation of the vagina and clitoris.
  • Many women can experience it in different ways, there are some who do not have a female orgasm.
  • The different types of female orgasm vary by the stimulation of the erogenous zones and by the sexual positions that are practiced.
  • Women can opt for sex toys to stimulate areas such as the G-spot, the anus and the entire vaginal area.
  • It is recommended to practice Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles in women.

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