The wide range of condoms that exists, allow ease and improvement of the sexual experience, also including increased sensations. The market is full of options, brands and offers, to which it is important to emphasize their recognition to know what is being acquired.

A condom or condom is essential, since it is the only method that is also responsible for avoiding risks of infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially in cases of pretending casual relationships.

In the following article we will talk about what a condom is and what are the different types that exist.

What is a condom?

condom or also called a condom , is a thin sheath, commonly latex, that prevents semen (or precum) from entering the vagina, even the penis having direct contact with it, thus preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

It should be placed when there is an erection and unrolled until it completely covers the penis, reaching the base. It is important to leave the end that covers the glans , with a small gap to be the area that collects the semen after ejaculation, thus reducing the risk of breaking the condom.

Note: There are people who are allergic to latex , so there are also condoms made of polyurethane or polyisoprene.

types of condoms

As we previously mentioned, condoms of this type have a wide range on the market, increasing the intimate experience and in many cases sensitivity or lubrication. Next we will mention the different types of condoms and their usefulness, for their identification and knowledge.

1. Lubricated

As a general rule, all condoms contain lubricant , thus allowing ease of penetration and also reducing the risk of the condom breaking due to friction during sex.

2. Extra lubricated

This type of condom, as its name indicates, contain an extra amount of lubricant, silicone or water-based , which help facilitate penetration and are aimed at improving the sexual act, allowing it to be more intense and pleasurable.

3. Without lubricant

There are people who consider that condom-assisted lubrication is uncomfortable for the process that is going to take place during sex, so there are consumers who prefer the condom to come without lubricant.

To highlight: It is important to mention that there are also people who are allergic to the lubricants used in condoms, so it is another of the guidelines for the use of this type of condom.

4. With spermicide

Spermicides prevent the arrival of the spermatozoon to the ovum, so it is applied as an extra security and chemical in intercourse . The two, working together, are oriented towards the prevention of pregnancy.

Usually a spermicide called Nonoxynol 9 was applied , but studies carried out over time showed that its application for the prevention of pregnancies and STDs was ineffective.

5. Textured

Textured condoms have a specific orientation , and it consists of increasing sensations in women. This type of condom has bumps on its extension, which manages to produce more intense sensations.

Note: This type of condom allows you to combine sensations and experiences with exciting textures that also stimulate the use of condoms.

6. Retardants

Delay condoms are designed to prolong pleasure , which includes an anesthetic substance for the penis that allows male ejaculation to be delayed. There are even retardant condoms with different textures, which produces a unique experience in sex.

Important: When using retardant condoms, it is important to avoid contact of the lubricant with other parts of the body due to the presence of the anesthetic, even in low concentrations, but which can produce unwanted effects.

7. Of colors and flavors

They often add a touch of fun to the sexual experience. Clearly, its main orientation is to improve the experience of oral sex , disguising the taste of latex on a large scale and maintaining the protection of the members involved.

Best of all, it is the existing variety, both in colors and flavors to be able to allow a different one for each encounter.

8. Thin and thick

These condoms are geared for sensitivity . There are users who prefer the use of thin condoms to improve the experience and contact with the penis, without putting any of the members involved at risk. They are typically 20% thinner than standard condoms, but just as safe.

Note: Thick condoms are commonly designed for the greatest sense of security.

9. Latex free

Non-latex condoms are usually oriented towards the use of people who are allergic or intolerant to this type of material, so there are alternatives for them.

10. With vibrator

There are condoms on the market that also come with a small vibrating device and a small battery that is considered a sex toy. It is ring-shaped and maintains the firmness of the erection for much longer.

It is soft, elastic and safe so as not to cause discomfort during the sexual experience, it adapts to the penis and improves blood flow, as well as helping to delay ejaculation.

11. Heat and cool effect

They are condoms that manage to provide effects of heat or freshness, during the sexual encounter. They are usually covered with gels, which are capable of producing sensations and are not usually recommended for users or individuals with an allergic reaction to menthol products.

Note: They help a lot to stimulate the clitoral area, in addition to producing a mixture of sensations that will really allow incredible experiences and sensations.

12. Combined

These types of condoms are like the ones mentioned that have a retarding effect and are textured. They combine, in addition to flavors and colors, effects for the greatest range of sensations and experiences during sexual intercourse. These combinations include:

  • Thin and extra lubricated condoms.
  • Textured and retardant.
  • Heat effect and textured.
  • Cold and textured effect.

Importance of using condoms

Condoms are pretty important . Thanks to them we not only get an added experience to intercourse, but also a protection that we offer to our partner and to ourselves.

Important: There are many asymptomatic and not very noticeable infections, from which we must protect ourselves, adding to that the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

Our health should always be a priority, and having sexual relations should always be with explicit acceptance and with people with whom we feel comfortable and safe.

Key Findings

  • Condoms are one of the most used contraceptive methods , due to their ease of use and access.
  • Condoms can be for men and women , but the highest percentage of safety is obtained in male condoms,
  • The condom is a non-invasive contraceptive method that also allows a wide range of new experiences and sensations due to its variety and versatility.
  • Condoms offer different textures and a pleasant sensation that allow you to experience and prolong the sexual act.
  • Condoms or condoms are the only method that simultaneously allows protection from unwanted pregnancy and infections or STDs.

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