When a person maintains a loving relationship with another for years and they accept each other, they can lead to a civil marriage if they wish, under the regulations of the law in the country they reside. Therefore, they end up being recognized as spouses.

Performing a civil marriage is not easy, since it is done through a lot of organization and processes. Couples who are going to get married, seek to do it in an unforgettable way for them and their visitors, because it is a unique celebration.

In this article, you will find all the necessary information to make your civil marriage unforgettable, with 10 tips that will help you a lot. In the same way, its definition and the characteristics that it possesses are explained.

What is a civil marriage?

Civil marriage is the union of two people legally, under the law that corresponds in the marriage certificate, where they will have obligations and rights with each other. This is done voluntarily and this act is usually celebrated with friends and family.

In this way, astudythat was carried out at theNational Autonomous University of Mexico, gives as a concept to civil marriage to the union of man and woman voluntarily, in which both seek respect, equality, fidelity, assistance and mutual help.

Characteristics of civil marriage

The characteristics of a civil marriage are varied, since several legal aspects that must be met to make the marriage certificate of a couple are taken into account, among them the most important are:

It constitutes a solemn contract

A main characteristic of a civil marriage is that it is constituted with a solemn contract, in which the two people contract rights and duties that are established in the civil code. This makes it a very special marriage certificate.

An article published by the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso in Chile , explains that the marriage contract is to certify the union of two people to organize a life together, with the will to permanence and mutual help between them.

In some cases you must be of legal age

A requirement that must be met to carry out a civil marriage in two people is that both must be older, since most nations require the age of 18 to contract it, except in Arab countries.

In this sense, an article published by UNICEFmentions that the minimum age for marriage according to international standards is 18 years for men and women. This especially applies in Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Requires a series of requirements according to each country

Each country has its own civil code, for which each spouse must meet a series of requirements in accordance with the political constitution of their nation and present them in a civil registry, in order to carry out a marriage between two people.

It is advisable that the future spouses seek advice from lawyers experienced in the matter, in order to comply with each of the requirements in a correct and orderly manner, with the aim of giving birth to an adequate civil marriage.

It is carried out by a notary or civil judge

Civil marriage between two people is carried out before a notary public or civil judge residing in the same municipality. These are the ones that constitute the record and verify that the requirements have been met according to the law.

Before a notary or civil judge, it is evidenced through a file that two people want to marry with their consent, these are accredited by witnesses, and all of them together with the spouses must sign the marriage deed.

It entails a series of reciprocal obligations and rights

Another characteristic to take into account of civil marriage is that the spouses carry a series of obligations and rights reciprocally. In which they must live together, be faithful, help each other and act in the interest of the family.

In the same way, the future spouses must equally possess the domestic responsibilities of the home, the care and adequate attention of children or people who are dependents of their charges.

It is usually the prelude to religious marriage

When people are going to get married, they usually do it first in a civil way before the religious one, since in this the formal union of a couple is made official before the state through judges or municipal authorities.

An article that was published in the RENIEC magazine of Peru, concluded through documentation, that most people initiate their formal union by civil marriage before the religious one, since it is mandatory that this requirement be met.

It can be dissolved in different ways

Civil marriages can be dissolved in different ways, in which it is possible to apply different types of divorces , depending on the case of the couple and the civil code of the country they reside in, either due to breakup or death of a spouse.

These can be dissolved through a consensual divorce, in which both spouses agree to the separation or by a unilateral one in which it is requested by one of them, where they distribute assets and determine who will have parental authority over them. Children.

In the same way, it is possible to apply a dissolution due to the death of one of the spouses, where the person who became a widow must present the official identification of both together with the copy of the marriage certificate to dissolve their marital status as married.

Tips for an unforgettable civil marriage

Couples seek to make their marriages unforgettable, as it is considered a unique and special moment of celebration for them and their families. Therefore, we suggest you take into account the following tips to make it memorable.

1. Determine the type of celebration

The first tip to take into account is to determine the type of celebration for the conjugal union, since in this way the celebration can be organized in a simple and orderly manner. It is advisable that this should only be agreed between the spouses.

2. Create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere

Being able to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere is a characteristic that will remain in the memories of the spouses and their guests, so it takes great importance and dedication to idealize it correctly.

These environments can be closed or open spaces. Once chosen, it becomes easier to create a pleasant and welcoming environment for all attendees. It is also very helpful to have an event organizer as a consultant.

3. Select a special theme

It is ideal that the future spouses select a theme that they consider special, since these make the marriage a memorable memory for them and their visitors. In the same way, it benefits them to work only with that topic.

Some of the most common themes in marriage celebrations are: beach weddings, vintage style, elegant, sailor, military, costume, Jewish, Arab, or gypsy.

4. Customize each element

A tip to take into account is to personalize each element that is in the celebration. These can be invitation cards, packaging, decorations and anything else that can be uniquely decorated to make a good first impression on everyone.

5. Establish a wedding schedule

It is important to establish a wedding schedule, so that everything goes as planned and errors or unforeseen events that arise are minimized. In addition, this demonstrates excellent organization on the part of the spouses and their advisers.

6. Use appropriate and comfortable clothing

In the celebration of marriages, it is recommended that a wardrobe be used according to the event and comfortable to enjoy the party. This helps to avoid inconvenience and discomfort due to any clothing or accessory that we are wearing at that time.

In this sense, the women invited should avoid wearing white dresses that are very striking so that they are not confused with the bride, not wearing vulgar clothing where the whole body is displayed, and be as decorous as possible in terms of necklines.

On the other hand, if it is a formal meeting, men should wear comfortable clothes that are not casual or sporty, maintaining an elegant bearing with a shirt, dress pants, leather shoes or suede, and if possible wear a tie or bowtie.

7. Liven up the readings of the texts

Another way to make a marriage unforgettable is to liven up the readings of the texts, where they can be organized in a way that is recreational and pleasant for all attendees. This is with the aim of having a pretty satisfying time.

8. Choose a court of honor

Choosing a court of honor has a more protocol objective in the celebration, but that highlights the organization and support that the spouses obtained. This makes those who are part of it feel very good and makes the moment unforgettable and unique.

In this sense, the people close to the court of honor of a wedding are usually the witnesses, groomsmen, bridesmaids, knights of honor, and the small and tender pages.

9. Express your emotions in wedding vows

Words are usually remembered by people, as they convey the feeling they have creating an emotional bond with each other. Therefore, it is advisable to express in a sincere and affective way in marriage vows.

10. Document the entire process audiovisually

One last tip to make the civil wedding an unforgettable memory, is to audiovisually document the entire process involved in holding the celebration, since in this way you can relive, from time to time, those pleasant memories that were lived at that moment.

It can be documented through photographs and videos of the most memorable moments for everyone, such as the arrival of the spouses, the kiss, the wedding vows, the decoration process, guest testimonials or any other moment that they consider unique.

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