Overweight and obesity are a global problem, since from childhood to adulthood they represent a great inconvenience for daily life and even lead to cardiovascular diseases and even death in the worst case.

For this reason, losing weight is a very ambitious goal for various people, but certain things must be taken into account to do it safely, specifically some tips to lose weight naturally and quickly , which we will present in this article.

How to lose weight fast and naturally?

The goal of weight loss is the same as wanting to exercise in order to gain muscle mass and toned muscles , both require routines and activities that must be fully respected and carried out responsibly.

That is why we will teach you below, 10 ways to lose weight quickly and naturally:

1. Moderate food portions

Food is essential to lose weight properly, eating is an act that can never be skipped in the day-to-day of human beings , but, yes, the amounts must be moderated, never reach excesses or fall into gluttony, that’s it food portions .

In a simple way, the portions are the amount of food that you will consume at a given time, regardless of where you are or in the packages that said meals come, which can vary but always maintain balance, whether they are fruits , vegetables , salty foods, etc.

Note: A study highlights a diet principle that is as follows: “ Food should be in proper proportion to each other ; that is, they must provide the amounts of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the organism . (1)

2. Reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars

Carbohydrates are macronutrients found in vegetables or grains, however this is often added to processed foods (such as cereals, mainly in the form of sugar, hence the refined carbohydrates).

To highlight: The consumption of refined carbohydrates causes an increase in insulin (sugar control) in the body, altering the biological order where the organism forces the cells to store fats and calories , which causes a greater feeling of hunger and the metabolism slows down. come back slow

Therefore, it is recommended that the consumption of refined sugar should not exceed 10% of caloric intake.

3. Limit consumption of trans fats

Trans fats, or unsaturated fatty acids, get a bad rap, and for good reason. Although they are found in natural dairy products, they are also found in French fries, margarine, frozen pizza, and even donuts, which are industrial products.

Because of the above, trans fats can cause increases in bad cholesterol (LDL), which in the long run can be fatal for heart health, obesity and is even closely related to the development of diabetes. For this reason, there are vegetable oils that serve as a replacement for this type of fat, such as olive oil.

Important: Large world organizations agree on the following: “FAO indicates a maximum consumption level of less than 1% of total daily energy in the form of trans fats. Considering the possibility that fats should be eliminated from human consumption” . (two)

4. Increase fiber and protein intake

Proteins are very important molecules for the organism, why really? This is because they are necessary for cell regulation (where they are mostly found), have antibodies, provide calories to the body, and are involved in the transport of hemoglobin and oxygenation.

On the other hand, fiber is especially essential for the intestinal flora, as it is a plant component that maintains glucose balance and also boosts metabolism by increasing the feeling of satiety and reducing constipation.

5. Consume more vegetables and fruits

With the aforementioned, fiber and protein are found in a variety of fruits such as bananas , strawberries apples , pears and even avocados , for this and many other reasons you should increase your consumption.

Regarding vegetables, the healthiest are spinach , carrots, lettuce and also cauliflower , because in addition to fiber or protein, they have minerals such as potassium , omega 3 fatty acids and even the group of vitamin K1 .

You should know: An analysis mentions that: “Vegetables or fruits contain many other substances, which are just beginning to be known as “phytochemicals” and to which multiple highly beneficial effects for health are being demonstrated . ” (3)

6. Drink enough water

Water is essential , since this natural liquid can help transport oxygen to the body, helps speed up metabolism by increasing satiety (water does not contain calories) and hydrating the body. Similarly, it  prevents lipolysis , which is the accumulation of fat in the human body.

You should know: Water is ideal for the gastrointestinal system, since it works by reducing the passage of toxic substances and is a great combination with dietary fiber to deal with constipation and the expulsion of feces.

7. Take natural infusions

Natural infusions are recommended, especially green tea, cinnamon tea, chamomile tea among many others, since they have compounds such as amino acids , flavonoids and a variety of antioxidant vitamins and essential minerals.

Note: Other types of natural infusions for weight loss can be added, such as the famous horsetail, fennel or artichoke, potassium-containing drinks, silica salts and even a high content of vitamin C.

8. Exercise regularly

To an adequate and balanced diet carried by the hand with great hydration, it is very good to add the exercises that must be carried out on a regular basis , in order not only to lose weight but also to gain resistance, elasticity and increase the body’s defenses.

To highlight: You can practice different exercise routines, where you do push-ups, squats and sit-ups , but remember to do them properly to avoid injuries.

9. Rest properly

After the exercises and some good food to recover energy and stay hydrated, it is essential, if not almost indispensable , full rest, so you should try to sleep 8 hours a day and wake up early to start your breakfast with the appropriate portions and Follow your weight loss routine.

10. Manage stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety occur for many reasons, but they will also come from the effort and the desire to see results immediately, however, you should know that this will not happen like this. You must remain calm, stoic and enjoy the process , losing weight is something that is done calmly and luckily, there are foods that will help you.

You should know: The best foods to relieve anxiety are dark chocolate, nuts , avocado or you can also opt for salmon and bananas.

Key Findings

  • Obesity or overweight is a worldwide problem and therefore there are important measures for weight loss .
  • To stimulate weight loss, it is important to moderate food portions , which vary according to the dish, person, age or sex.
  • You must stay hydrated with plenty of water to burn calories and cleanse the intestinal tract.
  • Remember to exercise, rest and sleep 8 hours , while controlling stress and anxiety.

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