Sex life as a couple is quite broad and fun, especially when it is assumed from a daring role and far from monotony. There are many tools that help you develop in the healthiest and most correct way, and the main one for efficiency and interest in them are sexual fantasies.

Sexual fantasies are those thoughts and desires of sexual content that cause increased desire and pleasurable sensations.

Sigmund Freud consciously studied childhood sexual fantasies, which develop through genetic elements, so for him they were considered fantasies that were not destined to be fulfilled. (1)

The term developed over time and moved away from taboos, although it was one of the most significant discoveries.

To highlight: In fact, they are considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an explicit human sexual manifestation, being essential for health, for which reason they officially ceased to be taboo activities.

In the following article, we will mainly address sexual fantasies in women, considering their conceptualization and application.

sexual fantasies of women

The sexual fantasies of women are characterized by being more directed towards stimulation involving intimate and romantic themes according to the studies carried out in the research work on Fantasies and sexual thoughts . (two)

Note: The big difference with men is that most of them consider the inclusion of group sexual activities to be the basis, while in women it is the minority.

Fantasies then, being a representation of our sexual needs and desires, allow us to define certain characteristics of ourselves on occasions.

Next, we will mention which are the most common female sexual fantasies and what they consist of.

Do it in public or unusual places

Sex in public or also known as Dogging , (3) is a practice full of adrenaline and hormones where a new way of generating pleasure is sought, taking into account the risk of being discovered or even observed by other people.

It is a sexual fantasy, which breaks with the social and intimate norm of carrying out the practice under the covers or in bed as is normal, for which reason it is considered an extreme fantasy but not risky and much more put into practice than what we believe.

Allow yourself to be dominated by the partner

Allowing the partner to take control in the session is a fantasy that is often used to change roles or to allow yourself to fully deliver the pleasure you are about to receive. Not having to worry or think about anything other than being obedient and receptive increases concentration on pleasure and makes everything more intense.

assume the dominant role

Quite the opposite of what was previously described and has a different perspective and objectivity. The idea of ​​pleasing, being the protagonist and owner of the session is a fairly recurring fantasy that has been emphasized over the years, after it is implicitly considered the opposite of what is correct and more practiced.

having relations with a stranger

It is one of the sexual fantasies that are considered strangest, but the little pressure and the ability to freely experiment with the capacities of the body and fantasies, allows the increase of security in women.

It consists of a casual encounter with uninhibited sex, since the experience promises never to see each other again.

Having relations with an acquaintance

With someone with a prior agreement, without affective responsibility and that causes some kind of morbidity. Many times women tend to have sexual fantasies with friends, who have attractive characteristics or tricks for her. She usually turns into casual sex, if it materializes.

This requires implicit permissions to vent, in what would become a trust adventure away from the traditional.

having relations with a celebrity

It works as a stimulus developing arousal. Sometimes for security reasons, they do not usually admit this type of practice, but during self-stimulation or sexual practice, imagination can be involved and the use of a demonstration by a famous person who provokes you.

They are capable of enriching the moment and intensity, providing pleasure through thoughts and desires that, although there is little probability of materializing or coming true, can be enjoyed.

perform trios

The inclusion of other people in sexual practice is one of the fantasies most valued by men, especially when two women are involved.

Women also tend to fantasize about this type of practice, although they are less likely to admit it. It requires a lot of maturity, security and it is always recommended that in case of doing it with a partner the third party is a total stranger.

Participate in orgies

Orgies are group sexual practices, where it is important that the organization includes rules and limits for everyone’s satisfaction and that the experience remains pleasant. It is also necessary to consider well who the other members will be and protect yourself against possible sexually transmitted diseases.

be with another woman

Lesbian fantasy is very focused on the exploration of the female body and the application of knowledge to raise the levels of satisfaction. Knowing the key points and what a woman really likes during sex will allow for a more conscious and potentially exciting practice.

Having relationships with ex-partners

Being an erotic resource with a person with whom you have become intimate and had satisfying experiences (fantasy not available for a bad experience), fantasizing about an ex is concurrent and nothing bad. As long as it is not romanticized and idealized.

If we have a partner and this happens, let’s remember that this is a tool of our mind: thoughts that we don’t necessarily want to really happen.

Romantic sex with special details

Romantic sex with special details, are stagings with additional elements such as: candles, jacuzzis, massages, oils, background music, flowers, etc.

They influence the eroticism and sensuality of the occasion, fulfilling in a very particular way a fantasy that almost all women have but have not noticed, besides that it is very easy to bond with feeling loved by the couple when receiving this type of attentions.

This implicit fantasy is due to the constant repetition and overvaluation that they usually give in the movies. It is very rare (especially when they admit it), to see a man fantasizing about this type of scenery.

Observe others in their privacy

There are many types of this type of fantasies. There are people who practice it in cars: driving while the couple is in the back seats performing sexual acts. There is an agreement to observe a partner, or even your own partner, having sex with another person.

The latter is called cuckolding , (4) and is a fantasy of infidelity . It works by allowing your partner to have sex with another person, while under their observation.

It is sporadic, so it is not the same as having an open and mutually agreed relationship, many people consider it as a lifeline for long relationships.

Using sex toys and sexy clothing

The implementation of sex toys and provocative clothing is one of the most common and most used practices by couples. These elements help stimulation and among the most prominent are:

  • Lingerie
  • Dildos
  • vibrating massagers
  • G spot stimulators
  • Wives
  • whips and floggers

Becoming a stripper

Play of imagination, loosen your inhibitions and dance while slowly removing your clothes. Perhaps elements such as: sexy clothing, dim lights and background music are added. This type of practice can stimulate both the practitioner and the person who receives and witnesses the stripper.

There are also other types of games, such as bets or challenges to remove the clothes in pieces and slowly reveal what is below. Tension and expectation are created, which helps the subsequent session.

Key takeaways

  • Sexual fantasies are those thoughts and desires of sexual content that cause increased desire and pleasurable sensations. In women, they are characterized by being more directed towards stimulation involving intimate and romantic topics.
  • Among the sexual fantasies of women we find the use of sex toys or sexy clothing, having relationships with an ex, romantic sex with special details such as candles, jacuzzis, massages, etc. among other fantasies.
  • The inclusion of other people in sexual practice is one of the fantasies most valued by men, especially when two women are involved. Women also tend to fantasize about this type of practice, although they are less likely to admit it.
  • Sexual fantasies are considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an explicit human sexual manifestation, being essential for health, for which reason they are officially no longer taboo activities.

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