What is tetracycline?

Tetracycline (together with sulfonamides) is an antibiotic-type substance with a broad spectrum of activity , being of semi-synthetic or natural origin and being present in generic and commercial drugs.

What is tetracycline used for?

  • Tetracycline has a precise and broad-spectrum mechanism of action against bacteria , microorganisms or strains, since it prevents these infectious agents from synthesizing their proteins (protein synthesis) and continuing their growth or multiplication in the affected areas, with a added to bind effectively in the bone tissue (bones). (1) 
  • It is used to treat:
    • Moderate skin acne .
    • Urethritis.
    • Brucellosis.
    • typhus.
    • respiratory infections .
    • Gastrointestinal infections .
    • Urinary infections .
    • Lyme’s desease.
    • Infections caused by Chlamydia sp, Vibrio Cholerae, Helicobacter pylori and Bacteroides sp, Brucella sp .
    • Gram- positive and gram-negative germs .

Dosage and routes of administration of tetracycline

The most common form of tetracycline is in the presentation of pills and tablets of 250 mg or 500 mg of the active substance, with oral administration. The recommended doses in the treatment are the following:

  • Adults: The use of 1 tablet of 250 mg or 1 tablet of 500 mg during every 6 hours a day is recommended. The dose can be increased from 500 mg to 1,000 mg if favorable results are obtained by evaluation of the doctor.

What products contain tetracycline?

Some of the medicines that contain tetracycline are:

  • Tetrazil®
  • Tetrex®
  • Acromicina®
  • Guayatetra®


  • Tetra zil® is a medication belonging to the line of Arlex de México products . (two)
  • This drug is found in the presentation of 8 capsules or 16 capsules of 250 mg and 500 mg of tetracycline hydrochloride .
  • It is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract some time after its use in treatment.


  • Tetrex® is a drug that is distributed thanks to the Hormona SA de CV laboratories . (3)
  • It comes in the form of 250 mg or 500 mg capsules .
  • It is effective for bite fever, acne vulgaris, and pneumonia.


  • Acromycin® belongs to the line of drugs made by Pfizer laboratories . (4)
  • It is distributed in the presentation of 250 mg tablets .
  • It is recommended for intestinal amebiasis, acne and soft tissue infections.


  • Guayatetra® belongs to the group of tetracyclines from Randall Laboratories . (5)
  • The metabolites present in its composition are lidocaine , chlorphenamine and metamizol sodium .
  • It is distributed in the form of injectable solutions .

Tetracycline Side Effects

Tetracycline, regardless of its pharmaceutical presentation, can bring certain adverse effects during treatment, of which patients are advised to be careful. Among the most common are:

  • Anorexia.
  • Diarrhea .
  • Nausea.
  • Urticaria.

Important: If adverse reactions are prolonged, the use of the drug should be discontinued and see a doctor.

Contraindications and warnings of tetracycline

Tetracycline is not indicated for certain patients, because it can have highly negative health effects in people with specific conditions. Therefore, caution is requested in these cases:

  • Hypersensitivity to tetracycline.
  • Second stage of gestation in pregnancy.
  • Lactation stage .
  • Chemical porphyria.

Avoid it if you have:

  • allergic histories.
  • Altered liver functions.
  • Renal insufficiency.


  • It is necessary to use medicines with this substance, under a doctor’s prescription.
  • This drug should not be administered with bactericidal antibiotics.
  • Keep this medicine out of the reach of children.
  • Antacid medications with aluminum, calcium, magnesium, or iron may have some interaction with this substance, so caution should be exercised.

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