What is tekron?

Tekron is a medicationwhose function is to improve states of thiamine deficiency (vitamin B1), which can cause physical fatigue, problems such as apathy or depression. It also intervenes in the bodily development of people.

Note: This is because this medication is asynthetic derivative of thiamine, which manages to intervene in the transmission of nerve impulses and in the metabolism of macronutrients, being used to treat disorders or instability in behavior.


The main composition of tekron, issulbutiamine, having 200 mg tablets per pill. This component is characterized by being ananxiolytic, having as an effect a depressant action of the central nervous system, reducing symptoms of anxiety.

To highlight: A study conducted at the University of theRepublic in Uruguayonanxiolytic drugs, mentions that those drugs that have this component, act torelieve or suppress the symptom of anxiety, without producing sedation or sleep. (1)

Presentations and dosage

The tekron comes in 3 presentations of 10, 20 or 30 unitsin a compressed form, which are pills that are taken orally. The daily dose is 2 tablets per day.

Tip: It is recommended to consume them with little water in conjunction with breakfast.

What is the tekron indicated for?

Tekron is a drug that is indicated to treat multiple difficulties that a person may have, regarding their state of mind, concentration or physical performance, for which its use is indicated as a treatment for the following problems:

thiamine deficiency

One of the main indications for taking tekron is to Combat Thiamine deficiency , since a deficiency of this micronutrient can lead to harmful symptoms such as lack of appetite, weakness or pain in the extremities of the body.

Important: A study on thiamine deficiencyconfirms that a lack of it causes loss of appetite, nervous disorders and retards growth. It is also possible that the person tires easily or has recurring muscle pain.(two)

Tiredness, fatigue and disorientation

The use of tekron is also indicated to combat tiredness, fatigue or disorientation in people, since sulbutiamine is a synthetic derivative of thiamine, which is a compound that increases the levels of this micronutrient.

To highlight: A study carried out by the National Institute of Health of the United States mentions that a thiamine deficiency can cause disorientation, muscle weakness or fatigue in people, because this vitamin helps digest carbohydrates. (3)

Concentration and memory problems

A study on vitamin B1 even mentions that a person with a deficiency of this micronutrient may have mental acuity problems, which will seriously affect their memory or concentration. (4)


Another of the indications for taking tekron is that it helps to combat depression, since the sulbutiamine it contains has neurotropic action , which means that it intervenes in the metabolism of neurons and is used to treat apathy or depressive states.

To highlight: Those people who excessively consumes alcohol, are affected by depressive states frequently, since the absorption of thiamine is difficult in the body, causing episodes of depression.

behavioral disturbances

Tekron, being a medication that increases thiamine levels in the body, is indicated to treat behavioral disorders in people, since one of the main symptoms of this vitamin deficiency is irritability for almost anything.

Irritability makes people react negatively when the body manages to identify a negative change in the environment, causing a feeling of frustration or anger over seemingly minor problems.

Increase performance

The use of tekron can also be indicated to Increase performance in people both physically and mentally, since by increasing thiamine levels, it is possible to Stimulate Energy Metabolism and even better the functioning of the nervous system.

Curious fact: Energy metabolism is where fuels are stored and consumed to cover the physical needs of the body. When thiamine levels increase, it contributes to better functioning to have more energy.

Tekron contraindications

Like any medicine, tekron has certain contraindications, which must be known before using it, since it dognegatively affectpeople who are sensitive to its components or women in states of pregnancy and lactation.

Component Sensitivity

The main contraindication of tekron is sensitivity to its components , the main one being Sulbutiamine.A hypersensitivity to it can generate an Immune System Reaction , causing symptoms that are detrimental to the person’s health.

Important: When an immune reactionoccurs ,the main symptoms may be swelling, fever, rashes, itching, and more.Immediate discontinuation of the medication and prompt medical Consultation is recommended .

Pregnancy and lactation

Another contraindication of tekron is when a woman is pregnant or lactating,since it is due to a special and unique situation. This can cause harmful effects on the mother or the baby.

tekron side effects

Once the indications and contraindications of tekron are known, the Possible side effects that this medication may cause should be taken into account, in order to be attentive when one or more arise, these being the following:

digestive disorders

One of the main side effects caused by tekron is that it produces digestive disordersin people, such as diarrhea, constipation, gastroenteritis and even abdominal pain. However, these symptomsare usually mild and not dangerous.

If any of these digestive disorders are considered “severe”, the use of tekron has to bestopped immediatelytag. In the same way, the doctor should be consulted quickly to make sure that there is no problem in the body.

Respiratory disorders

Another of the side effects that tekron can cause are respiratory disorders, one of them being asthma , especially for those people who are allergic to acetylsalicylic acid or generally called “aspirin.”

Tip: In the event that the person is allergic, they should also discontinue tekron immediately, as well as consult with their doctor to assess that there is no risk during treatment.


Headache can be one of the side effectsa person experiences after taking tekron. Although this is unlikely, talk to your doctor or pharmacist if it happens.

skin allergies

It is also possible for people to have allergic skin reactionsAfter taking tekron due to anImmune System Reaction , which can be itchy reddish welts, also known as “hives.”

sleep disturbances

Key Findings

  • Tekron is a medication used to combat problems such as depressive states, apathy, physical fatigue and disorientation in people.
  • This is a synthetic derivative of thiamine , which helps increase its levels.
  • The main composition of tekron is 200 mg of sulbutiamine in a compressed form, for which each pill has the value of this component.
  • Similarly, tekron has contraindications that should be known, these being sensitivity to its components or pregnancy and lactation in women seeking to take this medication.

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