Fantasies and sexual fetishes are curious in human life, even for the privacy of people, as long as they are healthy or do not harm others around. It is a right and a personal freedom.

Although, although there are fetishes or healthy sexual fantasies, there are some that turn out to be strange or very curious, of which there should be no shame, even with a partner.

In this article we will learn what Sploshing is , a curious sexual activity, we will also explore how it is done to enjoy and reach orgasm as a couple.

What is sploshing?

Sploshing is a very curious sexual activity, it consists of mixing food with sex. Simply surround the body, or the erogenous zones of a person, with specific foods, creams or liquids, activating sexual desire due to the rich aroma and flavor. It is not related to the wet and messy fetish (a type of fetish that involves substances on the skin).

Sploshing is intended to break monotonies and increase sexual desire or fantasy in couples. It is considered a sexual activity and a personal fetish, known as an activity from millenary times , although historically this mixture was made during the Roman and Greek times in orgy parties.

Curious fact: A branch of this fetish comes from Japanese culture, called “Body Sushi” and according to a study “it is the practice of eating sushi or sashi-mi on the body of a naked woman, it is an erotic gastronomic ritual that stimulates various senses at the same time . (1)

sploshing characteristics

Sploshing has various characteristics that identify it as a sexual activity, at the same time a fetish and managing to differentiate itself from other sexual activities. That is why we present the main ones:

1. It constitutes a sexual fetish

Although it is a sexual activity, it is considered, and more importantly, as a sexual fetish. It is a very stimulating practice but it is not desirable for all people, although it is not harmful and manages to be quite creative for intimacy as a couple , even more so for a large minority of people.

Note: A study that compiles the notes of Sigmund Freud, mentions that “fetishism is a peculiar object or activities, with which people are satisfied with the fetish and praise the advantages that it offers them in terms of their erotic satisfaction” .

2. The term comes from a British magazine

The term Sploshing comes from “Splosh” and makes a clear reference to an erotic magazine, of English (British) origin, where very wet and dirty sexual activity was shown by men and women, it should be noted that it was created in mid-1989. by Calive Harris under other names.

3. Involves food, drinks or creams

Sploshing explores arousal through various foods, drinks or creams of great taste, texture and aroma. Normally those that we consume out of gluttony or for mere nutritional pleasure.

Note: Among the most sexually remarkable foods are chocolate syrup, clean strawberries, whipped cream, red wine, ice or ice cream of various flavors.

4. It can include eating or destroying food

It is not a complicated fetish, simply a food desired by one person or by the couple together is chosen, said food is placed in the erogenous or genital zone, and it begins to be eaten slowly or in other alternate cases, it is destroyed with the in order to release crumbs and aroma into the environment, which exploit sexual desire.

5. Encourages visual and sensory stimulation

Sploshing is a great visual stimulant, because foods like strawberries or melted chocolate on top of a banana are exciting and seductive allusions to sexual themes, where there is no unpleasantness, but rather increases sexual desire.

Note: Besides that sensorially, either by the texture or the liquids of food, it manages to awaken the senses and nerves.

6. Its practice comes from ancient times

Sploshing has existed historically since ancient times , more specifically from ancient Greece and Roman times . Because, in these times, eroticism was a significant piece of art, orgies were very common in large groups of people and exquisite food or drinks such as red wine were included.

Note: Thanks to a historical study, it is known that “Ancient Greece did not allow the sexual orientation of its citizens to mark social life” .

How is sploshing done?

Since we know its main characteristics, we present the required steps or means to perform a sploshing with a partner. It should be done always taking hygienic measures.

1. Light and sweet foods should be used

It is advisable to use light foods , both for consumption and for their previous location in the human body, preferably small foods and sweets.

Tip: You can choose several such as chocolate, chocolates or marshmallows, dulce de leche and ice cream of your favorite flavor.

2. It is recommended to choose a suitable site

Food must be located or consumed in indicated places, in order to awaken sexual desire and make it exciting for the couple. Erogenous zones such as the buttocks, genitals and part of the torso are recommended , for women it is also worth placing food on the nipples and around the breasts.

3. It is suggested to do it without clothes

It is highly recommended to do this activity without clothes, you need to be completely naked to cover yourself or your partner with the respective food, cream or exotic liquids to begin the erotic and intimate moment that the couple wants to explore.

4. Seek the comfort of those involved

It must be done under the utmost trust, mutual agreement and comfort for the couple involved. They should be in a bed with clean sheets and little use, with a warm environment in order not to dirty a lot and to enjoy the intimate moment.

5. Avoid irritating foods or liquids

The use and consumption of heavy foods or irritating liquids should be avoided , since these do not favor the sexual act but rather interrupt it unnecessarily.

Note: Among these foods are spicy, sauces of various colors, soft drinks or sodas.

6. Spread food thinly

Food, and specifically creams, must be spread very thinly . It must be done slowly on the erogenous zones, in order to increase the passion and touch the nerves of the skin, it is useful if the couple is more sensitive with their skin and intimate touch.

7. Enjoy freely

It is a sexual fetish and a healthy activity that should be enjoyed with great freedom and without shame with your partner or with yourself. It must be done with prior agreement and with sufficient confidence that exists, very understandably, within a stable couple.

8. Clean everything when finished

When the sexual act is over, do not forget to clean the sheets and the used space together with your partner. Since food can release liquids or certain dirt that, for health and hygiene reasons, must be washed later for other personal uses.

Key Findings

  • Sploshing is a sexual activity, mostly known as a healthy fetish .
  • It consists of uniting food in the sexual and intimate moments of the couple.
  • It is recommended to do it with sweet foods and pleasant liquids with a great aroma or texture.
  • The name of this fetish comes from the British magazine Splosh and also dates back to ancient Rome.
  • It must be done with prior agreement and trust, in order to enjoy with full freedom.

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