Spanking (from the verb in English, to whip) is a very common form of sexual practice, used by many couples in the sexual sphere for pleasure, pain, adrenaline and a whole amalgamation of emotions that it generates in both parties.

If you want to know what spanking is or want to implement it in your sex life, then this article is for you. We will describe the essentials to know and recommendations to make this practice pleasant, both for you and your partner.

What is spanking?

Spanking is a common sexual practice. It consists of a series of spankings that one person propitiates another in a sexual context, agreed by both parties.

The practice of spanking is not a recent event, different past civilizations have made mention of spanking in their literary works, such as the Kama Sutra , Koka Shastra and The Perfumed Garden .

In the Victorian era , despite the medicalization of masochistic sexual practices, the use of spanking and flogging remained popular in pornographic works of the time.

However, it is important to differentiate the act of spanking another person in a sexual context, from the spanking that certain parents give their children as a method of punishment, an act that, in the long run, has consequences for the child’s personality.

Spanking Features

As we have already mentioned, spanking has been, throughout the ages, a well-known sexual practice. More liberal positions of society towards these practices have allowed, even more, their popularization.

Next, we will show you some of the most outstanding characteristics of spanking, which make this sexual act so interesting for many.

It is an exciting erotic game for many

Masochistic practices, such as spanking, are common in the sexual lives of many people. The exact reason why these practices generate pleasure in the person is unknown.

Intrinsic origins (own of the person) and extrinsic origins (acquired throughout life by different situations) have been proposed to explain the origin of these fetishes. However, most individuals are unable to accurately pinpoint the origin of these emotions.

On the other hand, another explanation is that the pain generated by whipping (in an erotic context) causes the release of endorphins , which lowers the pain threshold and generates a sensation of pleasure in the person.

Involves spanking that does not become violent

The versatility of spanking also helps its popularity. The lashes do not have to be strong and fast, but can also be slow and apply less force.

Erotic spanking walks a fine line between pain and pleasure. If too much force is applied to the whipping, the pain generated will not cause any pleasure in the person, but discomfort and the desire to stop the erotic act.

You can use your hand or any other element

Strictly speaking, the use of other sex toys or paraphernalia is not necessary to practice spanking. A person’s hands are more than enough tool.

On the other hand, there are those who enjoy that the spanking is caused by leather accessories or even wooden spoons (from English, wooden spoons). The use of these accessories is completely optional.

Coitus is not always consummated

Spanking is an erotic and sexual act, but it does not necessarily involve genital stimulation. Spanking can be part of a series of foreplay, which stimulates and sets the stage for intercourse.

On the other hand, it can be practiced without intercourse occurring afterwards. For some, spanking is not about the sexual stimulation it produces, but also about the power play involved.

Involves agreed role play

As we mentioned in the previous point, the attractiveness of spanking derives, for some, from the role play it implies. Someone must be whipped and the other, the whipper.

In other words, one of the two must show submission to the other, giving him a sense of power. This erotic interpersonal game of giving up and taking control of the situation is sexually stimulating for many practitioners .

In this sense, surveys have shown that a significant portion of the adult population enjoys unequal power in the sexual sphere, and three quarters of these individuals have engaged in dominant and submissive behaviors.

Recommendations for practicing spanking

To achieve maximum comfort and enjoyment when practicing spanking, we will provide you with some recommendations to make this practice much more sensual and fun for both of you.

Must be done by mutual agreement

Any new sexual practice to introduce into a relationship should be discussed beforehand. If you feel interested in the idea of ​​spanking, talk to your partner about it, listen to their opinion and perspective on it.

Thus, the erotic game can be enjoyed even more, because both parties agreed to it and derive pleasure from it. In this sense, he recalls that communication is essential in a relationship.

Set limits in advance

Not everyone enjoys erotic spanking in the same way. This comes hand in hand with the previously stated, not all spankings must be violent. There are those who enjoy an erotic game that is consummated slowly.

On the other hand, some prefer that the intensity of the spanking be greater. Discovering what you or your partner enjoys requires experimentation and prior consent.

Violent blows should be avoided

The pain caused by spanking stimulates the release of endorphins with analgesic action, generating pain, relaxation and pleasure in the person. On the other hand, applying too much force in consecutive spankings can have consequences.

The one being spanked may stop feeling pleasure and experience pain, there may be deep lacerations to the skin and generally ruin the erotic environment and experience for both of you.

As always, it is important to maintain communication. Communicate to the other if you want the intensity of the game to increase or decrease. We recommend the use of keywords that tell the other person if they want to continue or stop.

Leather, wood or plastic accessories can be used

Spanking is not limited to using the hands. Other objects can be used to increase the sensation and pleasure that the person experiences. Among some options, we have flat wooden objects or even leather belts.

The use of these objects is entirely optional. If you or your partner are beginners in this erotic practice, we recommend starting with your hands, since it is easier, in this way, to control the intensity of the spanking.

practice different positions

One of the advantages of spanking is how versatile it can be. It is not limited to a predetermined position, it can be practiced in different ways. Some enjoy being spanked while lying on the other person’s lap.

On the other hand, there are those who enjoy spanking or being spanked while standing up or leaning forward. The position can be modified at convenience and depends on the preferences of each person.

Condition the environment in a pleasant way

Although spanking can be practiced anywhere, we recommend the privacy and comfort of a room. You can try applying music that creates a warm atmosphere for both of you, scented candles, and soft lighting.

Remember that spanking can be used as a foreplay, helping to create an erotic environment that stimulates both and bringing emotions to the surface for maximum enjoyment.

Keep spanking in the buttock area

Spanking should be kept in the gluteal area. It is an anatomical region with some sensitivity (but not much), as well as being rich in adipose tissue and muscle, which helps cushion the sensation of each lash.

Other areas of the body, such as the lumbar or femoral region (thighs) lack these protective cell layers and have larger nerve endings, making them susceptible to lacerations, bruises, and pain.

Intersperse spanking with caresses and other practices

Spanking can be a physically and mentally exhausting game, as your body releases catecholamines , such as adrenaline, that amplify every sensation you experience.

Therefore, we recommend that not all be physical blows, but also caresses and body conditions that calm your body. The sweet touch of skin helps release hormones that calm pain.

Pay attention to what the partner manifests during the practice

Regardless of the close relationship between eroticism and sexuality with spanking, it is an act that involves hitting another person. If you don’t do it right, you could cause unnecessary pain, physical and emotional marks.

Like any sexual practice, it must be started slowly. The physical intimacy of a couple is not a race against time, you should take the time that is necessary until both parties feel comfortable.

Listen carefully to what the other person is expressing verbally and physically. This may be uncomfortable for him and her, but don’t be explicit about her wish not to continue. Learn to interpret the situation correctly.

We also recommend including safe words, which tell the other person how you feel about it. These can be ‘green’ or ‘red’ for example, the first indicates that she wants to continue, while the second means ‘stop’.

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