Human beings always look for different ways to show their feelings and affections, those that they have towards another person. That is why eroticism , sex and the process of making love have existed .

In this sense, intimacy is a process of passion and excitement where two people explore their bodies and their sexual tastes. This is done in great confidence from couple to couple. That is why there are sexual games, those that stimulate even more, the sexual act of a couple.

In this article we invite you to learn about sexual games, which will help you increase the passion within your relationship. It is worth experimenting with your trusted person.

What are sex games?

Sex games are a means to break the monotony or routine that exists in the sexual life of a couple . These games are carried out in order to stimulate and increase the passion between the two people, also satisfying the fantasies or desires of both parties.

Note: Sexual games are also a prior agreement of the couple, where they decide what type of games favors or excites them the most.

In addition, sexual games are very varied and range from the simplest and most seductive to the most staged and flirtatious. As magazines like FUCSIA say, “Devoting a few extra minutes to touching oneself, confessing one’s intimate desires or even looking at each other ensures explosive sex” (1) .

Best couple sex games

There are different sexual games and each couple can decide which one is best for them, to be carried out. Here we summarize 12 of the most common and preferred sexual games by a large majority of couples.

1. Bold questions

This sexual game is guided by the flirtatious conversation between the two people. It is a type of connection that we achieve with our partner in a quite open way, in a process where we seek to ask our partner intimate or fanciful things in detail.

This is done, in order to stimulate her sexual desire and arouse her to a fairly high degree, with a good erotic environment around.

2. Hot challenges

This sex game is similar to those games of “truth or dare” or even the “bottle”, simply put.

It is a series of challenges that we can do with our partner, in a sexual and erotic environment, awakening that passionate fire with some of the exotic ideas that exist.

Note: They can be divided in many ways such as: “kiss me for 5 minutes” , “turn me on by kissing only with your tongue” , “dance your partner like a stripper for 10 minutes” and an infinite number of challenges that the couple can freely explore.

3. Strip poker

A sexual poker game, but with differences from the one played in real life. This game can be done intimately and even in a group.

It is about playing poker or betting, with the condition that the person who has a better hand, or deck of cards, does not remove any type of garment . While the one who is losing a streak or loses the bet, he must as a punishment, remove a piece of clothing until he is completely naked and eliminated from the game.

Note: This is known a lot at frat parties and young teens, but it’s usually also between couples who want to explore each other.

4. Body painting

It is a quite interesting sexual game, and as mentioned by the magazine Eroteca “It is ideal to awaken the senses and promote a more sensory eroticism” (2) .

Its process has been extremely basic, it is about painting on the body of your partner, a space that you would bite, kiss, lick or do any other detail with your own body.

It varies a lot, you can even draw a line on your partner’s body of what you would kiss or even that she does to you. The canvas in this case, is the body of both lovers, so it can be favorable to explore a very flirtatious moment.

5. Erotic papers

A random and lucky sex game. This is where the couple explores their erotic creativity to the limit.

It consists of one person writing 10 verb papers (kissing, licking, sucking, etc.), while the other writes the preferred locations on the body.

When the papers are collected and one of them pulls them out, you will have the courage to explore with your partner the combination of the verbs with the locations of the body, making the game interesting and exciting at the same time.


This sexual game has also become a trend in recent years, the way many couples and young people meet and flirt with each other. All through the phone and chat.

Sexting or sex chat consists of conquering your partner with questions, compliments or sensual photos (better known as ” nudes “) that are translated into nude photos, or in underwear showing some intimate part.

Note: It should be noted that this type of game is done more than anything in a trusted and distance partner, since sexual photos, erotic voice notes and daring words in the wrong person pose many risks.

7. Guess the flavor

Also known as the game of flavors. It’s a rather unusual but interesting type of sex game.

Note: For this, you will need a bandage and different rich and exotic foods (such as strawberries or naturally flavored ice cream).

Then, one of the couple puts that food on a part of his body (in the breasts for example), while the other person, blindfolded, begins to suck or eat said food located on the body, to guess the taste.

If he is correct, the other person must pay a penance, in a sexual sense of course.

8. The Bomb

It is a sexual game that serves as exercise, for those men who have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, which can help the satisfaction of women.

It consists of putting 20 minutes or whatever the couple decides, on a clock. During those established minutes, the couple will only try one position and the man will maintain the same penetration, until time runs out and the alarm goes off.

When the first position runs out, they can try another one with the same minutes or varieties. This helps a lot to enjoy one or more positions, for a long time.

9. Role play

A very imaginative and creative sexual game, which is carried out with the purpose of breaking the monotony and even the tortuous routines that a couple undergoes.

Note: This is a live sexual fantasy, where the couple adopts different roles or fictitious characters that cause excitement.

For example, the sexual fantasy of nurses, where the man pretends to be sick, while the woman, disguised as a sexy nurse, will attend to the patient and recover his health. All of this is done in a sexual and very flirtatious way, it’s a matter of getting into character.

10. Oily massage

Massages are essential before sexual activity, and there are various oils to moisten our partner’s body and enjoy a more exotic moment, with a rich and unique aroma.

To highlight: According to Vogue magazine “Cinnamon, Ginger, Ylang-Ylang oils are fantastic for improving libido and awakening desire; to balance and calm tensions” (3) .

11. Blindfolded

This sex game is mysterious and quite simple. Look for one of the couple to be blindfolded while the other begins to satisfy him, either with casual sex or oral sex.

Note: Here it is about satisfying the person without them seeing absolutely nothing. Which generates more pleasure, goosebumps and a rather special climax.

12. Hands tied

Tied hands is a daring sexual game, usually done with the most daring couples, who want to explore their more unusual sexual side.

It consists of tying our partner’s hands or handcuffs to the bed, while oral sex is performed or immediately penetration. It can even be combined with bandages, making the moment intense and increasing the person’s pleasure.

Recommendations for sexual games as a couple

No matter how fun and exciting sexual games may seem, generating different sensations for the sexual act, there are certain details to take into account when you want to do them, which you have to know with your partner and by personal decision.

Have prior consent of both

The sexual games are made as a commitment and prior agreement of both members of the couple, with the consent of each one since they are games of great intimacy and trust.

Note: They are not done with anyone, so it is a stronger and more honest way of expressing the feelings that are carried.

Relax and enjoy the moment

Sex games are about cunning, a lot of calm and a prepared mind. The couple who wants to interact through these games must be serenely calm and willing.

To highlight: With this, worries are eliminated and the sexual act will last longer for both of you.

Maintain proper intimate hygiene

Personal hygiene is important for any sexual act, that includes the games that you want to explore between the couple.

In addition to being shaved in their private parts, grooming and good smells will make it possible to enjoy and savor a good intimate moment. This is also the first thing that is taken into account in the privacy of people.

Set the place to taste

The environment is ideal, building a sacred and erotic place, capable of impressing our partner.

Tips: Set the scene with exotic, soft and very flirtatious music. This awakens the senses of the couple, as well as an extravagant and tasty aroma. As well as the low lighting, which will help make the moment more bearable.

Use condoms and lubricants

Sexual games also require the use of condoms, even oral ones. This is done in order to protect the couple or lovers from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also they will not affect the game process at all to satisfy the person.

For their part, lubricants help to moisten people and their private parts, making the process more juicy, simple and less painful, especially for women.

Include sex toys

You can use sex toys that help stimulate the couple much more, among these various toys there are dildos or vibrators, capable of stimulating any part of the body of lovers.

Even sex dolls, which can be used in fantasy and simulation games, are highly recommended to spend a fun and erotic moment with your partner at the same time.

wear sexy lingerie

Lingerie helps to speak without the need for words, and in a sexual game it greatly stimulates the fantasy and sexual desire that the couple have for each other.

We must not discard it from the inventory, we also have to invest a little in quite sexy and flirtatious lingerie, capable of impressing our partner, in model and color. Remember that before the sexual act, you need to persuade.

Key takeaways

  • Sex games are a means to break the monotony or routine that exists in the sexual life of a couple. These games are carried out in order to stimulate and increase the passion between the two people, also satisfying the fantasies or desires of both parties.
  • There is a variety of sexual games that you can play with your partner in privacy, including daring questions, the bomb, erotic papers, role-playing, body painting, hands tied, blindfolded, guessing the flavor, among others.
  • Likewise, there are other games that can be done in the privacy of the couple, as in a group, such as strip poker or hot challenges. While there is a game like sexting that is currently one of the ways in which many couples meet and flirt through their phone or chat by sending intimate photos and/or videos.
  • To perform sexual games as a couple it is recommended that there is prior knowledge and mutual agreement between both. It is also advisable to have good intimate hygiene. Another recommendation is the use of lubricants and sex toys that help complement sexual activity.
  • On the other hand, we also recommend the use of condoms. As well as setting the place where the games and the sexual act will take place, be it with music, aromas, lighting, etc. And finally, the use of lingerie is also highly recommended, as this raises the couple’s arousal levels even before the games.

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