Nowadays many people have an egocentric personality, which may or may not realize their attitude, which causes disgust, since they only think about their own recognition and opinion, without giving importance to others.

These types of people usually have several characteristics that can be recognized through their attitudes and words, which does not lead them to understand the views of others easily.

In the following article you will find the necessary information, to know more about an egocentric person and what characteristics they usually have. In the same way, you will get advice to let go of this unpleasant personality.

What is a self-centered person?

Self-centered people are those who want to be and consider themselves the center of attention of all things. They do not take into account the opinions of others and tend to be quite arrogant and ambitious about their point of view.

Astudyconducted on childhood egocentrism also defines that those who possess this personality only think and worry about themselves. Likewise, they understand only their own perspective and have a hard time understanding someone else’s.

Characteristics of a self-centered person

Self-centered people can have one or more characteristics that we will mention below, which makes them feel unique and special to others. Among which we can highlight the following:

1. Project false security

Self-centered people project a false security by teaching everyone that they have a very good self-esteem, but it turns out not to be so because of the fears they have internally, so they act arrogant and arrogant to take care of their image.

2. It is overvalued

Egocentrism causes a person to value themselves excessively or what is better known as narcissism. This results in maximum self-admiration and priority, in which they seek the constant attention of others.

ToStudy on narcissism mentions that from a clinical point of view, this personality is characterized by pathological love and grandiosity that leads to exhibitionism and exaggeration of the importance of personal aspirations.

3. You feel superior to the rest

A person with egocentrism feels superior to the rest of the others, highlighting their pride in terms of talents and abilities. Coming to act as an authority or judge for believing that he is always right while the others are wrong.

4. Have high expectations

Possessing high expectations is another characteristic of self-centered people. They frequently dream of unattainable goals in terms of love, sex, success or money, in order to achieve their fantasies quickly.

5. Requires praise and admiration from others

The people who most require praise and admiration from others are the self-centered. Their need for satisfaction by being recognized and praised by others is something they crave every day.

6. Presents an altered view of reality

Egocentrism causes the person to present an altered vision of reality. In this sense, he rejects the aspects that harm his image by presenting himself as someone important or admirable, and accepting only those details that reinforce his dreams of glory.

7. He is insensitive to others

This type of personality tends to be insensitive in showing emotions and affection with other people. Since he feels that he could be seen in an inferior way while what he seeks is to feel flattered, respected and admired by everyone.

ToStudy from the University of the Balearic Islands mentions that the lack of emotions and remorse, as well as the absence of empathy, are characteristics that appear in narcissistic personalities or as a pathology to psychopathy.

8. He is easily offended by criticism

The egocentric is easily offended when criticized by other people. Faced with the fear of losing recognition and not accepting the opinions of others because they believe that they arouse envy, they feel offended by acting arrogant or aggressive.

9. She is envious

Envy is common in a self-centered person, since they are always comparing themselves with all those around them to feel victorious and better; but when it is the contrary, they give a negative opinion when feeling jealous of the capacity and personality of another.

10. He tends to manipulate for his benefit

They tend to manipulate quite skillfully in their social environment to seek their own benefit. All the things they do or say for others is just a strategy to get what they want. Although it seems genuine.

ToStudy carried out on manipulation confirms that it is generally applied for abuse of power and thus find the interests of the person who does it in one or more people.

11. She usually talks about herself

This is not uncommon in egocentric people, they tend to talk about themselves most of the time since they want to be at all times to get the full attention of people. This causes them to mention themselves without allowing someone else to have relevance.

12. Tends to experience sadness and loneliness

The self-centered person also tends to get depressed. This happens mostly when they are rejected by friends or family, but it can also play a role when they have low self-esteem for a short period of time.

How to stop being a self-centered person?

Stopping being a self-centered person is a difficult task for someone with this personality, but if the appropriate recommendations are applied, they can achieve it. That’s why take into account the following tips to help you with it.

admit your faults

Acknowledging your faults can be a great start. Keep in mind that there is no perfect person and that it is normal to have weaknesses. This makes us be more focused and know what aspects we are good at and work on it, in addition to increasing self-esteem.

Value the ideas and achievements of others

Valuing the ideas and achievements of others is a good recommendation to put aside the egocentric personality. Showing that we care about their advances makes us more sincere in our appreciation and helps us avoid feelings of envy.

Develop empathy and humility

Developing empathy and humility benefits us to better relate to friends and family in a genuine way. So practicing active listening and the ability to understand the emotions of others is a good start.

Receive criticism appropriately

The criticisms that they make try to receive them in an appropriate way. Try to remain calm and do not respond hastily, you can also ask the person who made the observation for suggestions and end up accepting your mistakes.

Avoid idealizing yourself unrealistically

Try to avoid idealizing yourself in an unreal way so that you do not fall into frustration and stress, in case you do not reach your personal aspirations. Try to set real goals according to the resources you have in a given period of time.

Practice gratitude

A good tip to be a better person is to practice gratitude. Being cordial and aware of the good things that happen in our lives and being grateful for it makes us more humble and with better self-esteem.

Carry out volunteer activities

Volunteering motivates you to understand the world and the society around you. In the same way, it makes you feel a useful, generous person, and with great satisfaction in helping others, which benefits your self-esteem and personal image.

Ask for help when needed

You can always ask for help when necessary, in case you don’t know how to progress to be a person with more empathy and humility, a friend, family member or professional therapist can give you advice from their point of view so that you can improve.

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