What is recovery?

Recoveron® is the trademark of a synthetically manufactured drug, made from two active ingredients called sodium acexamate (acexamic acid) (1) and neomycin , two chemical compounds belonging to the line of healing drugs and antibiotics, respectively. that act as adjuvants in the healing process of skin lesions .

To highlight: This pharmaceutical product is made by the company named ARMSTRONG LABORATORIOS DE MÉXICO, SA de CV . (two)

What is the recovery for?

  • Thanks to its active ingredients, recoveron® participates in the protein action of collagen , which allows it to act to accelerate the healing process such as traumatic wounds or wounds of other etiology, in addition to fighting or preventing infection caused by bacteria and germs , to allow rapid healing.
  • It is used to treat:
    • Surgical and non-surgical traumatic wounds. (3)
    • Episiotomy.
    • Varicose ulcers, decubitus ulcers.
    • 1st and 2nd degree burns.
    • Nipple cracks.
    • Wound infection.

Dose and routes of administration of recoveron

The recoveron® is presented in the form of an ointment in a 30 or 40 gr tube. The administration is by topical route and the posology as a reference can be the following:

  • Ointment: Apply to the affected area, once or twice a day prior to asepsis of the wound and antisepsis of the wound(s).

side effects of recoveron

Therapeutic treatment with recoveron® can cause some of the following adverse effects in a certain patient population:

  • Possible appearance of allergic reactions due to contact with any component of the formula.
  • Irritation.
  • Ardor.
  • Redness of the skin.
  • Rash (skin eruptions).
  • Pruritus (itching).
  • Difficulty hearing.
  • Fluid retention .

Important: Stop using recoveron® and consult your doctor , if you notice the appearance of any of these symptoms or another that does not appear on the list.

Contraindications and warnings of recoveron

The use of recoveron® is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Patients with hypersensitivity to any of the components of the formula.
  • Patients with hypercalcaemia or kidney stones.

You should know: Provide all the information regarding your health history to your doctor, before starting treatment with this drug.

Avoid if you have:

  • History of hypersensitivity to any of the components of recoveron®.


  • Pharmaceutical products such as recoveron® must be administered with a prescription or medical prescription.
  • Keep this medicine out of the reach of children.
  • Store this product in a cool, dry place.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions while taking this medicine.

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