How to correct the posture of the back?

In order to maintain correct postural hygiene of the back, there are different types of strategies, of which we mention the following:

1. Become aware of postural habits

To suppress bad postural habits, you must mainly set goals and develop them in stages to ensure their learning and make them part of our day to day. In this same way, habits must be created to correct the bad position of the back.

Note: Studies indicate that poor postural hygiene is the main cause of back pain. (1)

2. Perform exercises to strengthen muscles

From the age of 30, our muscles inevitably go towards the loss of strength and muscle massdue to aging, causing sarcopenia (2). This degenerative disease leads to a total weakening of the skeletal muscle, causing, among other things, incorrect postures in the body.

One of the ways to avoid this degenerative disease with age is to acquire habits towards physical activity to strengthen muscles. Studies have shown(3) that thanks to regular and moderate physical activity, the loss of strength and muscle mass is delayed, benefiting correct posture of the back.

3. Maintain proper body weight

Body overweight is related to the different postural alterations of the back. Excess weight can cause misalignment in the cervical and lumbar spine, genu valgus (misaligned femur and tibia) and flat feet, affecting the stability of the back.

To highlight: Studies indicate that excess weight causes a progressive misalignment of the torso, affecting the center of gravity of the body, affecting the posture of the back. (4)

4. Stay upright when sitting and walking

The habit of standing upright when sitting and walking should be part of the habits of our lives. This habit guarantees that our body, in the different daily activities, maintains its natural alignment, greatly mitigating the ailments associated with poor posture in the back.

5. Avoid standing or sitting for a long time

If you sit for a long time, muscle exhaustion occurs in the buttocks and lower back and if you are in a standing position for a long time , it causes fatigue in the lower limbs, hips and lower back.

Important: Avoid situations that encourage the body to adopt other incorrect postures where the back is involved.

6. Perform exercises to relieve muscle tension

In this sense, activities aimed at relieving muscle tension such as relaxation, exercise, stretching, breathing, yoga or meditation are recommended. (5)

7. Wear comfortable shoes

Studies indicate that the impact of wearing bad footwear is mainly reflected in the back area, causing poor alignment. (6)

Note: It is highly recommended that the chosen footwear help keep the spine aligned.

8. Go to a specialist if necessary

If you suffer from back pain, you should go to a specialist who will carry out a complete evaluation and will tell you with certainty if the cause is poor posture and will indicate the strategies available to correct it.

How to sleep to straighten your back?

Likewise, we must Take into consideration preventiveand corrective measures for the posture of the back during rest time. We mention some:

1. Sideways with knees bent

Science considers that it is the most anatomical posture and that it provides greater restto your entire back. By taking the lateral decubitus or side position, the spine retains its natural curvature and also promotes comfort.

Note: This position is not recommended for people with shoulder and hip injuries, due to the pressure it causes on those joints.

2. Use a cervical pillow and a medium compression mattress

Cervical pillows help correct the posture of the upper backand keep the spine in a proper position. This prevents headaches, back pain, and specifically neck pain.

Likewise, the choice of a mattress will depend on the individuality of each person, because the musculoskeletal configuration is different, but the use of those with medium firmness is recommended since they usually provide greater relief than firm mattresses.

3. Avoid sleeping on your stomach

This position does not favor the original curvature of the spine, since it causes the nerves and joints of the spine to be compressed, favoring the appearance of pain.

Note: This position is considered inappropriate because it harms the main pressure and support areas of the back.

Key Conclusions

  • Thecorrect alignmentof the back is a habit that must be acquired from childhood.
  • The strength in the muscles is an important factor in the correct posture of the back.
  • The regular practice of Physical Exercises can guarantee a firm posture throughout life.
  • Using comfortable shoes, cervical pillows and medium compression mattresses helps to improve back posture and avoid problems in it.

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